Sunday, April 03, 2011

Purple kicks.

What does a starving woman with not an ounce of energy left in her body wears?

Chicpop 7
was over yesterday! Just like any other day of bazaar that we participated in-- we didn't eat anything throughout the day, excepting for furiously sucking on Starbucks and Coke (refillable from Wendy's! Cheapskate, ahem).

I was feeling really sticky and hot, so I changed out of my outfit for the bazaar and opted for something very airy. I felt that my hair was very gross too so I pinned up my hair-- something which I almost never do!

Also removed my red lipstick that I was wearing during the day...


Sheer floral printed pussy bow chiffon blouse (worn as a dress): Teeny's
White camisole: Random
White shorts: Cotton On
White stone ring: Bazaar
Silver rings: Holiday in Korea
Purple velvet ankle-strapped pumps: Steve Madden
Plastic clutch encrusted with pearls: Bazaar in Singapore


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Speaking of Chicpop, while we were heading to Jaya One (where the event was held), I saw the same symbol that I saw here on a signboard near the turn-off out of my neighborhood!!

I was smacking Teeny's shoulder and asking her "Did you see that! Did you see that!", fhl.

She saw it too! :O But neither does she know what it is it.

Later at night when we were going food-hunting after Chicpop, we saw the sign AGAIN:

What is all of this about? The curiosity was killing me!!!

Thank god my curious streak was mildly pacified when I found a package waiting for me at home. After tearing it open, I found a document which consists of some confidential information... Some TOP SECRET information that was leaked out, it seems. But I am convinced that this is related to the weird symbol we have been seeing around.

In the document, there was a URL that was provided:

I frantically tried to click on the link, but it doesn't work. Hmm, my curiosity is invoked and my detective mind is going into overdrive...

However, the document does reveal that there will be something big happened coming up on 6th April. I am going to get to the bottom of this and reveal to you all what this is all about then, I swear!

I do have one more clue in the package though--a crumpled paper which only has this scribbled on it:

The writer of the blog is Kaki Misteri, and he seems to have been researching on this mysterious symbol and has collected a lot of news about other people who have also spotted the same symbol all around the country... So we are not the only ones, eh? Interesting...

Have you guys seen the same symbol? Do you all know what this is all about??

Now excuse me, I've to go stalk Kaki Misteri's blog to get more clues on what this is all about, the curiosity is killing me.

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Steph said...

Hello there! (:

Glad to have met you in person during Chic Pop Street Market. :D Loved your dress that day. Forgot to tell you. ;P

Thanks for the accessories and the skort at an AMAZING bargain. <3 <3 <3

I'm curious. How do you manage to get booths at bazaar? I have a huge wardrobe of clothes collecting dust. hehe.

Thistle Trinkets said...

Is teeny top from forever new? Snap I hot the same one!!! Btw u look great pining your hair up too!!

MILK said...

aww u look sho sweet in that red lippies! i absolutely adore your dress too! so Akira-ish :)

mustardqueen said...
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mustardqueen said...

thistle trinket: it's from australia!!!

revel in me said...

steph: Thank you! And it was all our pleasure. <3 This time around, we got an invite from TIC to put up a booth, but you can keep a lookout for their chicpop announcements, and submit an application then! :)

teeny thistle: It's from a brand called mossman! I feel very self-conscious with my bangs,but thanks dear! :)

MILK: Haha I look like an idiot with the red lips pursed like that! :P

Bel said...

I loved the dress you wore during Chicpop! Very modern princess-ish. Unfortunately I couldn't find something at your booth, cos I'm pretty broke hehe. I did help Ting though, by putting back some stuff that fell off the hangers but she frantically went "its ok, its ok!" hahaha cute.