Sunday, May 29, 2011


And this shall open a debate on whether there's any difference between Sawadika (used by men), Sawadiha (used by women), and Sawadika (used by transexuals)... Is there a difference? Someone set me straight please!

Surprise, I am in Bangkok now!

I was actually really looking forward to this trip, because I desperately needed a break-- and a long weekend with massages and happy-tummy food sounded like just the remedy. I've been working around the clock, and oddly enough, when you work for yourself/ do something you love, you don't really stop working? Even when I have my meals or (try to) sleep, I am thinking of AZORIAS. The last proper break I had was about 2 weeks ago for the birthday of someone special. And prior to that, my last break was... before my Korea trip in early April. -_____- In fact, I am on the computer so much that one of my old ailments came back-- a numbness in my left hand. I got this when I was working in audit-- working for 20 hours straight at a laptop is no joke, and at first I thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome. I visited a specialist twice, and thank god it is not carpal tunnel (the only way to cure carpal tunnel is through surgery!), but more likely it's an inflamed vein due to long hours at the desk. So yes, I was really looking forward to my Bangkok short holiday with the family...

And luck has it, right now I have my laptop in front of me (am paying through my nose for internet access in my hotel room), with a cup of take-away McD's mocha (need a caffeine fix for work). Sniff. Nevermind nevermind, this is the final lap, we are really so close to launching. :)


Anyway, allow me to share some little pick-me-up snippets that happened yesterday/today. I've been a little under the weather lately, partly 'cause: I am sick (I've no voice!!! Hui Wen the Loud has no voice!!! I've been defeated wtf); I am really stressed out 'cause of the launch; and am just having some general personal problems that I shall not bore you all with...

And my partner seems to know when to cheer me up (without even knowing that I was actually a little down)! Got a super motivating email from my partner addressed to the entire team, and let me share with you one part of it 'cause it made me smile:

[...] We are at the cusp of starting a business. We don’t need to wipe our slate clean. We don’t have to rebrand. We are not bound by old promises or prior engagements. We are at t = zero. We have the biggest advantage in the world – a fresh canvas.

It all starts here. It all starts now. And its up to us to define what AZORIAS means.

Here we are, at the birth of something great. Something wonderful. Something orgasmic. Something meteoric!

And I cannot imagine anyone I’d rather be here with, but you guys.

How awesome and inspiring is this?! I really thank my lucky stars that I've such great partners. :)

Another uplifting thing was when my mom saw me working at my site last night, and she asked me whose/what site is that. She was really surprised when she found out it's AZORIAS'! Because it really does look quite good. :) And this is extremely encouraging to me because my mom is someone whom I need to prove myself to. Whilst I mentioned here that my dad is (surprisingly) supportive of me, I can't say the rest for part of my family. That's again, another story for another day.

I am in Bangkok now with my family, and my parents' friends (and their family). The aunties have been extremely supportive, fussing and gushing over every detail of what Teeny and I wear, digging details of what will be selling on AZORIAS. One auntie even declared herself to potentially be my biggest customer, and then told me in a small voice, "I've depression". We all worriedly probed further.

To which she continued:

"I get depressed when I don't get to buy new clothes."

HAHAHAHAHA. With a serious face,no less!

And they talk about X-rated stuff all the time. -___-
For example, an analogy I've heard for the first time in my life: 6 o'clock (flaccid penis) and 9 o'clock (erection). -___________-
And sea cucumber, papaya milk and references to licking a toothpick. -___________-

Sure, it's slightly unfortunate that I've to work during my holiday, but being surrounded by such flamboyant and vibrant characters (myself included :P), I've a feeling this will be a trip filled with guffaws and laughter anyway! :)

I abruptly end this post with a picture of my eyes wtf:

I forgot to bring my contact lens case to Bangkok, and I had to make do with what I have. FML.

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Joshua said...

So close! Have fun on your holiday though, you deserve it!

Hahahahah, don't leave your eyes in the water too long though, try to use the solution. Water dehydrated the lenses.

Jing said...

Omg jealous max! T_T I paid for internet the last time too when i had to settle something with the uni, blardee Rm 10 for 30 mins! T_T

Go to Mcd's please wtf!

revel in me said...

joshua: I used solution! Use water will go BLINDDDDD

jing: Mcd's only give 30min of wifi la! I work few hours straight, how many value meals do I need to eat wtfffff

Blurry D said...

Lol it is Sawa Dee Ka. Have fun in BKK

jeanchristie said...


but enjoy your short break and hope you recover soon!

took me 2 weeks to get my voice back and now i am down with the flu .... never ends :\

i need to ask you about bkk!!

revel in me said...

blurry D: Haha, does the spelling makes a difference? :P Thanks!

jean: You take care too, get well soon! And just email/tweet me anytime! Or we can go meet up with charmaine. :)

Unknown said...

so creative with the lense holder..hehe..hv fun ya..

revel in me said...

yanti padli: Haha, beggars can't be choosers.. Thanks dear, I did, despite being sick! :)