Thursday, March 24, 2011

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.

Read this quote by J.K Rowling in a Harvard commencement speech, and I think it is one of the most profound quotes I've ever read.


Please forgive me for delaying the teaser post yet again; I'm trying to make a video (dedicated much?) but I need Teeny's mac for that! Kind of difficult when she is at her laptop 24/7. Maybe you all can give her some pressure to loan me her laptop for an hour or two. :P

A lazy Saturday outfit,with Village Park nasi lemak as a highlight. Their nasi lemak is to-die-for!

And of course luck would have it, the day I decided to borrow my mom's suede Fendi bag, it rained cats and dogs. -__-
*furiously spray leather protector on the bag*

My oompa loompa moment.

Couldn't resist taking loads of profile shots because I wanted to show off the funky heels of my shoes!

I really miss my old hair when looking at these pictures. T_T

Blue bell-sleeved buttoned-up shirt: Imported from Korea
Ripped black denim shorts: Holiday in Bangkok
Leather belt with heart-shaped buckle: Bershka
Gold chain with turqoise stone: F21
Rings: Holiday in Korea
Floral wedges: Online
Suede messenger bag: Fendi


I woke up to 2 lovely surprises today!

1. My domain is working!!! It automatically redirects to the .com even when you got to the Blogspot version. See see see!!*points to URL bar on top*

Is it totally gay that I am actually ecstatic over this? :P

2. Found this email in my inbox:

What a lovely surprise! I am feeling very loved now. :)

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Kim L said...

Wow those heels, are they comfy to walk on??

Jing said...

It's MY bagggggggg, i'm gonna import it to Aussie soon! :D

revel in me said...

kimmy: Yes they are! They are just like any wedges..I ran in them,even,heh.

jing: Haha, I dunno man, you got to talk to mom about this!

xiang yun said...

WOW! Is it hard to walk in those heels? The floral motif is really pretty. Love your belt buckle.. looks very vintagey.

Anonymous said...

loving your bagggg! such a refreshing twist to the proenzas that everyone's carrying! yummers :)

Suee Tang said...

Ohhhh those heels are lovely! Do you mind sharing where you got them from?

ally said...

<3 the outfit! You look so blue! (but happy wtf)

Cielo said...

Oh my. I haven't visit your blog since ages.

Anyway, I super love your hair!! How u gt 'them' look like that? You should make vid tutorial soon yeah! Hehe.

Keep spreading the positive vibes in this blogsphere! Hehe. X

revel in me said...

xiang yun: They are actually quite comfortable, like wearing wedges!:)

anonymous: Aww, thanks love! But I do love the PS1 SO SO MUCH though,it's such a delish bag! <3

suee tang: I got them from an online shop 2 years back...I can't remember the name of the blogshop anymore!:(

ally: Hahahaha! Thanks sayang! <3

cielo: What happened why you stop reading! Hehehe. I happened to visit the salon when these pics were taken, so I had nothing to do with how gorge the hair is! :P And thanks love, I will try my best! :D

Ashley said...

awesome stuffs!