Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cloudy mind.

Medusa moment.

Accessories that I've been obsessing over recently:

Got these stone rings recently, and since then all I want to do is to wear them. All. The. Time.
I plan outfits around them, heh.

Speaking of jewelry that I am lusting over....

How awesome are these jewelry from Gretchen Jones? If you watch Project Runway, you might remember Gretchen Jones as the lanky, svelte winner from season 8. She was my favorite! Her, and Mondo Guerra (who ended up being the runner-up).

Oh what the heck, since we are on the subject on things I like...

Loveeeee these images of Mary Kate!

Yes, I'm a huge Olsen fashion addict, they can do no wrong, as far as I am concerned (though sometimes MK's grunge looks are questionable...). I want that petals lace dress on the top left! And I am going to rummage through my closet for a frilled white layer skirt to wear as a dress...

What I wore to run some errands:

I love the colors of this skirt! Best part is, it was like RM40 in a H&M clearance sale. It's even decent enough to wear to work! Trust me, I tried. ;)

White tee: Found in a pile of clothes that my mom wanted to throw away, so I saved it
Silk blue tie-dyed skirt: H&M
Tan woven belt: Holiday in Bangkok
Silver disc necklace: Diva
Turquoise/cream stone rings: Bazaar
Tan leather clogs: Steve Madden

By the way, I've started a new tag, 'Revel in Inspiration', so that I can start posting some of the images or things that are inspirational... What do you guys think? :) I am just asking, I am going to do it anyway, lol.

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melissa said...

I fell in love with that lace petal dress when I saw that picture too!

I can't seem to find the designer of that dress...not that I could afford it, haha...but it has inspired me to get a decadent lace dress for summer!

Anonymous said...

May i ask which lipliner do you use with your red lippy?

Kim L said...

Mary Kate looks gorgeous in those shots.. however, I just watched Toy Story 3 and I think the twins look oddly like the troll dolls..! haha

Maybe you should start your own tumblr to collect inspirational pictures :)

Anonymous said...

To be honest you might lose readers lah if the inspiration thing overload. We get enough of that on Tumblr etc. People like your own piccies :)

xiang yun said...

I love this skirt and the length! I wore something like this outfit with a plain white tee and my mom's blue knee-length skirt and brown loafers to work :D This is a great outfit, I love it :D:D:D Er.. were you dizzy after doing all the hair flips and hair whips?

revel in me said...

melissa: Mmm, decadent lace dress, I like the sound of that! Good luck to the both of us! :P

anonymous: MAC as well!

kimmy: HAHAHAHA got a bit! But I am secretly jealous of their gaunt features, sigh. Tumblr? Not yet, I think, I don't think I've enough time for a blog AND tumblr! :P

anonymous: Aww, that's sweet! But moderate of inspirations ok right? ;)

xiang yun: I remember that outfit,I saw on your blog! :P Thanks dear! Haha no la, I did like 3 whips only.. I am used to being hyper around the house, haha..

Huai Bin said...

I like the first photo! :)

How did you manage to do that? By jumping or was there an industrial fan somewhere?

It's a nice effect - the hair I mean.

Anonymous said...

Hey wen!

Where did you get your nail polish from??

I've been hunting for them everywhere! =D

mustardqueen said...

hahahah the anon commentor meant that they get inspirations from tumblr alrd dun need u to post anymore here -_- chat cold lor these ppl, u wanna post inspiration not their problem also -_-

Anonymous said...

absolutely LOVE your outfit. everything looked so nice!

Xen ♥ said...

you can post anything and i will still come to read :D wf its your blog and unless you are blogging for the 'mass', i dont see why u shouldnt blog about things which are inspirational to you (:

yy said...

love your first photo! and that's a great shade of nail polish.. what is it called?

revel in me said...

huai bin: A headflip did it! ;) Nice lehhh... But why only hair!! FACE LEH???

anonymous: I got it done in a salon..T_T It's OPI,that's all I know...T___T

mustardqueen: She meant inspiration OVERLOAD la! Moderation is ok!

anonymous: Everything you said is so SWEET! :)

xen lee: I blog for myself, and people happen to read, so might as well make it an enjoyable experience for all, if that makes any sense.. :P

yy: Thank you dear! I did the pedicure at a salon, so I don't know the name! But it's OPI!:)

Eve said...

hello, i just realized we have the same toe nail colors..hahaha! random stuff. did it in a nail parlour too