Monday, April 25, 2011

Post-birthday blues.

Well, not really, haha.
But I kind of feel like I'm on the verge of falling sick for the past few days.
Not a good timing, especially when I suddenly remembered I've got my CPA exam next Thursday. -_-

My last paper, woohoo! Also the hardest. Not that that would worry me. But that being said, I really should start studying. -_-

I even told my 2 best friends yesterday that they have to send me daily text messages each to remind me to study. -__-

An outfit from early this month, wearing the green shorts I wore here:

Wearing a silk blazer that I've been meaning to wear for sometime, but never got the chance to.

Silk floral blazer: Made in Korea
Ribbed henley shirt: Valleygirl, Australia
Green shorts: Zara
Gold watch necklace: Topshop
Sand-colored leather heels: Wittner, Australia
Gold jewel clutch: Miss Selfridge

I think an early night is in order today. Am really exhausted, especially after the Dior Easter party today. Had the most awesome truffle chocolates there! <3

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Anonymous said...

happy happy happy belated birthday!!!!!
u must have enjoyed yourself!!!!
that's all that matters!!!!!
get super well soon!!!!!
all the best in your exams!!!!

Eve said...

love ur outfit. happy belated birthday!

xiang yun said...

Your silk blazer is gorgeous! Love the floral print is so WAAAHHH!!! :D

Sammy said...

i love your clutch!!!

happy belated birthday!

ally said...

green zara shorts T_____T sorry love. honestly didn't realise!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Thank you love, I did have a good b'day! :D I am all better now, thanks for well wishes too! <3

eve: Thank you! <3

xiang yun: Hehe, thanks! I like that the floral print is more subtle, and obviously I was sold on the fact that it's silk! :P

sammy: Thank you! :))) Old clutch that I've bought but never used before. *shifty-eyed*

ally: Hahaha don't be silly! We are now ring+shorts sisters! :P

Shuyi said...

Happy belated birthday babe ! You really gave me a lot of ideas in matching my outfits, so thanku! hehe. Love the green shorts and the silk blazer, chic ! xx

camerafilmroll said...

Awesome color shorts! Absolutely love the floral blazer as well!

Happy belated birthday! (:

revel in me said...

shuyi: Thank you dear! And that's the sweetest compliment you can pay me, so thank you again! :P

camerafilmroll: Thank you dear! <333