Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do your parents know?

Yummy new bag in our family!

I was wearing another top that my mom bought for me from Zhuhai (*click* for another top worn in earlier post). I can't help but feel that I've seen this top somewhere in Bangkok before,but this top whoops Bangkok's ass! Actually most clothing whoops Bangkok's clothing in terms of quality. -_-

The fabric is way softer and lighter, I love the frothy bubble sleeves, how the ruffles move, how the top is also cut beautifully at the hem-- basically how the entire top flows and moves!! The neutral shade makes this a great basic to have this season to complement with all the crazy bright colors. Mummy, thumbs-up for you again!

I am feeling kind of under the weather now due to this culprit-- Delicious's chili cheese fries. I was so greedy that I finished my own pesto spaghetti AND walloped Teeny's fries as well. Am feeling very heaty now. :(

Accessories for the day.

I kept my palette for the day very very neutral, except for the pop of pink on my lips (I WANT HOT PINK LIPSTICK) and dash of red on my mom's Gucci bag.

Outfit details:

I was actually wearing jeggings (jeans+leggings) that day, hahaha! It was too hot for jeans. *shifty eyes*
Can you tell it was jeggings though? :P

Nude chiffon top with ruffled front: Gift from mom
Faded jeggings: Topshop
Leaf knuckle ring: F21
Little Band Boy ring: Holiday in Bangkok
Tan leather wedge booties: Zara
Bag: Gucci

I was telling my mom about some invitations to fashion events I've received lately, and my mom threw me a super suspicious look and asked me:

"Why are they inviting you? Have you been shopping a lot, that's why???"


No faith from my mom! To my defense, I haven't even been shopping!

Then I tried to explain to her that it's 'cause I blog. She started interrogating me on why must I blog, where do I blog (my mom doesn't understand the concept of the electronic medium), what do I blog about etc. -_-

No faith from my mom, I repeat!

That being said, I am now fine with my parents knowing that I blog because I don't really have anything to hide from them. When I was a student, I needed to hide my blog because I didn't want them to know how much I spent, my party life etc. But now that I make my own money, and am old (and hopefully wise) enough to do things as I wish, I hardly see the need to keep it a secret from them anymore.

What about you guys? Do your parents know that you blog? And for what reason do you hide your blog away from them? :)

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Ashley said...

my parent doesn't know that i blog. lol. neither do they understand why the younger generation likes to spend half of their time on social media. generation gap, gua? well..

mustardqueen said...



I want. =(

xiang yun said...

Your shoes are yummers! Anyways my parents know I have a blog but they do not know the address nor have I the intention to let them know hehehe although I'm earning my own money to buy my own stuff, I don't usually let them know about stuff that I buy because I know they'd tell me to be more thrifty lol

La Petite Cherie said...

Cute Gucci!! Lucky you :)

revel in me said...

ashley: Haha, ya,it was hilarious to see my mom when she accidentally saw my brother's FB account: "Why he got so many friends??? Where he knew all these people?" Hahaha

mustardqueen: DO. NOT. TEMPT.


xiang yun: My parents do not know my URL too! But if they want, they can just search my name la, just 'hui wen' will return my blog as top search. T_____T

la petite cherie: It's my mom's, not mine! :)

wing yann said...

My parents know I blog :P

And your hair looks amazingly like the one I have right now. Also asked my hairstylist (amazingly also called Yen; but not the Yen you go to) to go ahead and cut all my frizzy curled ends off. Love how easy it is to maintain and style this hair! You look great in it as well! :D


Anonymous said...

so, is the BAG from zhuhai as well? ^^


mustardqueen said...

anon: more authentic than you :)

revel in me said...

wing yann: Haha, what a coincidence! Are all good hairstylists named Yen wtf. :P Yes, this hairstyle is SO much more manageable! <3

anonymous: Haha, the bag is from Taiwan airport! Gucci is about 20% cheaper in Taiwan. :) I think I can speak for my family that we are against fakes, it's an insult to the designer and the brand!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Haha, I think this is all rather funny!

Suee Tang said...

I'm just wondering how do you carry a Boston/speedy bag while retaining its shape? Do you insert stuff at the bottom? Normally it will flop downwards when I carry stuff in it. I want it to stay in its shape!

Sizzling Suzai said...

huu..this is d gross thing happened in mylife when my mom got 2 know that i hv a blog n im an active blogger! so shes like stalking me n even found out that i went 2 a SuJu concert!!! AArghhhhh...kantoi!! XP

huhuhuu..hate it "~~ oh btw, i love ur style babe..

Zoe said...

My parents are aware that I have a blog... & my dad used to read my blog secretly for a while until he accidentally told me about it and I told him that I needed some privacy, then he stopped reading it.

By the way! Did you just get the jeggings recently?? I LOVE jeggings! They're so comfy! But it's really hard to find one that fits me...

Anonymous said...

an original that looks like a fake! oh the tragedy.

ms mustard now now don't get all defensive

Thistle Trinkets said...

Your mom has taste! Thumbs up on the top!!

Shuyi said...

OMG i love your top ! Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous! Lov the overall look , too ! x

revel in me said...

suee tang: We've talked to some managers/staff of designer brands, they definitely recommend putting a hard cardboard to retain the shape of your bag! :)

sizzling suzai: Hahaha, you like super junior too? :) Thank you love! And it was nice to meet you that day! <3

zoe: Are you sure he stopped reading? *deng deng deng* :P I bought it from Topshop, last season! Maybe you can check out the sales rack in Midvalley, they might still have some past season goodies there! :)

anonymous: Haha, I've to disagree with you, it doesn't look fake. Though, I have to admit that some fakes are made so well that they look real! Don't ever get cheated k! :)

thistle trinkets: She has a hit and miss knack when it comes to selecting things for us.. T___T She did get us some pretty wtf things from Zhuhai as well, hahaha..

shuyi: Thank you, thank you thank you! <3