Monday, April 11, 2011


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Dear all.

I am currently overseas.

But even the fact that I am miles away from home doesn't stop me from being infected.

Do you notice the orange sheen of this picture?

It's all because of this: ))K((

The secret is out! Remember mysterious orange sign that we have been spotting all over? The other piece of the puzzle is at

The answer is KOLONY, an SMS-based social network that connects you to your friends. Your phone is now going to do so much more than just connect you to a friend. Social-networking is never the same again.

Are you curious now?

To get started, just send KOLONY to 25333.
(You just need to have an Xpax, U.O.X., S.O.X. or Celcom mobile number to join!)

After you get your nickname, check out some of the ways you can socialize on Kolony:

• DING – Ding your buddies and leave them a message to cheer them up.

• BOMM – Have an update to share? BOMM it away to all your FRENs!

• FREN - FREN for life? Make as many as you can in Kolony!

• POPP – Get to comment on what your buddies say!

You will need KOINZ to perform the activities mentioned above in Kolony.

But how do you earn some

You just need to make calls on the all NEW XPAX PLAN!
Every single call you make on the NEW XPAX PLAN will earn you FREE KOINZ that you can use to stay infected in Kolony:

• 1st – 5th calls made in a day = FREE 10 KOINZ per call

• 6th & more calls made in a day = FREE 20 KOINZ per call

• The FREE KOINZ will be granted the next day.

• Alternatively, you can also purchase KOINZ to enjoy KOLONY services: RM0.30 for 10Koinz, RM1.50 for 50Koinz, RM3 for 100Koinz

Kolony changes and expands the social network to now reach EVERYONE throughout the country because all you need is a normal mobile phone with SMS – no need for smartphones, data, or internet plans!

That's not all.

Besides earning FREE KOINZ for you to stay infected on Kolony, you get enjoy super awesome LOW RATES. Calls are ONLY 28 sen for 10 minutes to Celcom network and 5mins to other networks. SMS are ONLY 1sen to Celcom numbers and 5sen to other networks:

Just head on down to any Blue Cube outlet or Celcom branch to pick up a New Xpax Plan today and start enjoying these low rates & join Kolony!
Or check out for more details.

Kolony is spreading far and wide throughout the nation and fast.
Already over 1 million people have been infected!

It’s an awesome phenomenon that is going to infect everybody...

Are you ready to be infected already? Go to WWW.KOLONY.COM.MY now!

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tzeching said...

i want your dress

Anonymous said...

this is konz

revel in me said...

tzeching: It's from topshop! :)

anonymous: Hahaha what?

Rs said...

lamest ad ever. I'm not talking about your post, but the fact that this ad is even conceived in the first place.

revel in me said...

Rs: An ad is effective if it gets people talking, and for that fact alone it was a successful campaign! :)