Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orange bottoms up + Giveaway winners

Firstly, thank you so much for joining my giveaway here, so many of you gave such wonderful comments, and I could tell that you guys really gave some thought to it, and for that, I am ever grateful! Am definitely going to (or already have!) incorporate those ideas that I like: fewer posts in a page, better quality pictures (am really toying with the idea of getting a DSLR), vlogs, bigger banner, changing fonts... Lots of constructive comments to work on! And yes, a new banner is on its way, I assure you.

I've picked out 2 winners for the giveaway, congratulations to Carol and Anonymous 2.46pm! Drop me a email at crescent_masquerade[at] with your shipping address and these pegasuses will be flying their way onto your fingers! :D

Btw, Anonymous 2.46pm, I know you said that you don't want the ring, but you really gave a lot of great, sincere ideas that I would really love to repay you! Please accept the ring. :)

As I've mentioned repeatedly, I've been recently lusting over pops of colors in my outfits, especially colored bottoms. Which explains why I am totally salivating after Zara March's lookbook:

Credits to Fashion Gone Rogue.

My outfit for dinner yesterday was concocted because I felt like wearing my mom's bright orange linen shorts:

My very 'porkie' dinner at Vintry:

Roasted pork. I much prefer the caramelised roasted pork which is TO DIE FOR.

Chef Pasta with bacon, pork sausages, chinese sausages and pork croutons.

At first I was thoroughly intrigued at what exactly are pork croutons, until I realised it's... pork lard. -_- Pork lard with pasta is just... weird.

Fried pork strips. I could have this with beers all day long! Ratio: 5 plates of pork strips to one mug of beer wtf.

White linen shirt with padded shoulder details: Holiday in Bangkok
Orange linen shorts: Miss Selfridge
Silver choker: Teeny's
Silver mesh ring: Gift
Stone rings: Bazaar
Orange chiffon tie-up woven wedges: Mom's
Color block clutch: F21

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xiang yun said...

Wow the shorts and heels are oh-so-very resort look!! Looks really comfy and the shade of orange is quite rare but so refreshing! :D So. Much. Pork.!!!!! XD

yy said...

loving the pops of color! btw i think the DSLR idea is great! i would highly recommend the Canon 550D, which is fairly easy for a beginner to pick up :)

thoughtsofping said...

Ahh love your ur shorts! <3

revel in me said...

xiang yun: But I lurveeee pork! :D

yy: Oooh, is that so? I'm leaning towards a canon too (my sister is using a nikon), 'cause I heard it's more user-friendly!

ping: Thank you dear! :)

Kim L said...

Those green zara pants are actually pretty awesome.
So iz porkkkk! nyum :)

revel in me said...

kimmy: That's my favorite pair of bottoms from all the pictures! <3 I want a pair in the same color NOW. :D

siaolee said...

are those pants in the first photo gonna be in zara kl?

revel in me said...

siaolee: Hmm, I don't know. But I don't see why not!