Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy moments like these.

I just finished my CPA exam today! Glad to get this inconvenience out of the way, so I can throw myself back into routine. Obviously the mood today is = HAPPY + HIGH!

Pictures to depict my mood, hehe. The most appropriate albums I can find are my Melbourne ones!

Little Creatures Dining Hall was the name of the game.

I was cracking up to myself when I saw this little corner at the restaurant-- for dogs! Haha, too cute.

I am loving the idea of a come-one-come-all backyard BBQ! Do you think it's viable if I do it in KL?

I can finish one pizza by myself! :O

Christmas-y plant... which I don't know the name of. I know it's not holly though!

Teeny's killer ring.

Old school jug, so cute.

My 'got milk?' sister, so cute.

Mocha-- my standard in Melbourne. But when I am in KL, I revert back to latte. Why??

Spot the little sheep in hiding.

I like my bone structure here! When I tilt my face to one particular angle, you can see it. Really.

Ribs that I couldn't afford.
It's OUCH-OUCH-OUCH to spend your own money in Melbourne! Even though I earned in SGD, I was still converting from RM to AUD.


Beige tee: Holiday in Bangkok
Maroon ikat-print linen shorts: Holiday in Bangkok
Gold disc necklace: Diva
Rings: H&M/ F21/ YSL
Tan leather clogs: Steve Madden
Burgundy messenger bag: Zara

Love Teeny's yellow Cambridge satchel! She got it before it even started creating a storm in the fashion blogsphere. ;)

Meet my ex-colleague and my 3 pairs of new shoes.

Picnic time!

Saw little kids playing a game of rolling down the hill! SO FUN I WANT TO JOINNNN

Hard at work...

My friend got this dried orange pieces coated with chocolate... which cost AUD2.50 per piece! -__- But they are pretty with sunlight though. *perks up*

Oh yea, you were asking, hard at work at what?
Making floral garlands of course!

Macaron = energy replenishment.

Bambi wants to play too.



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Speaking of smiles, I know of something which will put a smile on Teeny's face!

Celcom has launched its iPhone 4!!!

Including the exclusive white iPhone 4... only for Celcom customers:

White looks super sleek eh? That's the color we chose for our iPad, and a recent iPad 2 I got for someone as well. ;)

And not only that, there is a FREE 12-month insurance coverage which covers attended theft, accidental breakage and liquid damage (applies to i248plan on 12 and 24 months contract)!! I can hear Jing throwing things in the background now... She accidentally cracked the screen of her iPhone in Australia, and she had to pay AUD300 to get her phone replaced!! -__________- You won't have to worry about this if you are covered by insurance!

You can also opt for the Celcom Extended Warranty-- whereby the12-month Extended Warranty will be in effect upon expiry of original manufacturer’s warranty (applies for i98, i148 & i248 plans on 24-month contract).

Celcom Exec has iPhone 4 packages that cater your personality and needs, choose from unlimited talk time, free SMS & MMS and data of up to 6GB:

Why choose Celcom Exec iPhone Plans for your iPhone?
• FREE data up to 6GB
• FREE calls within network up to 6000 minutes
• FREE SMS & MMS to all networks!
• Low upfront payment
• Less entry barrier
• Get the iPhone 4 from as low as RM248!

So if you don't have a smartphone, or is planning to make a switch, do go to the website for more details!

As for me, I am eagerly waiting for Teeny to get her iPhone ASAP so I can whatsapp her instead of texting her--so medieval lah!

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mustardqueen said...

I'm from stone age ok! I'm still keeping my Nokia 3310 WTF

玮灵 Wei Ling said...

Nice outfit. Luv ur bag too..;)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy happy timesssssss
your pics really portray your freeeeeeeeedom!!!!! wooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen:Please keep up or keep out WTF

weiling: Thank you dear! I love the bag, I actually went to 3-4 Zara outlets to trace it down! :P

anonymous: Hahaha you sound more high than me! :P Thanks babe! <3

ally said...


and hui ting very cute in her got milk photo <3

Anonymous said...

really enjoy seeing you have so much fun.i am studying accountancy as well, and life for now is sucky.just wanna ask,is the pay in sg really much higher than msia's? curious :)

Eve said...

u have a nice umbrella holder...hahaha

xiang yun said...

I'm traveling to all these fun places through you and your sisters' blogs :D looks like you're all having so much fun! I feel happy too! Whee!

revel in me said...

ally: Less than 2 weeks for you right! :P

anonymous: Haha, life for accountants don't get better after uni as well WTF. Pay in SG is about dollar to dollar, but just that when you convert to RM, it makes a huge difference! Current exchange rate is 2.4,I think. I used to live like a pauper in SG (with occasional drinks + shopping), so that I can save more money in RM! :)

eve: Haha, the best! :P

xiang yun: Living vicariously through us wtf, hahaha.. Spread the happiness! <3

Anonymous said...

what do you usually order in Starbucks? or your recommendations for a drink that is less fattening :)

revel in me said...

anonymous: I am not a fan of starbucks (coffeebean coffee ice-blended vanilla FTW), but I will usually get a hot mocha/green tea latte, or iced vanilla latter (if I am feeling for something cold)! All also quite fattening. T_T But I'll try to ask for skimmed milk where possible. And also, if I try to balance, if I am getting cakes/muffins, then I will settle for green tea-- so my overall calorie intake is still maintained! :)