Friday, April 29, 2011

It's all in the name.

One of the birthday presents I've received recently:

A personalized name necklace from Ally! Love it to bits, I've been wearing it almost every time I go out. I've contemplated getting one for myself in the past, but somehow I stopped myself because I thought it might be a tad narcissistic. But now Ally solved the problem for me! :P

I couldn't help wishing though that my name was.. more beautiful-sounding..Or exotic, or even cute. 'Hui Wen' doesn't quite have the oomph. -_-

Though my name (in Chinese) is actually very pretty! And I think it describes me to a T, hehe. My 'Hui' chinese character stands for wisdom/intelligence, whereas 'Wen' in the Chinese dictionary literally means beautiful rainbow. I think I've quite a vibrant personality, and I bring colors into people's life. So yep, beautiful rainbow. ;)

What does your name means? :)

Outfit in a random Pavilion outing (I've been showing face in Pavilion quite often recently -_-):

Had my hair up because I was having a bad hair day! Consequences of sleeping with your hair still wet.

And some of you might recognize this skirt here--I got a few colors! :P

Navy ribbed long-sleeved cropped tee: Topshop
Electric blue skirt: Holiday in Korea
Silver 'huiwen' necklace: Minz (Birthday gift)
Turquoise stone chain: F21
Gold cross knuckle ring: F21
Electric blue floral fringed scarf: Topshop
Black suede platforms: Topshop
Bag: Miu Miu

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jeanchristie said...

love the outfit and hair!
i find you look more ... cheeky?fun? mischievous? when you have your hair up heeheee...

i pass by pavilion everyday and i tell my husband its calling out to me and im torn between going home or there T_T

Cielo said...

Nawwww. Beautiful Rainbow. I couldn't agree more. Like .. I don't know you in person ..but been your avid reader since 2 years ago .. From your writings you're indeed a rainbow :) & a very positive person..

anyway, happy belated birthday huiwen! hope you keep updating this blog with loads of colorful things & don't forget to reply the comments. heheh ;)

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, mischievous?? You make me sound like an imp! :P Thank you dear! And pavilion is my favorite mall. ;)

cielo: I will hug you and kiss you, I really will! :P THANK YOU for the sweetest thing to say! Beautiful rainbow loves you long time. <3 And oi, I always reply comments la! :P

Anonymous said...

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