Sunday, March 27, 2011

New hair!

Debuting my new hairdo!

How is it? Do you like it? :)

Yen actually wanted to go much shorter, but I nearly had a heart attack as it is. This is slightly shorter than the last time I snipped my hair short.

I was getting quite frustrated with my previous hairstyle, i.e. permed waves at the ends. My hair was getting so frizzy and unmanageable, and for the past weeks I've actually been obsessing about cutting all my waves off.

Though I joked with my sisters that I'll look like Bat Leung Gam (a Hong Kong actor who is infamous for his not-that-good looks and his signature bowl-cut) after that, HAHAHAHA.

So I guess my current haircut is considered an improvement compared to how it could have turned out wtf.

Wearing a top that mom bought for me from her recent trip to Zhuhai!

Bad idea to take pictures with flash when I was wearing a semi-sheer top. -_-

Remember I was obsessing over the Chloe bow-sleeved top here?

Wearing a dress with Chloe-inspired bow sleeves.

This top is so much prettier! I am quite impressed with what my mom hauled back, 'cause sometimes my mom can be a little 'off' when it comes to picking things out for us-- we blame it on the generation gap, hehe. But this time she got me lots of pretty chiffon blouses and rompers! Major love.

Outfit details:

I don't usually wear earrings because they'll be hidden by my hair anyway, but with my shorter 'do, I don't have this problem anymore!

Polka dot green chiffon top with bow sleeves: Gift from Mom
Denim frayed shorts: Zara
Pearl long earrings: F21
Rings: H&M
Black knotted clogs: Zara
Chiffon rosette clutch: Topshop

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Ashley said...

not bad.. looking very cheerful! :)

Kim L said...

Polka dots and bows, what's not to love? :)

Perming is really bad for your hair. I grew my hair up till my waist just so I could permed it and it was awful. I ended up chopping all my locks away-ALL!
I'm pretty sure you were happily running your fingers through your hair after the haircut.

Btw, Looking good missy :)

ps: wish I could be at chicpop market again! :(

xiang yun said...

Your top damn sheer -__- but so pretty! It's pretty cos it's sheer wtf. Hair just resting on the shoulders are kinda hard to maintain as well but much easier than permed hair I guess? Looking good as always :)

revel in me said...

ashley: Thank you!:)

kimmy: Omg chopped it ALL off??? It must have been a very traumatic experience! T_T Haha, ya, I can't stop stroking my hair now 'case it's so much smoother now! Thank you love!<3 Are you going to come back again this year? :)

xiang yun: Hahaha my boobs enhanced the prettiness of the top WTF. It's really not sheer when worn in normal light, but under flash,uh oh. T__T YA it is in an awkard length, but so far it's (my hair wtf) quite obedient!I am not against shipping a little bit more off....

yy said...

the ribbon details are so pretty! such an adorable top :)

jaymeong said...
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jaymeong said...

you look great with ur new hair!

Kim L said...

Haha! I was sad but I was happier that I got rid of 'em dry nasty perms.. It was unbearable. :(

Yes am gonna go back mid this year! hopefully more pop up markets! :)

jmeei said...

bat leung gam HAHAHAHHAHAHA

i like your new hair on you <3

i see ... *perves

revel in me said...

yy: Thanks love! I think I'm going to pass it to jing, she will love girlie details like this! :P

jaymee: Thank you thank you! <3

kimmy: Aha,I understand, I had the same feeling too! Like some sort of release, haha. Ooh, mid-year isn't that long away! ;)

jmeei: Thank you for appreciating my humor wtf. <3 Very soon you can perve upclose! :P

Anonymous said...

this haircut definitely makes you look fresher but I still like your old hairstyle :)

gillian said...

makes you look older la...

shuyi said...

I love your new haircut !

Ps: i'm shuyi, the one with the maxi brown skirt ! we've met @ pre-love bazaar the other day ! :)


camerafilmroll said...

I want those Chloe inspired bow sleeves! Yummy!

revel in me said...

anonymous: I love my old old hair too(I presume you're referring to the blown-in ends), but let me nurse my hair back to healthy first! :P

gillian: Haha is it? Maybe it's the earrings! 'Cause I had people telling me that I look like child with the new hair...-_-

shuyi: Of course I remember you!<3 I even remember that your skirt is from topshop. :P Thank you so much for coming to support me, hope you're loving the korean skirt! <333

ps: me likey your outfit on sat (but I told you already on that day,haha)! :D

camerafilmroll: I was seriously obsessed with finding bow sleeves at one point! :P

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Love ur hair!!!

skim said...

i have the same bag! haha. #irrelevantcommentisirrelevant

skim said...

i have the same bag! haha. #irrelevantcommentisirrelevant

revel in me said...

siewkwan: Hee thanks love! <3

skim: Bag buddies! #Istillthinkyouareawesome

wendy said...

which salon do you go too? i think this shorter hair makes you look younger ;)

Joshua said...


I think Ting sets the bar very high, her red hair makes everyone's "new" haircut look old wtf

Anonymous said...

your hair really looks very thick.

shuyi said...

Haha aw ! i'm glad you remember and yes ! i loveeeee the skirt ! too bad i won't be able to attend chicpop:(

Haha thanku i'm v flattered that you like my outfit :D

ps: if you want the pictures, let me know :) x

Shop said...

Oh hey you!
Before you gonna sell some of your preloved stuff please show me first laaa! ahahaha

Yeah2, lets hang out some time, tea and talk! :D

Adriani said...

the Shop was me -_-
Lupa sign out! ahaha

Siumei said...

your top is really really nice :) love the bows and polka dots

La Petite Cherie said...

Your new haircut looks feminine and elegant!! :)

revel in me said...

wendy: I go to Yen at wenawave, Times Square! :)

joshua: I don't mind *a little* shorter actually! :P

anonymous: Haha, yes, I do have very thick hair! My mom's + my sisters' hair combines is still less than mine (we measure). -__-

shuyi: I want I want! Email them to me at crescent_masquerade[at] Thanks dear! :)

adriani: Hahahhaha SHOP. Are you coming to chicpop? :P And let's plan something for fat spoon! :)

siumei: Thanks love! I was worried it's too sweet for my taste! ;)

la petite cherie: Thanks sweetie! <3 Btw, are you cheryl who came to OBB that day? :)

fourfeetnine said...

his name is pat leung kam isit ahahahahah i call him the watermelon eating guy! cos i saw this game show where he won for eating watermelon fastest WTF. i think it's his mouth shape hahahaahhaha

Shuyi said...

Sent ! :) xx