Monday, May 30, 2011

Room service for the wrong reason.

I am blogging because I am alone in the hotel room now and I need to take my mind off that fact-- let's just say being alone in a hotel room in Bangkok conjures up too many, ahem, stories in my head.

I am feeling really sick now, so I decided to bail on dinner. My family is eating at one of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok (I blogged about the Teochew restaurant here before), and I voluntarily took a rain check on dinner! T__T I guess I'll be getting room service later for dinner-- my first ever room service meal. Which is ironic, 'cause it's going to be sick food soup (kuew teow soup, I am thinking).

I woke up this morning and felt so ill that I wanted to skip Platinum Mall (only the biggest wholesale fashion mall in Bangkok, and the sole reason why girls go to Bangkok wtf)... I didn't come to Bangkok to shop anyway. But Teeny knows just my weak point. She asked me, "Don't you want to check out whether Bangkok copied any Korean designs?" and the next thing you know, I was out of my bed getting ready. Yes, for shopping, I'd rather lie in bed and nurse my cold; but for work, I will be trudging headfirst.

I suspect my cold got much worse after my massage just now (stripped to a pair of undies for an aromatherapy massage wtf). Wanted to skip my massage actually (and this is something EPIC, 'cause I love my massages to death-- especially now that all my muscles are really tight and aching after all the late nights working on AZORIAS). Unfortunately I had a feeling Teeny would kill me if I bail on her, so I went ahead anyway. And now I am feeling really crappy. :(

Random thing. Today's lunch was rather sobering. One of the main reasons for this Bangkok trip is 'cause one of my dad's friend's son is suffering from some spinal + kidney problem, and since one of the best doctors for this kind of predicament is in Bangkok's General Hospital, the entire trip was formed so that my dad could bring him to see the specialist.

Well, the results are back, and it ain't good. This man (single, in early thirties,quite good looking) has possibly lost all function of his lower body, including simple functions like urination and elimination. All because of a fuck-up his doctor did on his surgery earlier on. And during our trip, my mom's best friend's brother in KL suffered a heart failure, so there were a lot of calls (coordinated by my dad) trying to get him into ICU, getting him a cardiac pacemaker (to assist the heart to beat)... Quite a lot of health drama. And our conversations during lunch turned to how health is really the ultimate wealth. How we are so so so so lucky that we are able to just sit down and joke and eat and enjoy each others company. So, lesson of the day: we really shouldn't take ANYTHING for granted. And please people, take care of your health!

Sorry, my thoughts are really disjointed now. I need some soup, and sleep. For the first time in my life, I am actually craving for wong lou kat. I really need to get well asap!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011


And this shall open a debate on whether there's any difference between Sawadika (used by men), Sawadiha (used by women), and Sawadika (used by transexuals)... Is there a difference? Someone set me straight please!

Surprise, I am in Bangkok now!

I was actually really looking forward to this trip, because I desperately needed a break-- and a long weekend with massages and happy-tummy food sounded like just the remedy. I've been working around the clock, and oddly enough, when you work for yourself/ do something you love, you don't really stop working? Even when I have my meals or (try to) sleep, I am thinking of AZORIAS. The last proper break I had was about 2 weeks ago for the birthday of someone special. And prior to that, my last break was... before my Korea trip in early April. -_____- In fact, I am on the computer so much that one of my old ailments came back-- a numbness in my left hand. I got this when I was working in audit-- working for 20 hours straight at a laptop is no joke, and at first I thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome. I visited a specialist twice, and thank god it is not carpal tunnel (the only way to cure carpal tunnel is through surgery!), but more likely it's an inflamed vein due to long hours at the desk. So yes, I was really looking forward to my Bangkok short holiday with the family...

And luck has it, right now I have my laptop in front of me (am paying through my nose for internet access in my hotel room), with a cup of take-away McD's mocha (need a caffeine fix for work). Sniff. Nevermind nevermind, this is the final lap, we are really so close to launching. :)


Anyway, allow me to share some little pick-me-up snippets that happened yesterday/today. I've been a little under the weather lately, partly 'cause: I am sick (I've no voice!!! Hui Wen the Loud has no voice!!! I've been defeated wtf); I am really stressed out 'cause of the launch; and am just having some general personal problems that I shall not bore you all with...

And my partner seems to know when to cheer me up (without even knowing that I was actually a little down)! Got a super motivating email from my partner addressed to the entire team, and let me share with you one part of it 'cause it made me smile:

[...] We are at the cusp of starting a business. We don’t need to wipe our slate clean. We don’t have to rebrand. We are not bound by old promises or prior engagements. We are at t = zero. We have the biggest advantage in the world – a fresh canvas.

It all starts here. It all starts now. And its up to us to define what AZORIAS means.

Here we are, at the birth of something great. Something wonderful. Something orgasmic. Something meteoric!

And I cannot imagine anyone I’d rather be here with, but you guys.

How awesome and inspiring is this?! I really thank my lucky stars that I've such great partners. :)

Another uplifting thing was when my mom saw me working at my site last night, and she asked me whose/what site is that. She was really surprised when she found out it's AZORIAS'! Because it really does look quite good. :) And this is extremely encouraging to me because my mom is someone whom I need to prove myself to. Whilst I mentioned here that my dad is (surprisingly) supportive of me, I can't say the rest for part of my family. That's again, another story for another day.

I am in Bangkok now with my family, and my parents' friends (and their family). The aunties have been extremely supportive, fussing and gushing over every detail of what Teeny and I wear, digging details of what will be selling on AZORIAS. One auntie even declared herself to potentially be my biggest customer, and then told me in a small voice, "I've depression". We all worriedly probed further.

To which she continued:

"I get depressed when I don't get to buy new clothes."

HAHAHAHAHA. With a serious face,no less!

And they talk about X-rated stuff all the time. -___-
For example, an analogy I've heard for the first time in my life: 6 o'clock (flaccid penis) and 9 o'clock (erection). -___________-
And sea cucumber, papaya milk and references to licking a toothpick. -___________-

Sure, it's slightly unfortunate that I've to work during my holiday, but being surrounded by such flamboyant and vibrant characters (myself included :P), I've a feeling this will be a trip filled with guffaws and laughter anyway! :)

I abruptly end this post with a picture of my eyes wtf:

I forgot to bring my contact lens case to Bangkok, and I had to make do with what I have. FML.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Finally I can post up some pictures from our recent trip to Korea!

My one and only outfit picture set...'Cause most of the times I was looking like what the dog dragged in wtf. It was only work work work for me-- I even skipped all of Jing and Teeny's sightseeing tours. :( And felt like the most horrible sister in the world, 'cause I didn't accompany them much during the trip.

Love how the shades of pink on me matches (don't forget my candy nails)! :P

Got this wool scarf eons ago from one of those winter clothing shops, right before I went to Australia to study. I still remember, my mom forced me to bring over thick windbreakers, fur-trimmed down jackets, lots of gloves, thermal wear...- ___- All which I didn't use at all! Melbourne's weather might be erratic, but it's not the North Pole!

So I think that was the first time I ever used the scarf. :P

Gray cropped sweater: Topshop
Pale pink satin ruffled skirt with exposed zipper: Topshop
Wool scarf with bright knitted florals: Winter Time
Gray ribbed knee-highs: Taiwan
Tan loafers: Aldo
Bag: Miu Miu

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monkeying in around.

So I had a pretty shitty weekend, save for the 'tumpang glamor gembira' Masterchef moment for Teeny, mentioned here. It was so bad that I found it very difficult to concentrate on my work, which is blasphemy, considering how close AZORIAS is to launch. But fret not, I did work *hastily reassures* (damn scared of you all 'cause everyday everyone is chasing me to launch T_________T and also 'cause my partners read my blog wtf)!

Anyway, don't worry guys, I am a happy bean again.

And since happiness is meant to be shared and spread, here are some fun-loving, happy, carefree pictures of a spontaneous froyo-at-the-park day. :)

Pink top with chiffon petals: Holiday in Bangkok
Black ripped shorts: Holiday in Bangkok
Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop
Black bejeweled bracelet: Jing's
Brass leaf bangle: Diva
Ring: F21
Black leather studded heels: Stuart Weitzman
Rosette clutch: Forever New, Australia

Spontaneous days like that really put a smile on my face. When was the last time you did something spontaneous? :)


Let me share a funny story with you all.

Someone asked my web developer: what is AZORIAS?

So he told her: "Something like Net-a-porter..."

Then the person went: "Huh, what is that. Harry Potter ar"


*Anyway, if you really don't know what AZORIAS is, click here to find out. ;)

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Saturday, May 21, 2011


I mentioned here that I was really captivated by the Celine Nano Boston Tote from the picture below:

Being inspired by the look, I tried to recreate a similar outfit:

I.e. cute white dress + a pop of color via the Celine tote.

Love the sheer bell sleeves!

White embroidered silk dress: Mom's
Enamel bangle: Gift from Jing
Brass rings: Holiday in Korea
Tan leather clogs: Steve Madden
Bag: Celine


I sobbed myself to sleep last night; it was just one of those nights. Y'know, those nights that you feel alone; more alone than anyone else in the world. Those nights where it's just you, under your covers,consumed by the thoughts in your head. Yes, those nights.

I woke up feeling like I want to stand on a cliff side, and just scream my lungs out. Let it all out. Anyway, my mood is much better now, all because of my excitement and happiness for my sister. :) Spent the day being a good the best sister by accompanying Teeny to the MasterChef Malaysia auditions-- waiting for 4 hours straight alone is no small feat k! True love conquers all wtf. I shan't divulge too much here, it's her story to tell after all. :)

But blame it on the hormones, I got all teary when I saw Teeny heating up her dish for the judges-- I felt a little choked-up, thinking "Wow, look at my little sister, she's all grown up now". I am so proud of her courage to try her hand in pursuing her passion, and as a fiercely loyal sister, you bet I am going to be egging her on every step of the way! And I also found it quite amusing that she was snapped in one AZORIAS' dresses here. :P

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

La Senza Body Kiss.

This was what I had to face last Saturday:

A god damn Megan Fox look-alike.

Event: La Senza Pavilion
Occasion: Launch of Body Kiss range
Mood: Self inferior wtf

Cynthia, Teeny, Jezmine, Nana, Ming and me. (picture credits to Jezmine)

So many bras, so little time!

Candy shades.

With Ming. It was our second meeting!

Teeny. She looks like she had bras stuck on her head, by the way, hahaha.

The highlight of the event was definitely the smoking hot models clad in little nothings (no men allowed obviously!):

My favorite is the girl in the 2nd and 4th picture, she has such a gorgeous, infectious smile!

Psst, let you all into one secret: the models aren't that perfect after all! We could see stretch marks and cellulite on them, so us normal people don't have to be so hard on ourselves ok. :P

Psst, let you all into another secret: when the models walked past me during their catwalk, I felt like smacking their bums, 'PIAK!','cause they are so bouncy... WTF.

Girl with a butt obsession, ahem.
One of the things I look at a guy is his bum too! Am I the only one? :P

Body KISS, geddit geddit?


Wearing my mom's Miu Miu heels which I am SO in love with. The entire heel of the shoe is studded and embedded with crystals, utterly gorgeous!

I am really lucky 'cause my mom and I wear the same size (for both clothes and shoes) so I can always do some stealing, ladida. :P

Fuchsia blazer: AZORIAS
White V-neck tee: Topman
Denim jeggings: Topshop
Silver leaf necklace: Holiday in Korea
Silver rings: Holiday in Korea/ Gift from Teeny
Black leather/suede studded heels with crystal encrusted heels: Miu Miu
Black chiffon petal clutch: Topshop

It feels good to finally be able to share with you more of my outfits! Previously I did not wear/post items from AZORIAS (I kept quite a number of items for myself :D), because I was waiting for the right time to share with you all. And boy, am I happy now, 'cause it's like I have this new wardrobe to play with, hehe. If you are interested in this hot pink blazer, which is one of my favorite looks in SS11 (along with all bright jewel-toned jackets!), it will be launching in AZORIAS. :)

So please like AZORIAS's Facebook page if you haven't, so that you can be updated on our launch details!

Since we are on the subject, thank you to all of you who have liked AZORIAS's page, or have left me encouraging comments on the blog, my personal Facebook, or at AZORIAS's page! The response has been really positive, and words fail to describe just how much your support uplifts me.

There are days when I do go through minor phases of self-doubt, asking myself whether this is the right decision; but you guys, all of you, make me feel like I can do it, and I will do it. I am really so grateful for everything that has happened, and I want you all to know that I am counting my blessings everyday. A big big virtual hug to ALL of you, for standing by me, and on a personal level, I am really so happy that you all (I know some of you are long-time readers) can follow me on a new phase of my life. This one will be an interesting one. :)

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