Friday, April 15, 2011

The panda which wouldn't fall.

I am crazy over bright colors recently!

The brighter the better. ;)

The most adorable gift I've received recently-- the panda bottle, which is a mini tub of handcream. Every time I look at it, my spirits lift!

Teeny giving me the evil eye because she doesn't want to share her cheesy chili fries.

Bag for the day.It's actually a sling bag, but I tucked the straps inside.

If you are free in the afternoon, go try out this promotion at Delicious! A free dessert for every mains that you order, quite worth it!

Jing who is back for 2 weeks, but going back in a day's time. T_T

Our entertainment during lunch, hahaha.


White tee with peach trimmings: Holiday in Korea
Orange knee length skirt: Holiday in Korea
Pink leather belt with gold tips: Holiday in Korea
Mini black pendant on gold chain: Teeny's
Stacked rings: Holiday in Korea
White stone ring: Bazaar
Peach colored shoes with woven straw block heels: Holiday in Korea
Straw bag: F21

Also debuting a bright pink lip for the first time! Like I mentioned, TOTALLY CRAZY OVER COLORS. :P

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Xen ♥ said...

Very nice combo! Btw you left out.. "Jing who is back for 2 weeks, but going back in a day's time, and who will return in 4 weeks" hehe.. catch up soon!!

Kim L said...

I love everything you have on that is from "holiday in korea", especially those shoes!

Makes me wanna go to Seoul now.

xiang yun said...

I'm in love with this outfit. Every post is now a surprise, seriously :D Your accessories make my mouth drool wtf.

revel in me said...

xen lee: Haha, ya, bored with seeing her already WTF!

kimmy: Me loves korean clothes! The quality is superb. <3

xiang yun: Aww, xie xie ni! <3 Please don't challenge me to SURPRISE you more, hehehe! :P Thank you, your comments always make me FLYYYYYYY

Anonymous said...

i loveeeeeeee that stack of rings!!!

lin said...

hi, where u cut ur hair? very nice~

mustardqueen said...

EHHH Rings are gift from me ok hahahaah

Anonymous said...

Dear writer

could you briefly recommend where to shop in Korea? to get the good deals?

I have been to Korea, but firstly we had trouble bargaining because of language barrier. Also it takes so much time to sieve through everything to find good quality stuff ( i think we went to dondaemun), some were quite 'lala' to be honest hehe... but your purchases seem much more better la..


revel in me said...

miss hazel: They are a gift from Teeny! :)

lin: Thanks love! My hairstylist is Yen from Wenawave in Times Square. :)

mustardqueen: Thank you my baby <3

anonymous: I shopped at DDM as well!:) No doubt, I had do a bit of sieving and quality-control work in terms of design! I guess I've an eye for what I like and what I don't. However, in general I find that the things there are of superior quality though! :)

Farah said...

Loving the colour blocks!! :))

revel in me said...

la petite cherie: One of my favorite trends this season! <3

LeXa said...

I am loving the skirt and the gorgeous..

revel in me said...

lexa: Thanks love! <3