Monday, May 30, 2011

Room service for the wrong reason.

I am blogging because I am alone in the hotel room now and I need to take my mind off that fact-- let's just say being alone in a hotel room in Bangkok conjures up too many, ahem, stories in my head.

I am feeling really sick now, so I decided to bail on dinner. My family is eating at one of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok (I blogged about the Teochew restaurant here before), and I voluntarily took a rain check on dinner! T__T I guess I'll be getting room service later for dinner-- my first ever room service meal. Which is ironic, 'cause it's going to be sick food soup (kuew teow soup, I am thinking).

I woke up this morning and felt so ill that I wanted to skip Platinum Mall (only the biggest wholesale fashion mall in Bangkok, and the sole reason why girls go to Bangkok wtf)... I didn't come to Bangkok to shop anyway. But Teeny knows just my weak point. She asked me, "Don't you want to check out whether Bangkok copied any Korean designs?" and the next thing you know, I was out of my bed getting ready. Yes, for shopping, I'd rather lie in bed and nurse my cold; but for work, I will be trudging headfirst.

I suspect my cold got much worse after my massage just now (stripped to a pair of undies for an aromatherapy massage wtf). Wanted to skip my massage actually (and this is something EPIC, 'cause I love my massages to death-- especially now that all my muscles are really tight and aching after all the late nights working on AZORIAS). Unfortunately I had a feeling Teeny would kill me if I bail on her, so I went ahead anyway. And now I am feeling really crappy. :(

Random thing. Today's lunch was rather sobering. One of the main reasons for this Bangkok trip is 'cause one of my dad's friend's son is suffering from some spinal + kidney problem, and since one of the best doctors for this kind of predicament is in Bangkok's General Hospital, the entire trip was formed so that my dad could bring him to see the specialist.

Well, the results are back, and it ain't good. This man (single, in early thirties,quite good looking) has possibly lost all function of his lower body, including simple functions like urination and elimination. All because of a fuck-up his doctor did on his surgery earlier on. And during our trip, my mom's best friend's brother in KL suffered a heart failure, so there were a lot of calls (coordinated by my dad) trying to get him into ICU, getting him a cardiac pacemaker (to assist the heart to beat)... Quite a lot of health drama. And our conversations during lunch turned to how health is really the ultimate wealth. How we are so so so so lucky that we are able to just sit down and joke and eat and enjoy each others company. So, lesson of the day: we really shouldn't take ANYTHING for granted. And please people, take care of your health!

Sorry, my thoughts are really disjointed now. I need some soup, and sleep. For the first time in my life, I am actually craving for wong lou kat. I really need to get well asap!

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Pearly said...

Take care ya :)

Anonymous said...

"health is the ultimate wealth"

couldn't agree more :)

you take care too! :)

revel in me said...

pearly: Thanks dear! :)

anonymous: Really a very important reminder in life! Thanks love. <3

RG said...

very excited for the opening of azorias!!! :D :D i love the scallop skirt!! too cute!

im gonna be out at 8pm....i almost want to cancel my plans to be home for your opening lol. but itsokay, 3G ftw!

RG said...

sorry think i commented on the wrong post :(

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