Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Wishlist 2011.

Threw on something simple for an impromptu session of coffee + cake.

I love Coffeebean's Chicago Cheesecake! Totally dig the lemony zest. The only other citrus-based cheesecake that I love as much is the one that Jaclyn baked for us when we used to stay together. *heart* In fact, she has taught me how to make it once!

Babe, can drop me the recipe again? Hehe.

Because my outfit was kind of simple, I went crazy with accessories:

Marble-like rosette bracelet and gold bamboo bangle: Topshop/ Pearl bracelets: Everywhere

Enamel brass bangle: One of my sister's/ White stone bangle: Holiday in Zhuhai

I LOVE the white vintage top, uppercase for emphases. The detailing is stunning; I love how the pleats are folded to look like shells adorning my collarbone, and the pleats fall softly at the hem. LOVE, I repeat!

And when you turn to the back, there's another the surprise! There's this collar detail on the back, so I can actually choose to wear the top the other way around, and let the pleats speak for themselves at the back. ;)


White silk top with shell-like pleated chiffon: Vintage
Ripped denim shorts: Holiday in Korea

Patent cream/black platform heels: Wittner, Australia
Black pony hair/leather clutch: Furla


Since my birthday is coming up, I thought I am going to be silly and narcissistic, and make a birthday wishlist! This is for the sake of my family and friends who don't know what to get me WTF. Especially FAMILY (*cough* SISTERS who have ignored every single one of my furious hints *ahem*)

1. Canon 550D

I've been talking about getting a DSLR for ages, and I think I am finally ready to take the plunge. Hence, on the top of my list is a DSLR camera, specifically a Canon-550D. I've done some scouting around, and I am quite sure this is the one I want! BUT I don't know which lens to get to go with it. Any advise/ recommendations? :)

2. Bianca clutch from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Picture credits to The Blonde Salad.

I was this close to getting this! But it's sold out on most online sites! T_____________T Buying it from the store in KL will cost way more, so I am still thinking about it.*sniff*

3. YSL double-loop leather bracelet

Yes, in this exact shade. I am crazy over pink, didn't I tell you? :P

Actually I just want a wrist accessory that I can wear as a staple... A Balenciaga bracelet would be good too. *dreamy eyes*

4. Fifi Lapin's 'What Shall I Wear Today?'

A fun fashion book for me to go through!

5. MAC lipsticks

You guys may notice that I've been trying out more lip colors recently-- I would love to expand my collection, thank you!

6. Fashion Encyclopedia

I saw this book in Borders sometime ago; it's a book that really list out the ABCs of fashion, from different types of fabric to what is a dart... I wanted to buy it on the spot, but I was in my thrifty mood, and I didn't. I can't remember the exact name of the book though, it's Encyclopedia something something. Not very helpful, I know, haha.

7. YSL Chyc clutch/ handbag

I can't find the exact picture of what I want.. Basically it's this color combination in a clutch version OR this handbag design in a juicy hot pink color. Both totally out of my price range, but a girl can dream, okay?

8. Accessories

If you know me well enough, you'll know that I love my accessories. To death. You will never go wrong with buying accessories for me. Unless you shop from Above or Sinma wtf. I am coveting designer accessories... BAD HUI WEN!

Elizabeth and James.

Low Luv x Erin Wasson.

Bvlgari b zero1 ring.

Catbird customised alphabet rings.

The last picture was posted by Teeny on Facebook yesterday. I love personalised jewelry. And don't be fooled by me, I am a sucker for dainty accessories too!

As you can see, my taste in accessories has a wide range. I'm a accessories hoarder. A proud one.

9. Spa/ Massages

Vouchers/ Discounts/ Packages all welcomed! My aching body will thank you. Manicures/pedicures/ hair spa are a bonus too, heh.

10. FOOD

When all else fail, just go back to Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, and tickle one of my biggest passion! Food vouchers, recipe books, food books, or just bring me for hearty meal; I will love you.

Back-up plan: Vouchers from Topshop/ Zara/ ASOS. You can never go wrong with that. ;)

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Kim L said...

Babe, I love the first picture!
Very pretty.

Awesome wishlist.
especially YSL double bracelet & the Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch

Anonymous said...

hie, may i know the color of the mac lipstick that u r looks good on u.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you just get a new camera?

xiang yun said...

The first picture actually look like you're not wearing pants.. hahah! The prudent mother in me was frowning when I first saw the picture but you look so pretty so all is fine WTF :D

yy said...

great accessories! makes me lust for some of them too.. esp the Balenciaga bracelet :P

btw i think for a beginner's lens, the Canon 18-55mm is an inexpensive and good option. personally, i love the 24-70mm f2.8 - i've recently taken a ton of pictures with them. but it really depends on what you want :)

revel in me said...

kimmy: Thanks love! It's all fantasy, but it was fun making the list! :D

anonymous: Thank you! <3 It's candy yum yum (THE NAME IS SO CUTE RIGHT), but it's not out in m'sia yet! The color is REALLY bright though, I wore it in my previous high tea post, just that the color faded after coffee and I didn't touch up. :P

anonymous: Yep, but that's a digital camera! I'll still use it as a portable camera. They have quite different functions, me thinks! :)

xiang yun: Haha, angle only lar! The top coincidentally hid the shorts! :P *wards away your inner mother wtf*

yy: The Balenciaga one is yummy! Like I said, a girl can dream. :P Thanks dear for the advise! I will go stalk your blog now to see the pictures, hehe.

mustardqueen said...

EH nvr say earlier u want fifi lapin's book?? I could have bought it in Aus cause got free shipping wtf =P

smalls said...

i buy u guardian body scrub ;)

Thistle Trinkets said...

I wanted to get the fifi lapin book too.. but i thought it is pretty pricey for a book....

And I had the YSL chyc bracelet in purple.... I saw the pink one in singapore... and it is pretty colour too!!!

have fun choosing what you want!!

shuyi said...

Absolutely adore your top ! I am a sucker for pretty chiffon top lol.

And you look gorgeous :)

Oh hey btw, the MAC lipstick that you were wearing, is it candy yum yum ?

Anonymous said...

you won't really need new lenses, the kit lenses are good enough! you should play around with it before you purchase any other lenses?

camerafilmroll said...

You look great!

Anonymous said...

Can i ask where can we buy YSL bracelet online?

oh and Balenciaga too? which website do you refer?

Ashley said...

why your cheeks so red wan? blushing?

Lynette Lee said...

I lub ur white chiffon vintage ;) Im always wonder how you managed to seek-and-found so many naise vintage clothing ;)

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: They sell it in m'sia too!

smalls: REJECT!

thistle trinkets: It's about RM80++ I think in KL? And I was deciding between the purple pink! ;)

shuyi: Thank you love. <3 Yup, it's candy yum yum! but the color has faded though after dinner!

anonymous:Yup, that's what I did!:)

camerafilmroll: Thanks love! :)

anonymous: Shopbop, mytheresa, netaporter... You can run a google! :)

ashley: Blusher-ed! ;)

lynette: Haha, I just peel my eyes open...Love treasure hunting! <3