Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100% us.

Ok, I lied. I won't be posting up the actual post for my teaser here tonight. I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before, and I can now challenge a zombie in terms of wits and liveliness (and looks too fml).

I could post up my new hair (I went to get my hair done today!), but allow me buy some time while I get used to the new hairstyle. T_T Instead I urge for you to come to the pre-love party this Saturday at Old Blossom Box and check out my new 'do in person! :D

Starting from top row (l-r):

Jezmine Blossom
That Girl Cynthia
Ediana Lalurve
Nana Jepunnye
Lyana Uberlove

Adriani Yanny

Hui Ting @ Mustardqueen

Ami Sptnkswthrt

So no teaser-related post, no new hairstyle, no daily outfit... Instead, I give you a video that shows my family and I in our full wacky glory!

A short compilation from our trip in Taiwan...
Read here on Day 1-Part 1 and Part 2, Day 2-Part 1 and Part 2, Day 3 and Day 4 in Taiwan.

Credits to Teeny.

Let me know whether you like the intermission, haha! And try to spot my mom. -_-

PS: Due to a reader's comment, I actually added a FB 'like' button on the blog!
Successfully I might add. I am so easily amazed at technology, haha.
So like away (if you do)! :)

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Anonymous said...

The video gives an overdose of happiness.... i need a cigarette laa~

yy said...

haha is that your mom queuing up for the fried chicken? her hat(cap? beanie?) is so super adorable!!! can't wait for your next post, i think the Dior note has everyone dying with anticipation :)

Kim L said...

but i think the captions at the beginning were a tad too fast. I think I went a little cross-eyed trying to read it! haha.

Intermission- hilarious. poor brother hoe.

xiang yun said...

Your mom looked so cute with the head gear and her unassuming expression just makes it even funnier XD the intermission -____- your bro macam don't care anymore what you guys do to him hahaha!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, you sound like one of my best friends!!! Don't smoke so much k..T_T

yy: HAHAHHAH ya you spotted her!! It's a furry lamb hat. -_- With dangly ears. -_- Thanks love, I am trying to do up a video, but don't know how to use i-video, hence the delay. T_T

kimmy: Haha, ya, stupid Teeny made the words look like rap wtff.I had trouble catching everything myself too! Hahaha my brother looked like he has given up on life right.

xiang yun: Hahahahah YA her face damn chillax: 'I wear this kinda hat everyday' wtf. -_- Hahaha ya my brother pretty much ignores us. T__T

Petite Cherie said...

Cannot wait for this!!!! :) You girls always had good taste to begin with, the selection must be amazing!!

revel in me said...

petit cherie: Wow, thanks love! So you'll be coming this sat ya? Come and say hi! :D

Anonymous said...

yay!!! love ur wear..
perfect n fresh~
btw, im a new blogger..
here my blog

Ashley said...

i hope to drop by too! :D

revel in me said...

shah: Thank you! Welcome to blogging! :)

ashley: Remember to say hi!:P

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

thanks for telling where to visit in Taiwan!! and I like the video but the captions are abit fast...lol!

revel in me said...

siewkwan: Glad you enjoyed it love! Promise that future videos will have slower captions, haha!