Thursday, May 19, 2011

La Senza Body Kiss.

This was what I had to face last Saturday:

A god damn Megan Fox look-alike.

Event: La Senza Pavilion
Occasion: Launch of Body Kiss range
Mood: Self inferior wtf

Cynthia, Teeny, Jezmine, Nana, Ming and me. (picture credits to Jezmine)

So many bras, so little time!

Candy shades.

With Ming. It was our second meeting!

Teeny. She looks like she had bras stuck on her head, by the way, hahaha.

The highlight of the event was definitely the smoking hot models clad in little nothings (no men allowed obviously!):

My favorite is the girl in the 2nd and 4th picture, she has such a gorgeous, infectious smile!

Psst, let you all into one secret: the models aren't that perfect after all! We could see stretch marks and cellulite on them, so us normal people don't have to be so hard on ourselves ok. :P

Psst, let you all into another secret: when the models walked past me during their catwalk, I felt like smacking their bums, 'PIAK!','cause they are so bouncy... WTF.

Girl with a butt obsession, ahem.
One of the things I look at a guy is his bum too! Am I the only one? :P

Body KISS, geddit geddit?


Wearing my mom's Miu Miu heels which I am SO in love with. The entire heel of the shoe is studded and embedded with crystals, utterly gorgeous!

I am really lucky 'cause my mom and I wear the same size (for both clothes and shoes) so I can always do some stealing, ladida. :P

Fuchsia blazer: AZORIAS
White V-neck tee: Topman
Denim jeggings: Topshop
Silver leaf necklace: Holiday in Korea
Silver rings: Holiday in Korea/ Gift from Teeny
Black leather/suede studded heels with crystal encrusted heels: Miu Miu
Black chiffon petal clutch: Topshop

It feels good to finally be able to share with you more of my outfits! Previously I did not wear/post items from AZORIAS (I kept quite a number of items for myself :D), because I was waiting for the right time to share with you all. And boy, am I happy now, 'cause it's like I have this new wardrobe to play with, hehe. If you are interested in this hot pink blazer, which is one of my favorite looks in SS11 (along with all bright jewel-toned jackets!), it will be launching in AZORIAS. :)

So please like AZORIAS's Facebook page if you haven't, so that you can be updated on our launch details!

Since we are on the subject, thank you to all of you who have liked AZORIAS's page, or have left me encouraging comments on the blog, my personal Facebook, or at AZORIAS's page! The response has been really positive, and words fail to describe just how much your support uplifts me.

There are days when I do go through minor phases of self-doubt, asking myself whether this is the right decision; but you guys, all of you, make me feel like I can do it, and I will do it. I am really so grateful for everything that has happened, and I want you all to know that I am counting my blessings everyday. A big big virtual hug to ALL of you, for standing by me, and on a personal level, I am really so happy that you all (I know some of you are long-time readers) can follow me on a new phase of my life. This one will be an interesting one. :)

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jeanchristie said...

Omg u check out butts too wtf /shy #awkward

Initially I thought the models were gonna be like VS models but seeing that they're normal like us is..somewhat comforting? I feel mean saying it but really, look what's splashed on the magazines T_T

mustardqueen said...

I tend to look at guys butts in suits and if they are wearing skinny suits it's a PLUS wtfffff :D YEAYYYYYYY now I can post more of my azorias stuff too :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Anonymous said...

Does Ming have a blog?

Kim L said...

I love the pink blazer. :) Is this the same as Jing's?

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, they are super pretty though! But even the most perfect woman cannot escape cellulite, I guess wtf.

mustardqueen: Mmm,guys in suit. :)Haha,ya la, you damn poor thing, couldn't take pictures wtf!

anonymous: Yes she does!

kimmy: Thanks love! Actually, they are different! :)

Adryna said...

i love your bright pink lipstick! from my observation u look good in any kind of lipstick shades, u're very lucky lor!

Btw are you using DSLR for all the pictures taken?

u make me wanna go lasenza and borong everything like now. bye2

Shu Yi said...

No - you are not the only one with butt obsession :D hehe.

I love the blazer ! Seriously babe, can't wait for Azorias to launch ! Goodluck and all the best with it love ! xx :)

Unknown said...

i can't wait to buy your fuchsia oversized jacket! emailed you bout it tho. hope to get a reply soon! needa get my hands on them!

constant reader said...

love that the models are fuller figured and have real-icious curves.

props to la senza for promoting healthier body images!

revel in me said...

kimmy: OOOPS I didn't know you referring to Jing's fuchsia blazer, I thought you were talking about her mint green one! Yep, her blazer is from Azorias. :)

adryna: Wow, thank you!! But haha, I can't carry off light-colored lipsticks though, I think! And yes, all using DSLR! Nice or not, hehe.

shuyi: I like big butts and I cannot lie~

Thanks dear, for your comments (here and on FB)! It really means so much to us! <3

amyksy: I saw your email! Thank you for your interest dear, will reply you by tonight! :)

constant reader: Y'know what, I didn't think of it that way,but you're right! They are definitely healthy-sized and curvy, none of those stick-thin crap. :)

xiang yun said...

HOOO I love to look at guys' butts too and their calves wtf hehehe. I'm happy to see that they used 'real' girls instead of plastic barbies for the event though. :D:D:D

Foong Jin said...

Congrats on having the courage to live out your dream :) with passion, i'm sure everything will work out great. :)

Haven't been commenting much (cos of work! :() but have always been silently reading :)

Jasmine said...

i emailed you regarding the fuchsia oversized jacket. hope to get a reply soon! i must get it!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Mine is butt and forearms! I've something for strong forearms, haha.

foongjin: Thank you dear! And hee, emo moment for both of us, but you really see me grew huh! From uni to sg to azorias. <3

jasmine: I've replied everyone who emailed me about the jacket, but I am not sure I remember a 'jasmine'! If you didn't get a reply, just drop me an email again aight. :)

jasmine said...

please check your email yea..

Unknown said...

it is a doll or a real woman?? looks like a dolls..hehe

revel in me said...

yanti: Haha, unfortunately they are real women..T__T