Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A date with Dior

A few weeks ago, I experienced a magical afternoon filled with luxurious threads, champagne and strawberries, beautiful shoes, and a whole load of fashion talk.

Remember the teaser post sometime ago? This is what it was all about...

I was so ecstatic when I received the invitation for a tête-à-tête at Dior as well as a private viewing of the trunk show pieces-- Dior's collection is one of my favorites for this season!

Definitely the coolest thing I've got to experienced from blogging. :)

The showcase was everything I could have asked for, and more. Besides green which I am obsessed over this season, I am also crazy over pink-- all shades of it. And the Dior collection was mainly focused on palettes of fuchsia, pinks, purple... Girlie candy colors that make my heart sing!

Whilst I usually have a soft spot for 'fierce' shoes, I was drawn to this pair of simple, elegant peep-toes. The color makes it so easy to match with everything! With the bright colors that dominate this season, a pair of neutral-colored shoe would be wise.

I had the most amazing conversation with Marc, who made all of this happen for me! Cheeky conversations about how life was like when we studied in Australia, him sharing his stories about London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week (, quirky tales of his escapades with all the big names in the fashion industry, and about the book that he is writing (the title is so witty you guys will love it!)...

And Marc, with all his experience, told me that he could see me in New York or Paris, I literally died of happiness! This really means a lot to me, especially when I hope to pursue a career in fashion in the future.

I was really fascinated with some of the history behind Dior that Marc shared with me, the brand's philosophy, the background behind some of the most iconic Dior products etc. I really hope to be able to delve deeper into the stories behind the brand, and share them with you guys in the future! :)

Teeny wanted to bring this bag home. The shade is so utterly delicious that I could eat it, I swear.

Hope you guys enjoy this little video that we made!


Floral woven wool dress with puffed skirt: Imported from Korea
Pink floral necklace: Miss Selfridge
Stone ring: Bazaar
Brass flower bunch ring: F21
Black leather blogs: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Miu Miu

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Anonymous said...

do you own anything from dior?

Xiaochen said...

Hey Hui Wen, wanna ask where did you import the dress from? Is it from an online website? Looks gorgeous!

revel in me said...

anonymous: I used to use a dior wallet, but I've changed wallets twice since then! Why? Do you have any specific Dior products which you would like to recommend? :)

xiaochen: I got it when I was traveling, love! It's super gorgeous, isn't it! <3

Anonymous said...

random fact : dior is owned by the LV moet hennessy group.

But yeah, dior always makes me think of elegance and femininity.

Kim L said...

I love this post! :) and the video too (perfect Vanessa Paradis song)

I hope you get to go to more of this event and share it here with us.

The lady dior bag in that shade of pink is to die for please... sigh*

Anyways why did you put your Miu Miu so close to the wall? Aren't you scared that you know people or rather druggies might have peed there or do some nasty things there? :/

mustardqueen said...


Anonymous said...

I love your dress! PLEASE let me know if you ever want to sell it off! :P

xiang yun said...

OH. MY. GOD. Damnnn luckyyyy! Your dress is gorgeous and your hair so thick and luscious back then!! WOO

nuraina said...

this is so awesome *i'm literally gaping O's here :D

revel in me said...

anonymous: I know the random fact! ;) And I agree with you, the brand is the epitome of femininity! <3

kimmy: I would DIE for that dior bag, I really would! T_T Glad that you enjoyed the post! More coming up soon hopefully! <3 And AHHH I didn't think of that!! The wall faces jalan bkt bintang (one of the busiest road in KL), so hopefully no one dares to pee there.. *gulps*

mustardqueen: My birthday is next week! *hint HINT HINT*

anonymous: Sure thing love! But I don't think I will, I love all my Korean buys too much.. T__T

xiang yun: Thanks dear! <3 But now hair very little is it WTF.

nuraina: Hahaha, let me return you with some <3 <3 <3! :P

Anonymous said...

fyi, dior does not owned by LVMH..CD couture hold 42% of LVMH group..CD couture and lvmh is different organization although the whole world think LVMH is bigger than CD :)..fact is..Dior is bigger than

revel in me said...

anonymous: I know that lvmh and and dior is under the same group, I must have gotten the wrong impression on the holding! Thanks for the trivia update! :)

Darrel said...

yo gal... you r doing great!! finally living the dream. :)

Kenny said...

love everything dior. and I wouldn't have put my miumiu bag or any bag on the floor -__-

revel in me said...

darrel: Haha, not yet la! But I am really happy now! <3

kenny: The perils of my bag because it's black! Haha... I don't do it for non-leather/non-black bags! :P