Tuesday, February 22, 2011

With this I bid you goodbye.

My reputation, that is.

Remember I mentioned that I would like to post more videos? Well, to get the ball rolling, here is a super duper crappy/stupid but incredibly funny video that we shot in Sydney while lazing in the park. The video is 100% impromptu, and sometimes even I stunned myself with my sohai-ness, haha.

I still giggle everytime I watch it, so you should too! :P

A special thanks to the extra in the show, heh. I am quite certain that there will be nothing left of my reputation after this. So post nice comments to encourage me to post more videos!! Haha.


ap said...

IS THAT A KIWI??? *rubs eyes

great move btw honourary kiwi wtf

skim said...

ibis! those things scare me to death.

cass said...


and pls tweet more funny stuff! you always make me laugh so hard i always have to end up wiping my laptop screen :D

revel in me said...

ap: I am not entirely sure what it is... Maybe it's an ibis as suggested by the comment below? Nonetheless, a great actor bird wtf.

skim: You are so smart! But why are they scary?:/

cass: HAHAHAHA you are making blush in shame! And you are too too sweet!The way to my heart is always to say I am funny wtf.

xiang yun said...

Why so random!!! OMG wear so nice then your actions so funny.. just cracks me up!!! HAHAHAHA! Kudos, you looked so into it compared to sister Ting! *bows down*

Anonymous said...

are u guys speaking canto?

revel in me said...

xiang yun: I wasn't even acting...T____T

anonymous: I believe I spoke english, and teeny mumbled some indecipherable thing, haha...But we do speak cantonese!:)