Saturday, May 07, 2011

Crossing off the wishlist...

I've got quite a few people asking me how many things I managed to cross off my birthday wishlist, so here you go!

As most of you already know (or have probably guessed), I got the heavyweight of my wishlist-- the Canon 550D! :D

1. Canon 550D

My secret lover got it for me wtf. Wheeee, super happy! I've been wanting a DSLR for a really long time, and it's really gratifying to finally own one! Am still fiddling with it and learning. Expect better pictures in the future. :)

Now, moving in reverse order of the birthday wishlist...

10. Food

I was brought to Hanare at Intermark KL for my birthday dinner. Hanare is a new Japanese restaurant (barely few months old), and I've to say, the meal changed my standards for Japanese food forever. The food is exceptionally good; and when I say exceptional, I meant mindblowingly good. I almost fear that I cannot revert back to normal Japanese food....

9. Spa

I was treated to a spa session at Ozmosis, Bangsar by my bestie as a birthday treat! After a scrumptious late brunch at Plan B (please refer to the aforementioned heading 'Food' wtf).

I felt like a princess for the day. :)

8. Accessories

You all should recognise this necklace from my entry here. I love personalised jewelry, and I've been wearing this really often! Thank you, Ally. :)))

5. MAC lipsticks

Without a doubt. I bought 3! Birthday present for myself, sniff. Expect to see a lot of lip color from now onwards. ;)

2. Bianca clutch from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Bianca clutch on the Blonde Salad.

Which is sold out everywhere, and broke my heart with that.

But wait, I got the B _ _ _ _ _ in the end!!!!


B I A N C A?



B O S T O N !!!!

:D :D :D :D

I've been salivating after the Celine Boston tote for ages....

Fashion Squad.

Btw, please head here to see its 'Daily Dose of Celine'. I swear, my heart died a little when I went through the minimalistic yet gorgeous pictures. I am such a huge fan of Celine, love love love love love!!!

...and when I saw this small version (with a sling) on SongofStyle, I was even more in love! The perfect fun bag that I am looking for.

However, I didn't even bother including it in my wishlist because it's way out of my budget.

But there I was, mourning over the fact that Bianca clutch is sold out everywhere (M'sia, Singapore, Korea and the World Wide Web), when the Nano Boston tote beckoned at me from the shiny shelves.

In the end, my mom paid the amount of the price of the Bianca clutch (her intended birthday present to me), whereas I topped up the rest.

And the rest is history. ;)

Hello, my baby!
It's really a baby, it's so petite and tiny next to my monster-sized roomy bags! Heh.

I am really happy with my choice. I daresay that the Boston is actually a wiser option than the Bianca, because the Bianca will most likely go out of style after SS11, whereas I reckon the Boston is a classic. Am loving the color as well, so versatile, yet adds a soothing pop of color!


Outfit pictures with with coming up soon. ;)

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Jing said...

Eh you don't wanna include a picture of the receipt to ur bag? Jst in case anonymous strikes again! -.-

Ahhh i'm so mean haha!

LOVE. THE. BAG! <3 I would love everything you got !*hearts*

Anonymous said...

Lovely bag. But i would assumed hard to match with that color? Do pose with it with clothing you can match

Xen ♥ said...

What lovely presents!! Eh btw I tried on that Celine bag too but its just too tiny for me- but perfect you!

Btw, lets Spoon after i get back from melb ok?? <3


Joshua said...

Jealous! I need a spa day too wtf.

How much was the camera! Let me know how you like it, my best friend is getting me one :D

Zahra said...

Dude, that is the cutest little bag! I heart it.

Anonymous said...

girl, are you attached? :)

revel in me said...

jing: Ya I think a 'Hui Wen' necklace will look very nice on you, let me get you one for your birthday! :P

anonymous: Actually, it's quite easy to match! <3 Will post up pictures soon! :)

xen: Haha, thanks! And yes LET'S SPOON! Have fun in melbourne! <3

joshua: Your bestie, as in hoe hui jing ar!!She didn't even get me anything for my birthday! -_-

zahra: Thank you dear!That makes two of us! :P Are you coming back in May??

anonymous: Haha, why, are you going to court me? :P

Kim L said...

so cuteeee the nano boston handbag. *so envious right now*

KITMEY said...

oh god, thats a gorge bag. looks like top notch quality too

mustardqueen said...

yummy yummy leather in your tummy. :D eh pinjam sometime ar :P

ally said...

<3 ur vellcome! Boo no Bianca but loving the Boston! :D

revel in me said...

kimmy: Haha, get it get it! :P

allison: Thanks babe! Wouldn't expect any less from celine! :D

mustardqueen: CANNNN!

ally: Hee. <3

Ashley said...

babe, take a picture of yourself with your baby 550D. :p

Zahra said...

Can't come back this time around! Have a mega fun month though :)

Anonymous said...

you are one lucky girl ... not the material things your own but you have people who really love you.

btw, i am anon 246. just to let you know, i really dont need the pegasus ring so give to someone else maybe your sis. i am trying to declutter and get rid of old old stuff that i dont use/wear and have yet to start after months so the least i shall do is try not to accumulate in the meantime -_-
[and am satisfying my urge to buy buy buy by reading the hoe sisters blogs ... ha ha ha]

revel in me said...

ashley: Some of the pictures I've posted so far ARE taken with my new baby! :P

zahra: BOOOO I was really looking forward to seeing you this month! I marked down May as my happy reunion month (especially with muna's wedding)! :( Please arrange to come home asap, and keep those beautiful pictures coming!! I am watching you, hahaha.. :P

anonymous: Aww, really? Ok then! (I was waiting for you to come forward, hehe). And thank you so much for the sweet comment! Often, I am swiftly judged by the bags I own, or the shoes that I wear, and for someone to see past all that, speaks so much of your intellect and maturity. <3 Thank you babe,and good luck with the decluttering, god knows how long I've been trying to do that (but failing)! T_T

Eve said...

you are surrounded by people who loves you lots :) and love reading your blog :)

revel in me said...

eve: I am feeling all warm and love at the lovely comments! Thank you. <3

BIANCA said...

May I know how much that celine bag cost? I've been searching for the authentic bag price but only fake bag prices showed up-.-