Friday, March 25, 2011

Alexander Wang + treasure hunting.

Super backdated post of Chicpop 2 months back.. *guilty face*

I am starting to notice the trend, I will participate in a junkyard sale, conveniently forgets to blog about it, until the next junkyard sale pops up, and I'll be like, "omg I totally forgot about the last sale', and proceeds to do a backdated post.

Sorry guys. :(

Some behind-the-scene shots...

Hanging out the goodies...

We wanted to dress Manny (that's the name of our Mannequin btw) in this gorgeous vintage buttoned-up corset top. The downside is that the corset has like a million buttons. Teeny, being Ms.Smarty Pants, told Jing to buttoned up the corset fully before slipping it onto Manny.

After buttoning till her fingers were numb, Jing tried to fit the top onto Manny...but it was too tight, HAHAHA.

So Teeny had to unbutton the whole thing, and slip it onto Manny AND re-button it, HAHAHAHA.

And tada, our booth of the day!

When we showed these pictures to my mom, she exclaimed, "It looks so professional!"

That was before she interrogated us on whether we obtained any licensing for opening a stall in public, and whether she would need to bail us out on illegal vending in the future. -_-

I got a lot of flak from Jing that day 'cause according to her, I am super good at buttering-up the aunties, haha. I just know what women want! ;)

Absolute necessity for the day.

Hahaha, love this picture! One of my readers have been trying to purchase this vintage top, but somehow it has never worked out, so she was really happy when she finally scored it! Hence the victorious holding-it-like-a-football-jersey moment. :P

Creepy sister.

Beautiful Manny!
Email me at crescent_masquerade[at] if you are interested to purchase this skirt (made in Korea). SOLD!

I saw these funky round sunglasses at a nearby vintage shop, and thought of a private joke between my retard partner and I that I look like John Lennon after my haircut last year...

How's the resemblance yo? Haha.

Hello Kitty pouch to store all the moolah!
And Sushi King, it's true, my sister stole an oyster shell from your restaurant.

Ehehe, I love my new kicks! My first pair of Alexander Wangs. :))))

Towards the end of the day...

We were all pretty knocked out. Check out Teeny's expression!
And we all took turns at the one and only chair at our booth. T_T

I had to give up on my A. Wangs, and switch to slippers as well.
Note that even my belt is senget. -_-

But all in all, it was GREAT fun! As usual, I insist that the best part of bazaars and junkyard sales is meeting like-minded people, and also meeting my readers! Thank you to all of you who came up and say hi! :D

Outfit (sorry for the lousy shots, we were too busy to snap proper outfit shots):

Black dress with sheer asymmetrical skirt: Monki
Black suede belt with gold buckle: Topshop
Brass leaf bangle: Diva
Leaf knuckle ring/ Stone ring: F21
Dainty leaf motive ring: Holiday in Korea
Silver bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Leopard print pony hair wedges: Alexander Wang
Studded slouchy bag: Kate Moss for Topshop

Please come to Old Blossom Box tomorrow (26 March), from 12pm-7pm for another session of treasure-hunting! More details here. Looking forward to seeing you! :)

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Felice said...

Lovely dress & so sad I couldn't go raid your items! Is the yellow scallop bag still available (in Pic 11)?

xiang yun said...

At first I thought that your outfit is a top and skirt but it's a dress, which makes it even more awesome! A dual fabric dress :) I still can't believe I missed out on oogling at you in real life WTF ahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

i think its good that you post the previous sales before a new sale? hahaha
makes ppl wanna go for the new sale!!!

yy said...

awww this is making me even sadder i can't go for the sale. you guys have so many items, and so much variety!! great Alexander Wang shoes btw, perfect complement to a black outfit :)

revel in me said...

felice: Aww, why not! You're not in KL? :( Btw, the yellow scallop bag is not mine, I am checking with my sis for its availability k! :)

xiang yun: Haha ya that's why I super like the dress! And you already know my bias-hem fetish, heh. Omg our last real-life oogling session was almost 2 years ago! :O Come to chicpop next sat? :P

anonymous: Ya, that's one of the plus side to it, hopefully! :D

yy: Thanks love!<3 Hope you'll have a chance to come to one of these sales one of these days! :)

Kim L said...

How come I didn't see that skirt on manny?? so pretty and flowyyy!

Was probably too busy talking to you instead of browsing through the items, and I think my sister got fed up of waiting for me so i had to go.

Have fun at the next sale! :)

revel in me said...

kimmy: I sold the skirt yesterday at the prelove sale I participated in! :P Loads of people asking about it.. :D Thanks dear! I was so tired after yesterday.. Another one more round (chicpop) this coming sat, wish you could be there! :(

Felice said...

I'm working in SG, that's why!:( Lemme know if the bag is still available, thanks! :)

Sizzling Suzai said...

hi there..still remember me "^^ hehe u will when u see my latest post! (>.<)

eh, i dunno know that u've also opened a booth at d last chic pop n HEY I'VE ALREADY BOUGHT some accessories from urs LOL~, NICE MEETING u again at d OBB!