Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sleep-deprived, that is.

I am so severely lack of sleep these few days! All I want is just to crash into my bed and sleep for 12hours straight with no disruptions whatsoever.

Just a short post of something I wore for my almost weekly Korean dinner:

This is actually a work dress! But I like my work clothes to be versatile enough to be worn for work or for my daily outfits. Just play around with accessories and no one will know the better! ;)

I got it from a Bangkok designer called Bahn, so if you ever drop by at Platinum Mall, be sure to keep a lookout for this shop. They make pretty well tailored clothes, none of those usual shitty quality you get with Bangkok clothes.

My candy-colored nails matches my necklace! I was recently introduced to gel nails, and I think they are the best thing since way better than sliced bread. Now I am addicted to gel nails! They just won't chip or tarnish in any way! Super awesome for someone careless like me.

The dress comes with a sash that you can wrap/tie however way you want it to. I like clothes that you can play around with.

Navy chiffon dress with asymmetrical neckline tie-around sash: Bahn, Bangkok
Fuchsia floral necklace: Miss Selfridge
Oversized vintage-esque navy ring: H&M
Patent woven heels: Marni
Leather patchwork clutch: Forever New

What about you girls? What do you look for in your work clothes? :)

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sherlyn said...

i like your shoes!!!!
n the dress too!!!!!
n the nails too!!!!!

xiang yun said...

You're look crazy fit now! Are you on a diet or something? You seem to get tinnier with each post! :D

Anonymous said...

love the shoessssssssss!!!!
gonna google for it! hehehe

Constant Reader said...

Your nails look great!

As someone who is into low maintenance clumsy-friendly nails, I would love to find out more about gel nails.

Can you tell us more, gel vs polish?

revel in me said...

sherlyn: Hahahaha! Thank you love! How come we didn't see you at chicpop that day.. T_T

xiang yun: Where got crazy fit! T_T I've been trying to diet and hit the gym more often, but diet fails when Ting is back--she is always baking! -_- I am trying to lose a bit of weight, a little more to go! :P

anonymous: Hehe, thanks love! I love Marni shoes!<3

constant reader: GEL NAILS ARE SO AWESOME! I wish I discovered them earlier on! They are more expensive(top up rm50 to the usual manicure, and also cost rm20 to remove the gel nail polish, but this amount is waived if you do gel nails again), but they are really shiny and happy and last forever! :P I'lltalk about it more in my next posts if you are interested k!:)

Lisa! said...


I am actually heading to Bangkok next week!

Now, because I just have to ask. WHERE IN PLATINUM?!!!

I tried Googling but came out with nothing? Is it tailor made? Or just a really cute shop?

yiqin; said...

the pink nials are FAB!

smalls said...

your arms look so toned ! love it ! have you been going for pump or lifting shopping bags?

Joce said...

hey dear, gel nails spoils ur nails alot so better not do it too often! doesnt it hurt when u remove the gel nails? since they file it off as opposed to acrylic nails which they have a remover for? If this is the "gel nails" im thinking it is.. :P

meg said...

where can i buy gel nail polish? does OPI have it? thanks

revel in me said...

lisa: It's on the 2nd floor if I didn't remember wrongly! But exact location, I can't remember, platinum mall is too big.. T__T It's a simple shop (not cutesy), interior is quite woodsy, and is in the middle of a row.. Hope that helps, love!T_T

yiqin: I admire them day in day out! :P

smalls: No pump for me! Makes my boobs small WTF. I haven't been shopping la dear! T__T

joce: It's gel nails, but they soak it off, so it doesn't damage your nails! SUPER AWESOME! <3 Teeny did the ones where you need to file it off and she is still suffering the consequences of it-- her nails are super weak and brittle now! :/

meg: I am not sure whether you can get it OTC! But the brand my manicurist used was not OPI! Hope that helps! :)

Joce said...

hey dear, is it this one?

there is a deal on milkadeal now where we can get 50% off gelish, normal price rm120. but u were saying u only had to top up rm50 on top of the normal manicure.. thats alot cheaper! mind me asking where do u do ur nails?

revel in me said...

joce: The procedures sounded very similar to what I did! :) I do my nails at De Nail near BU4! :)

Lisa! said...

Thank you! I am on my way to Bangkok today! :D

revel in me said...

Lisa!: No problem love, have fun on your trip! <3