Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Are you typical?

Anything that reminds me of spring gets a golden star in my books. That would explain why I had to bring this frayed pleated chiffon skirt home!

The only problem is, the frayed hem unravel quite easily. Having watched too many sadistic comedies, I was very worried that my skirt would unravel without me noticing and I would end up with no skirt at the end of the day. -_-

Had lunch at Dragon-i-- frightfully overpriced, but Jing was on a vegetarian diet, so we needed somewhere vegetarian-friendly.

Jing's fried tofu, poor girl.

As opposed to...

My dan dan mian (noodles with minced meat in peanut gravy; it sounds quite gross, but I assure you it's very yummy).


Fried pork ribs.

I'm a big eater, what to do.

Dessert was this uber cute piggie red bean buns! They sure do look like Jing and I huh... *trails off*

Jing intently peeling off the outer skin.

Do any of you guys do this-- peeling the skin of steamed paus before you eat it? It's a habit for me, 'cause we were taught from young to do that. Supposedly the outer skin might not be clean as the pau-maker makes contact with it while kneading and molding. But it's kind of bollocks to think of it. What about roti canai? Other form of baked products? And even then, the high heat from steaming should kill any germs or bacteria right...Food for thought. No pun intended, hehe.

Skin-peeling contenders:

Jing's. Quite fail right! The entire pig face is torn, nyehehe.

Mine! Looks like Casper in pig form, haha.

Jing: "bla bla bla.."

We then found ourselves chilling out in oversized, plush armchairs!

My legs look really long here!


Black asymmetrical hem shirt: Holiday in Korea
Butterfly print frayed pleated chiffon skirt: Holiday in Bangkok
Green rosary: F21
Oversize cocktail ring: H&M
Silver bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Patent heels with woven details: Marni
Brown woven bag: Miu Miu

By the way, I found an interesting video today, "7 billion: Are you typical?", whereby National Geographic describes the most typical person in the world:

Watch it, it's interesting!

And if you link to the video, one of the comments go, 'Dad??', I laughed real hard at that, hahahaha.

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Huai Bin said...

Yeah, my parents told me to do that as a kid too, they always peel the skin off paus before eating it.

Myself, I never really bothered. I'm too lazy to do it and anyway, I like the taste of the skin. It has a slippery texture that's quite delicious. :)

mustardqueen said...

Eh i dun get it the end of video suddenly show over of the mag creating your perfect pet wtf and before that they said something most typical person again hahaha so means dog ar wtfffff BOO i want that pig pauuuu everytime i look at the skin picture I laugh hahaha

Anonymous said...

lovely outfit! Where did you get the shoes again? I must have missed that post :)
Is the bag from KLCC?

revel in me said...

huai bin: Haha, on the contrary, I don't like the slippery texture! Especially when it makes contact with condensation... T_T

mustardqueen: Hahahah that thing is a FOX! I think they just trail off, and you have to wait for the next instalment-- 'cause it's a year-long project!

When you come back we go eat <3

anonymous: Thanks love! I got them from Melbourne! And yup, the bag is from KLCC. :)

Anonymous said...

Spotted Chanel paperbag! Show us what u bought :)))

Anonymous said...

haha i tot its coz the texture of the skin is not so nice that's why we peel off the skin. hehe

revel in me said...

anonymous: Eye like a hawk! :O

anonymous: My mom told me it's dirty! -_-

xiang yun said...

Your shoes are heavenly!! I think I'd just gobble the whole piggie pao including the skin and all cos it looks so cute!! MUST EAT PIGGIEEEE

SpringSommer said...

I happen to like the skin of my paus only when they are dry. Chewy!

revel in me said...

littlefeefee: YA it's gross when it's wet right!:/

Anonymous said...

one of the piggies has nose hairs!

Anonymous said...

i heard you have to peel the skin of paus because chinese people believe ghosts like to lick the paus!!!