Sunday, March 06, 2011

Limited edition Chanel bag.

What I wore to Audrey's surprise birthday party a few weeks ago:

I was trying for a dressy casual look, if that makes sense. The dress (I've gotten it from Melbourne a few years back but have never worn it), is actually made of cotton jersey,which would essentially make it a T-shirt dress, but the embellishments on the sheer neckline dressed it up a bit.

The highlight of my outfit would be my mom's Chanel bag, which I blogged about here! Since my dress's neckline was fully embellished, I thought I might as well play that up and adorn myself with some ornaments-- hence the Chanel bag with the charms and my rings.

At Fukuya, which was listed as one of the top 3 Japanese restaurants in KL in one of the food magazines that I read. Picture taken off Tim.

Audrey and Ringo were fascinated that my red lipstick did not fade, despite me eating and drinking. So they kept on staring at me while I ate, and continuously forced me to show them my lips. -_- It's quite nerve-wrecking to have people peer very closely at your lips ok! I kept on worrying that I've veggie stuck between my teeth, and I was quite sure that I drew my lipliner crooked. Sigh.

Love this brown belt with the heart buckle! Don't wear it as much as I would have liked to though.

Gray jersey dress with embellished mesh neckline: Forever New, Australia
Brown belt with heart buckle: Bershka

Rings: Holiday in Korea/Topshop

Silver bracelet: Thomas Sabo

Black suede heels with gold trimmings: Topshop

Bag: Chanel

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Joce said...

nice bag! <3

Adryna said...

hi, i like your outfits.

Just out of curiosity, (or maybe im too curious) how did u make the pics go large? i've been figuring out how to change it but im so clueless! hope u can help :'(((

ap said...

yesss how did u do that lol great shade of red

KITMEY said...

ahhh that bag.. Singapore MBS exclusive. beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

so, can you let us know the lipstick you wear that night? looks gorge xL

revel in me said...

joce: Thanks dear! :)

adryna: Do you host your pics on Blogger? 'Cause their 'large' size is not big enough for me, heh!I use photobucket.Then I adjust the width of the frame, so that my pictures can bigger (under Dashboard>Design> Template Designer). But my template is a standard Blogger one, not sure whether the same can be applied to yours though. Hope this helps! :)

ap: Haha, are you referring to the one on my lips or the one on my hips (the bag wtf)! :P

allison: Agreed! <3

anonymous: It's MAC Satin A10 Red! :)

fourfeetnine said...

how come i don't remember you wearing this dress! that bag must have overpowered everything else cos i can't even remember my own outfit WTF

Anonymous said...

Lovely bag!

xiang yun said...

LOVE the embellishments on your dress - TOO CLEVER! And your shoes are to die for, seriously! Magic red lips :D

revel in me said...

fourfeetnine: Hahahahhaha damn stupid la you! Maybe you didn't notice the dress 'cause you were too busy looking at my lips wtf

anonymous: Thank you!<3

xiang yun: Not so magic la, cannot conjure up james franco also! *drools*

PING PING said...

wow i love ur dress~!

revel in me said...

pingping: Thanks love! I like your profile pic btw! :D

evermagic~* said...

Cute bag. Love!

revel in me said...

evermagic: Thanks sweets!