Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New hair color.

So I chickened out of donning a purple shade for my hair because according to someone somewhat influential in my life, I am supposed to look 'professional' now. Boo.

Yen (my hairstylist) gave me a lighter brown instead, somewhat like dark honey?


I fell in love with this green pants in the Zara lookbook that I posted recently, but I decided to get the shorts version because it's way more practical in our climate:

My favorite (and only) purchase in March! Yep, I am actually limiting my shopping to once (and ideally one item) a month. T__T So far, this pair of shorts is proving itself to be a great buy-- I've worn it twice in less than a week! Please do not ask me questions like whether I washed it, it will be an awkward moment.

I've gotten quite a few compliments for it considering I've just gotten it!

Matched it with an embellished floral top for an easy, breezy feel.

Am quite crazy over green this season. I even got myself apple green nails, whee!


Linen floral embellished top: Inspire by Khoon Hooi
Green shorts: Zara

Cream leather leather bangle/ pearl bracelet: Topshop

Gold chainlink bangle: Random
Rings: H&M

Denim bow pumps: Zara

Bag: Marc Jacobs

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Anonymous said...

Loved the top. The pants you should have gone with the long one. Thats my opinion

kim said...

Heart you bag! So nice and I love all your styles. I think you can really pull anything off well :)

Anonymous said...

love the bag
love the shoes
love the outfit
love the accessories
love love love!!!!
you are super duper gorgeous!!!!
and you look younger in the new hairdo! or i think u do!

ap said...

green love!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Shorts are way more fab! :) Thanks love, that's a wonderful compliment! <3

anonymous: Thanks my dear, that's so sweet of you to say that! :D

ap: ULTRA! It's swiftly taking over my wardrobe! :P

yiqin; said...

thats a really cute bag :P

Anonymous said...


RG said...

the shorts are damn nice! never knew that shade of green cld look so good!

Anonymous said...

anonymous no.3! ho!ho!ho!hoe!

Eve said...

easy breezy .. Cover Girl..

-__- dont know why that came into my mind when i read that line. nice bag!

revel in me said...

yiqin: Thanks dear! Got it a few years ago. :P

anonymous: Thank you!<3 It's kind of heavy though 'cause of the chains.. T_T

RG: Hee, thanks dear! My favorite shade of color currently! :D And nice meeting you that day!<3

anonymous: Hahaha wtf? Are you who I think you are, haha...

eve: Hahahaha whyyy!!'Cause my hair all over the place is it.. :P Thanks dear!<3

yy said...

i really like your new haircut! it makes you look awesomely young haha :)

xiang yun said...

LOVE the last picture :) You look really young and fresh with this hairstyle. The previous length is very pretty too but somehow this look gives you a more youthful look. Love the colour of the shorts too!

Anonymous said...

hi where did you color your hair at? and what color is nice.. brightens up your whole look! :D

revel in me said...

yy: YOUNG is always good in my books, haha!

xiang yun: A change is always welcomed, but the part where I'm most thankful about is that I get to chop off my dry wavy ends.. T_T

anonymous: I go to Yen at Wenawave, Times Square, she is the bomb! :D