Monday, April 04, 2011

Fanny pack.

This time around I am being really prompt with posting up pictures from Chicpop 7 last Saturday! *click here for Chicpop 6*

Just a few pictures though, 'cause I was too busy catching up with Jing who has just arrived back in KL the night before:

Sisters reunited.

Some things that caught my eye during Chicpop:

Turquoise! I am always crazy over turquoise jewelry.

This absolutely gorgeous vintage Birkin bag! *inhales exhales inhales exhales*

I also adore the way the guy wrapped a tie around the handles... Such a brilliant touch! I saw the bag, squealed, and asked the guy to come over to me ('cause I couldn't leave our stall). I then asked for permission to touch the bag, haha. I then stroked the bag and went "purrrrrr...", much to the owner's amusement, heeeee.

Some of our accessories for sale:


To fit it with my vendor image, I decided to carry a fanny pack-- the most practical things ever! However, to prevent myself from looking like a VCD seller, I nicked my mom's Louis Vuitton one, haha.

White chiffon dress with ruched bodice and asymmetrical hem: Topshop
Cheetah belt: Sportsgirl
Ring: YSL
Bangles: Random/ Topshop
Patent woven heels: Marni
Pony hair fanny pack: Louis Vuitton

Please do me a favor and 'like' my picture for the Chicpop Style Shot Contest! I promise you loads of virtual love. :D

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Ashley said...

awesome in that dress!! :)

Lisa! said...

Ahhh! So gorgeous accessories!
Wish I was there!

Did you guys sell it all or can I expect to see it soon on the blogshop :D

Anonymous said...

The LV pouch looks fake. No offence.

Jasmine said...

hello dear, just to let you know that i took one of your pictures :)

Jing said...

Anonymous: Hey, are u the same anon who commented on the Gucci bag the last time? :) Perhaps u should educate urself more on designer bags? Magazines are a good start! :)

Xen ♥ said...

That's one very stylish fanny pack but I dont think I could ever pull it off! Love your dress, and your hair was perfect even sitting under the sun for hours.. wth, mine just turned into a oil bomb and stuck to my neck.

Funny that people will make an effort to tell you your bag looks fake but not tell you your dress is gorgeous. Fake/Ugly/*insert negative comment* dont like then just close the page -_-"

Anonymous said...

Xen Lee i agree with you that the dress is gorgeous but then its very partyish really not suitable when you are selling clothes in an open area expecially with our warm weather. when you want to blog and let the whole world knows abt you, you must be prepared to accept honest comments. no offence intended.

♥ xc ♥ said...
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Sin Tein said...

Nice dress!!

revel in me said...

ashley: Thank you! :)

lisa!: We still have some left, but we usually don't sell accessories online because it's more difficult to ship! :(

jasmine: No problem, love! Thanks for informing! :)

xen: Thanks love! When my mom got the fanny pack, I was like o_O and made fun of her likecrazy, but mana tahu I use now, haha. And please lar, my hair was a humidity bomb that day!T_T

anonymous: No offense taken, because the bag is not and does not look fake to me. :) And if you've been reading my blog for sometime, you should know that I dress according my own whim and fancy, and I don't care about what people think. :) Just for the record, the dress is mighty airy for our weather, and I'll style it differently for a party occasion. Do keep a look out. ;) In any case, I can keep you coming back to my blog, so I must be doing something right. :)

sin tein: Thanks love! I've worn it so many times (even as a skirt!) it's insane! :P

xiang yun said...

Somehow you carried the dress well, doesn't look to OTT for ChicPOP *thumbs up*

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Thanks dear! To justify the price I paid for the dress(full price, which I seldom do for Topshop T_T), I've been trying to wear it as much as I can by styling it differently for different occasions, instead of the 'cocktail dress' that people who'll just associate the dress with! :P

nuraina said...

yay! finally I found your blog *thanks so much to google. totally dig the dress u're wearing that day,
oh, and btw, i have our pic on chic pop 7 on my blog :D