Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday celebration ideas.

Went for an impromptu high tea yesterday-- so impromptu and last minute it was that Ritz Carlton was fully booked when we called. T_T So we settled for One World Hotel.

The high tea masqueraded as a pre-celebration of my birthday! Because Jing won't be around for my birthday; she actually went back to Sydney yesterday. :(

The significance of this flower is that it's of the same shade as....

... my lips!

Hehehe. I am crazy over this hot pink lipstick from MAC recently.

One of my recent favorite bags:

It's a really tiny clutch, but it seems to go with all my outfits! I just pop in some cards, my ID, some cash and a stick of lipbalm, and I am good to go. Oh, and my camera and Blackberry too, of course!

Love this picture of Teeny! I took the picture. ;)

Colors galore.

I will see her in less than 2 months for her winter break. Sometimes we joke that she is actually based in KL, but she has vacations in Australia, haha.


I really love this maxi dress that I found in the H&M sales rack! It was instant love-at-first-sight when I saw the lace back. It's too long for me, and I forgot to alter it; but I insisted on wearing it out anyway. I just wore higher heels. ;)

Printed chiffon maxi dress with lace back: H&M
Silver cuff: Teeny's
Black leather studded heels: Stuart Weitzman
Black pony hair/leather clutch: Furla


My birthday is next weekend, and I actually wanted to plan something! But I don't know what to do. -_-

I haven't had a birthday celebration for quite some time... My last one was a 'Luxurious' theme party 2 years back? I feel like doing something, anything, but a) I haven't had the time to think about what to do; b) I am afraid that now it's so last minute, no one will come-- my biggest fear. T_T

I've toyed with the idea of renting a hotel room and do dinner and drinks, then adjourn to the room to, I don't know, have pillow fights or something wtf. But I can't afford it. -___- A quick search on Google for 'birthday party ideas' threw out results for all types of children parties FML. Ideas for adult birthday parties are like Grease party, Awesome 80's party, Luau, This Is Your Life party (???), Survivor party (again, ??)... Somehow I doubt my girlfriends would be up for it. -_- A Spa party sounds fun though... Or maybe just a brunch? ARGHHHH DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Do you all have any ideas? Any fun parties that you have been, so that I can tweak the idea?

All suggestions will be welcomed!! I don't want to sit alone at home for my birthday. T____________T

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jaclyn said...

booo i won't be there :(

Anonymous said...

why is it that you always post so many similar pictures of yourself in the same dress? Top models also not like that. Front and back enough lah.

revel in me said...

jaclyn: I wish you could. :(

anonymous: There' a certain sequence of my pics that I like, and a certain mood that I want to evoke sometimes... If it bothers you so much, allow me to recommend you my favorite top model tv show as an alternative mode of entertainment.:) :--

Anonymous said...

hehe i like ur reply to the 1st anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

aiyo super pretty!
love the dress!

i always have the notion that since i am not tall (163cm), i cannot wear maxi dresses. Cause seriously, i will mop the floor.

But you pull if off so nicely~ (i think you are taller than me la)

LeXa said...

The dress and the furla clutch are so gorgeous..The one red roses in one small vase was so in right now and gorgeous..

smalls said...

lets go spa for your birthday ! the hammam mammam thing at bangsar village. i want to see how much dirt i have : P

Kim L said...

Haha! I like your reply to anonymous 1 too! :)

Am loving those bright lip colour on you girls.

Organizing birthdays can be quite a pain, I'm helping my sister to organize her 21st atm.

A spa weekend getaway with your girlfriends would be nice :)

Michellezyenn said...

Omg wen that dress is so so so so gorgeous!

Adryna said...


Hrm i love those bright neon lips, u look stunning with that lips tee hee.

Well, me and my friends went to Perhentian Islands to celebrate one of my frnds bday, it was the best ever. And my bf's bday is coming, i'm thinking to book a serviced apartments and invite all my friends to celebrate. And maybe go to nice restaurants.

Plan a nice birthday and posts up pictures ! ;) xx

yy said...

love the back details of that maxi dress.. gorgeous!

my favourite birthday parties are usually beachside/poolside barbecues.. or host a small dinner party in your own house, and set a theme for the guests who are coming to dress up. or go back to being a kid and do a McDonald's birthday party! (i've secretly always wanted to do the third one :P)

Anonymous said...

I just super super super love love love birthdaysssssssssss!!!!!
Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!
May all your dreams come true!!!!
And have a super fantastic birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh and you look super duper gorgeous!!!!!!!
more posts pleaseeeeeeeee hehehe

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, thank you dear! High EQ is something I strive for. ;)

anonymous: Actually dear, I am < 160cm! SHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I am very sure you can carry it off, a lot of times it's just a mental block (like me and skinny jeans initially; now it's the only type of jeans that I wear). Just wear super high heels! :D

Lexa: I've used the Furla clutch almost everyday! <3

smalls: ONSS! I am curious to see my dirt level too, hahaha.

kimmy: Thank you! <3 A spa getaway is a GREAT idea! But a little short notice now.. I will start planning (*cough* SAVING) now, for next year's birthday! :P Good luck with your sister's party! :)

michelle: Yala, I should have worn it for the nuffnang gathering that day.. The maxi dress theme which we didn't know about. Hahahaha!

adryna: Thank you dear! I am getting increasingly adventurous with lip colors nowadays. :P Oooh, a birthday island getaways sounds AWESOME. Again,very short notice for this time (my b'day is this weekend!), but hopefully next year! *fingers crossed* :D

yy: OMG WE ARE ALIKE WE SHARE THE SAME FANTASY!! MCD'S PARTY!!! Haha. Unfortunately, unlike you, I've never had one. T_T Maybe I SHOULD have one this weekend,a s a gag, hahaha!

anonymous: Hahaha you're more excited than me! I am not excited 'cause getting older wtf. Thank you love for all (early) wishes. Much love! <3

fashfix said...

love yr heels.. where are they from! :)

revel in me said...

fashfix: Stuart Weitzman! :)

Lynette Lee said...

I lub your maxi, planning to sell it *wink wink*

Anyway, lub ur blog ;)

Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
revel in me said...

lynette: Haha,not yet! But I'll keep you in mind if I do! And thank you so much! <3