Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Labor on Labor's Day.

My coolie outfit on Labor's Day:

Had an unexpected task that I had to carry out due to a fuck-up by someone else. I wasn't too happy about it because my CPA exam is in a few days' time-- I've got no time to spare!

This is sort of my staple casual outfit-- tee and shorts. Peppered with accessories, of course. Accessories make thee outfit!

For yesterday's outfit, one of the star accessories was this Alannah Hill headband which I got from Jaclyn as part of my birthday present (the girl got me a whole Alannah Hill goodie pack :O):

The headband is so girlie and cute! At first glance, it appears to not be something that I would wear, but that's what I like about fashion-- it's all about experimenting and having fun along the way! I love challenging myself by wearing something that doesn't seem 'me', and making it my own style. :)

And I think I found the perfect red lippie for Spring/Summer! Wearing Lady Danger by Mac. It has a slight tangerine tinge to it, which I loveeeee.

Going overboard with accessories because some days I just feel like being crazy. :)

And I am loving the 'You are not ugly' bag I've on. Cheapest bag I've ever own, I think-- 3,500 won (about RM10!!). Teeny and Jing each got a YSL wallet and YSL clutch from Seoul, whereas all I got was this fabric bag. Whoever said I was high maintenance? Hahaha.

Outfit details:

Beige tee: Holiday in Bangkok
Navy polka dot shorts: Zara

Navy grosgrain ribbon headband: Alannah Hill

Vintage gold embellished cheetah brooch: Thrifted

Pearl bracelets: Random/ Diva

Rings: F21/ H&M

Burnt orange leather loafers: Zu, Australia

'You are not ugly' bag: Korea

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- said...

Love your accessories :)

yy said...

great outfit! i love how casual it looks, with that sense of effortless chic. so awesome :) btw, are you losing weight? you look skinnier with each new post!

jeanchristie said...

cheetah looks like its running away! xx

mustardqueen said...

EH EH The bag from me ok :D:D:D:D:D:D

*Lisha* said...

love your outfits =)
btw, did you close down azorias? =(

revel in me said...

tam: Thank you love! My babies. <3

yy: Wow, thanks dear! Shy ler, hehe. And NOOO I am not losing weight now! I am gorging like crazy due to 'stress'. T_T

jean: Haha, oookay!

mustardqueen: THANK YOUUUUUU <3 <3 <3

lisha: Thanks love! :)

Anonymous said...

looking gorgeous even in casual!!!!!
love love love your look!!!!!
and you are right accessories are everything!!!!!
all the super duper extra best in your coming exams!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved every single thing, what else is there to say!?

Good luck in exams!


Jing said...

And you didn't even pay for the bag! :P

I have the same headband in pink but i saw it in H&M for mad cheap FML!T_T

xiang yun said...

Mad loving your shoes still <3<3<3 I like your hair up like this! You look very chic and fresh. :) Good spring/summer look.

revel in me said...

anonymous: Hehe, thanks love! And yay, someone who shares my enthusiasm for accessories! :P

becca: Wow, thanks love,that's a really sweet thing to say! <3 Thank you for well wishes for my exam!:)

jing: Haha, ya free bag somemore.OMG H&M selling??? -__- Is it as nice???

xiang yun: Thank you love! I like to tie up my hair in a big bun like that (it's harder now though with my shorter hair) although I look like a tao-ist monk WTF.

Anonymous said...


revel in me said...

anonymous: Thank you, I'm inclined to take that as a compliment!

cyn said...

HAHAAHAHHA babes i had THE hardest time trying to find your blogpost where i commented about Sherman/ his brother. Walao damn backdated, why you update blog so fast wan T_T hahaha.

Anyway, small world! Met Shermy in college/uni, back when Sunway & Monash were in same building. Alsoooo, my best friend used to date him. Haha. Howju know Shermy's brother? (cant recall his name right now lol oops)

revel in me said...

cynthia: Haha, really damn small world! Shenton is my ex-colleague, and one of my besties! :)