Saturday, May 21, 2011


I mentioned here that I was really captivated by the Celine Nano Boston Tote from the picture below:

Being inspired by the look, I tried to recreate a similar outfit:

I.e. cute white dress + a pop of color via the Celine tote.

Love the sheer bell sleeves!

White embroidered silk dress: Mom's
Enamel bangle: Gift from Jing
Brass rings: Holiday in Korea
Tan leather clogs: Steve Madden
Bag: Celine


I sobbed myself to sleep last night; it was just one of those nights. Y'know, those nights that you feel alone; more alone than anyone else in the world. Those nights where it's just you, under your covers,consumed by the thoughts in your head. Yes, those nights.

I woke up feeling like I want to stand on a cliff side, and just scream my lungs out. Let it all out. Anyway, my mood is much better now, all because of my excitement and happiness for my sister. :) Spent the day being a good the best sister by accompanying Teeny to the MasterChef Malaysia auditions-- waiting for 4 hours straight alone is no small feat k! True love conquers all wtf. I shan't divulge too much here, it's her story to tell after all. :)

But blame it on the hormones, I got all teary when I saw Teeny heating up her dish for the judges-- I felt a little choked-up, thinking "Wow, look at my little sister, she's all grown up now". I am so proud of her courage to try her hand in pursuing her passion, and as a fiercely loyal sister, you bet I am going to be egging her on every step of the way! And I also found it quite amusing that she was snapped in one AZORIAS' dresses here. :P

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Kim L said...

hurm, i know those nights.
You'll feel better :)

so excited to see what's in store for Azorias!

Ting is in Masterchef Malaysia!! how exciting! I almost succeeded in convincing my mom and boyf to join, but they didn't.

liss said...

gorgeous dress!

mustardqueen said...

HAHHAHAHA damn hard sell wtffffff THANK YOU CHE CHE :) (see I haven't call u cheche for damn long so appreciate it wtf and your fried pork chop spaghetti hahaaha)

yy said...

this must be a tough period for you - cheer up, and know that you'll always have the loyal support of your readers! :)

i must also say i have a lot of respect for both you and Hui Ting, you two are such great inspirations in following your dreams. all the best and keep up the good work babe! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm super duper excited!!!!
Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
and you looked fab in that dress!!!
Love love love!!!!!!!!!
CONGRATS on your new venture too!!!!

xiang yun said...

You look so sweet and fresh in that dress! :)I think you have a strong set of blog followers who go through thick and thin (or at least what is documented on this blog) and I love seeing that people giving their emotional support no matter what you're going through. So the next time you feel crappy, just cry and let it all out.. then think about us followers and smile. :):)

revel in me said...

kimmy: Hmm, still waiting for that (feeling better, that is). Haha, why didn't you succeed in it! They shy is it.

liss: Thanks love!

mustardqueen: Hardsell you or Azorias... Both also my baby k WTF. You still owe me one more dinner k. <3

yy: Thank you. I read your comment yesterday, and it did make me feel better.. that even someone who doesn't know me personally can give me support.. it's really a feel-good feeling. :) And aaah, don't put us on such high pedestal! We are still a long way from achieving our dreams. :)

anonymous: I SUPER DUPER FAIRY LOVE YOU! Hehe.. Thank you for the upbeat message dear! :)

xiang yun: I know! I've the best readers. T__T I don't know what I ever did to deserve you all (just by being my awesome self ar WTF). Obviously I feel a personal attachment to all of you as well, 'cause look at how you all have watched me grow! Thank you for being part of my journey. <3