Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something for all of us to do today,

Update: Another reader posted a link for a comprehensive video on the disaster, please click here.

Hi guys, no outfit posts or lame puns today.

I am sure you all don't need any more updates on Japanese earthquake and tsunami tragedy. I am also sure that most of you, if not all of you, have channeled your prayers and well-wishing thoughts to Japan. However, I am sure that we can all give that little bit more to Japan, who needs us now.

Please make a donation, click here for a list of ways to donate.

I've read somewhere that apparently Malaysian credit cards might get declined in donations to American Red Cross; personally I've used the Google Crisis Response, and it's very simple and quick.

Click here to view some of the photos of the tragedy. Or watch this video, which rendered me silent for a few moments after watching it. I even went to google pictures of Tokyo Disneyland after the disaster... Even the happiest place on earth couldn't escape. :( Japan is my favorite country out of all the countries I've traveled to; in fact, my family and I had plans to go to Japan in April for the cherry blossom season-- definitely one of the most beautiful sights I had the opportunity to witness. So this is all really heartbreaking.

Something like that really puts things in perspective. Sometimes, we magnify the problems that we face on a daily basis, as mundane as some of them are. Yet, look at the Japanese, who remained so resilient even when faced with a tragedy as devastating as this. Life is so fragile, and the words 'live everyday like your last' and 'make each moment perfect' have never reverberated as loudly in my ears. We all have the choice on how we want to live, and it's smacked rudely in front of our faces now just how short life can be. So live, people, be happy and just live.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the video is quite impressive. And of course praying is good but also donating !

Unknown said...
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Thistle Trinkets said...

It is really sad what is happening to Japan. It is probably one of my favourite country too.Was going to do another trip in July - but with current situation is best not too

The Japanese ppl are just so so amazing.The show the true meaning of kindhood!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Check this out.


Let's all pray for Japan.

Jacqueline said...

I am very sad too. I had plan to visit Japan in april too but yah, I just cancelled my trip. =( I hope Japan recovered fast... pray for japan.. sigh.. :(

revel in me said...

stepanie: Y'right! Concrete action is way powerful than just praying.

thistle trinkets: I KNOW! I see all these articles/videos of how the Japanese remained compassionate, calm, efficient during times like this, and I really feel so touched.

anonymous: Thanks for the clip!:)

Jacqueline: Amen to that! *hugs*