Monday, March 21, 2011

Moving out.

Remember I mentioned that I'm doing up an exciting post for you guys?

Here's a teaser:

Stay tuned for it! :)


Introducing a new pair of kicks in my closet!

Got these patent babies in Hong Kong--lust at first sight.

And when I tried them on--love at first wear!

An outfit I wore for a girlie day out with the bestie. The flouncy tutu skirt was an old acquisition, and I tried to tone down the in-your-face cutieness of it.

A very old necklace, some of you might recognize it from this post here. My mom got it for me at least 3-4 years ago, and while spring-cleaning my wardrobe lately, I was quite surprised to find it, looking untarnished and brand-new no less!

Flouncy flouncy.

Leather and studs was one of the ways I used to subdue the girlie-ness of my skirt. I don't use this Kate Moss for Topshop bag often enough!

Outfit details:

Black bias hem shirt: Holiday in Korea
Floral tutu with tulle layers: Topshop
Charm necklace: Miss Selfridge
Rings: Holiday in Korea/F21
Black patent heeled loafers: Prada
Black leather slouchy studded bag:Kate Moss for Topshop

Aaah, I've got some exciting news-- well, exciting for me, but maybe not so for you guys, hehe. In the midst of boredom, I got myself my own domain!

I'm having problems redirecting my Blogspot to the new domain though; it's supposed to be done automatically. I am going to give it a few days before I ask for help from customer support (just got it done last night). Fingers crossed!

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Xen ♥ said...

exciting post= free shoes for everyone? YAYYYY :D loving your patent shoes btw!

Kim L said...

Dior!! cant wait for the Dior post..

omg... your Prada heels... i love please. maybe u can giveaway Prada heels next time hehee! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your prada heels are to die for! Are they comfy?

Christine said...

You should place the facebook ''like'' button on every post so i can like them :D

ap said...

skirt looks gooooood clunky heels yay granny style is taking over bit by rheumy bit

revel in me said...

xen lee: Haha that's a lot of free shoes!! Fine, something less exciting than that then! :P

kimmy: I love them to bits too! Haha, I would if I can find sponsors! ;)

anonymous: Thanks love, yes they are! I wore them (brand new) for a day of shopping, and I was still standing tall at the end of the day! *thumbs up*

christine: That's a GREAT idea! Will incorporate that into my new layout! I do have a FB 'share' button below my post though.. *hint hint* :P

ap: Hyperrrr, hehe! Thanks dear! <3

xiang yun said...

YOU'VE GONE DOT COM!!! OMFGGG CONGRATULATIONS WTF so happy for you :D:D:D *blows confetti in your face* very very curious about your teaser photo :)

Anonymous said...

I love you blog I love your blog!!!! :):):) like x100000000 times!! wee! :)

Burning Bush said...

*Throws confetti*
a toast to revel in me dot com!!!!!!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Haha,thanks for the support! *gets confetti in my nose wtf*<3 But the redirecting part is still not working properly though!:( Hope you'll like the post! :D

anonymous: Likes your comment x100000000000000 times! Thank you babe, I am feeling the love!<3

burning bush: Thank you for the enthusiasm! I am feeling very loved now! :D