Friday, March 11, 2011

Scrabble brunch.

The foliage and the animal print makes me feel like a prowling wild animal, rawrrr.

I was feeling quite under the weather that day, and was looking quite pasty and pale... So I did the best pick-me-up I could for my face-- a touch of red lipstick!

Chiffon leopard print shirt: H&M
Black shorts (worn underneath to preserve my modesty): Cotton On
Black suede belt with gold buckle: Topshop
Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop
Gold cross ring: F21
Oversized blue cocktail ring: H&M
Multi-strapped vintage-esque pumps: Zu, Australia
Woven bag: Miu Miu

We had Scrabble + brunch,where I tried to muster as much excitement (and brains) as I could despite my sniffling nose.

Miss my beard woman! She'll be back with me in 2 days, yay!


The lousiest set of alphabets. The only words I could think of is 'POO' or 'GOO'.
Or 'NOOOO', y'know, like if you fall off a cliff.

Dolci means desserts (or sweet) in Italian, and we told Teeny this is a sign of GOD that given her passion for desserts, she should pursue her interest!

Click here for her video of making macarons. :)

And for all you people who roll your eyes and do the 'Speak to the hand' gesture whenever I say I re-wear my clothes... I've got evidence that I do!!


Wearing the same H&M shirt in Seoul last year.

Dinner with Audrey and Jiameei.

...which incidentally, I was severely ostracised.

The waiter set the table for Audrey's pink Hello Kitty waterbottle (see the pink top peeking out from the seat next to me), but NOT FOR ME. -______-

Ya ya everyone had a good laugh. Har di ha ha. *sour*

Okay, that's all for today!
I had a foul start to my day despite the beautiful rainy lazy weather, now all I want to do is to lie in my bed and hide from the world.
Hopefully the weekend will be better.

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Kim L said...

The red lips sure did the trick :) How do you keep the lipstick from staining your teeth?
I had them on before but it just got a bit messy for me..and I'm very self conscious when it comes to my teeth :(

btw, I've started blogging on blogspot again. drop by and say hi if u feel like it :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the animal print dress

Anonymous said...

i like ting's mustache necklace! can i know where she bought it from?

yy said...

great shoes as always! cheer up, i sure hope your weekend gets better! :)

revel in me said...

kimmy: Hmm, actually they don't stain for me! Maybe MAC's lasting power is great? :P

stephanie: Thanks dear! It's a shirt! ;)

anonymous: She got it from Melbourne if I am not mistaken!

yy: Thank you love! My weekend is looking up!<3

xiang yun said...

Waitttt isn't that thing on sister Ting's lips a mustache and not a beard?? LOL grammar Nazi. Love your leopard print look so exotic wtf that's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

don't know why i look like an aunty if i wear animal prints & red lipsticks but you don't!
its hard to pull it off~

how did you do it? :)

Hui Yen

ally said...

ms hoe hui wen, i'd like to inform you that wearing the same top a year apart is NOT rewearing your clothes okay -_- us lesser mortals have to rewear our clothes every other week.

so...*does talk to the elbow gesture

cause the hand ain't listening WTF

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Haha 'cause the beard woman is a freak show in circus right! I thought it has more of a ring to it. :P Exotic.. is like Pocahantas! I am nowhere near there.. T_T

hui yen: Silly girl! You won't! Just try it! I will BET with you that you won't! :D

ally: Oii, the pictures depicted are not the only time I wore it la! I think I wore it every other month, which is not bad in terms of debut frequency in my closet. :P