Monday, May 23, 2011

Monkeying in around.

So I had a pretty shitty weekend, save for the 'tumpang glamor gembira' Masterchef moment for Teeny, mentioned here. It was so bad that I found it very difficult to concentrate on my work, which is blasphemy, considering how close AZORIAS is to launch. But fret not, I did work *hastily reassures* (damn scared of you all 'cause everyday everyone is chasing me to launch T_________T and also 'cause my partners read my blog wtf)!

Anyway, don't worry guys, I am a happy bean again.

And since happiness is meant to be shared and spread, here are some fun-loving, happy, carefree pictures of a spontaneous froyo-at-the-park day. :)

Pink top with chiffon petals: Holiday in Bangkok
Black ripped shorts: Holiday in Bangkok
Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop
Black bejeweled bracelet: Jing's
Brass leaf bangle: Diva
Ring: F21
Black leather studded heels: Stuart Weitzman
Rosette clutch: Forever New, Australia

Spontaneous days like that really put a smile on my face. When was the last time you did something spontaneous? :)


Let me share a funny story with you all.

Someone asked my web developer: what is AZORIAS?

So he told her: "Something like Net-a-porter..."

Then the person went: "Huh, what is that. Harry Potter ar"


*Anyway, if you really don't know what AZORIAS is, click here to find out. ;)

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mustardqueen said...


Eh why ar my camera used to take nicer pics now not nice fml

Anonymous said...

This outfit is one of your best looks :) I think street chic is amazing on you! <3

Love this post :) So much fun!
J'adoreee <3

lynn said...

I freaking love that top!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Haha super sensitive wtf. YA what's the matter with your camera now! Canon trumps Nikon *trash talk wtf*

anonymous: Thanks dear! And you got it right, it indeed was a fun fun fun outing! *rebecca black starts playing WTF

lynn: Thanks dear! It's a Topshop copy I think, haha

Ashley said...

play ground with high heels? wow!

revel in me said...

ashley: High heels EVERYWHERE! :P Haha, no la, we went straight to the park from somewhere else...