Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rain, rain, go away.

So, while packing for my recent trip to Bangkok, I went into this wardrobe crisis frenzy-- I realised I don't have any nice flat sandals!

I will be frank here, I don't have many flat shoes. Due to my lack of height, I almost always opt for heeled shoes. So when I shop the option is always clear to me: between a yummy pair of heels or a gorgeous pair of flats-- I go for the heels. I do have some quintessential pairs of flats, like ballet flats, brogues etc., but I just don't have any on-trend sandals!!!

So yea, the sandals I wore here and here in Bangkok-- they aren't mine; they are my mom's and Teeny's respectively.

And then HALLELUJAHHHHH my mom bought the prettiest sandals when we were in Bangkok!!!

I actually advised my mom against buying these shoes, 'cause I think they are so pretty (and expensive), that they'll just end up being a white elephant. But the woman insisted, so who am I to argue!

Best part is, I share the same size as my mom, so guess who gets to wear pretty sandals!! :D


By the way, I am kind of emo now. I am leaving for Korea this Friday!! T_________________T

Whilst I miss Korea very very much, I am not entirely keen on because it's super duper rushed and sudden! But our stocks in AZORIAS are running low (thank you everyone for your immense support!), and we need to do some serious replenishing! But don't worry, we will have a steady stream of new arrivals to last till I am back. ;)

The worst thing is, it's raining everyday in Korea! In fact, rain is an understatement, due to reliable sources in Korea, there's a typhoon there. -___- But nothing is going to going to stop me from lovingly nurturing AZORIAS!

Speaking of AZORIAS, can you believe come Friday, it's going to be 1 month since it has launched! :O :O :O

I am so thrilled and excited, and well, proud. :) In fact, to celebrate our 1-month anniversary, we are throwing a fun contest whereby you just need to comment on our wall telling us what goddess you would like to be (or what powers you would have)! Comment with the most 'likes' will walk away with a RM500 AZORIAS voucher. This is a really meaningful contest, because AZORIAS came from the word 'zoria', which is a goddess of beauty (and also means dawn) in Slavic mythology! For the story behind our brand name, click here.

Anyway, back to battling the rain in Korea...

It sure is quite a task to plan rainy-days-appropriate outfits! I need...wellies! *perks up* I probably will be wearing lots of covered toe shoes like sneakers (*gasp*) and brogues. Maybe I should bring my boots? So I don't get wet feet. I hate it when my feet are soaked.

He offered his Puma waterproof windbreaker to me....
How do I tell him that I don't wear windbreakers. :P

What I need is a raincoat. Anyone has any nice ones to recommend? Or a stylish waterproof hoodie. :(

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twitter is ruining my sisterhood.

Jing is back!

I was catching up with her, and trying to update her on the latest happenings in my life...

Me: Omg, do you know how much roaming in Bangkok recently cost me!!

Jing: Ya, RM230.

Me: :O
How do you know!!!

Jing: There are no secrets with Twitter.

-referring to my tweet here.

Another time, I was gushing to Jing about Thor...

Jing: Ya I know. You even want to have his babies.

Me: ....

- referring to my tweet here.

No fun to talk to her anymore, pffft.

By the way, the lesson you need to take out of this is to follow me on Twitter if you haven't already! But don't blame me if we have nothing to talk about face-to-face ar.


Wore this to pick up something for a styling article. More on that when the article is out k! *trembles in trepidation*

Haven't done this in awhile, but here's a picture of my sister's outfit as well!

It's rare to see Teeny in neon colors, and even more rare to see the Hoe sisters in sneakers wtf.


Black lace blouse with neck ribbon: AZORIAS
White scalloped shorts: Baci
Gold ribbon-weaved earrings: Holiday in Korea
Brass moose bangle: Holiday in Bangkok
Ring: YSL
Black bejeweled velvet heels: Jing's
Bag (used as clutch): Miu Miu

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You can't take the geek outta me.

I was in a frightfully good mood over the weekend.
Guesses, anyone?

Nopes, it's not 'cause I was in weekend mode.
Nopes, it's not 'cause I spent a short getaway in Singapore.

It's actually the geek in me.... *drops head*

I got a HD for the last paper of my CPA Australia (the professional paper that I am taking)!!!

This is quite satisfying for me because some of my smart friends took 2 tries before they passed the paper. It didn't help that I was having a casual chat with this newly met guy right before I stepped into the exam hall, and he told me it was his third time taking the paper. -_-

It's actually especially fulfilling for me because... I almost wanted to defer this paper! Ok, almost isn't the right word, I really wanted to defer it because the paper clashed at a time where work for AZORIAS was at its most crucial phase, and we were rushing to launch. All those horror stories about the paper didn't help either. And of course, in true Hui Wen fashion, I generally don't pick up books till about 3-4 days before the exam. -__- So I thought it'd be a wiser move to just defer the paper to the next semester when AZORIAS is not only up and running, but is at a more stable stage-- this would even be worth the deferral fee of AUD200++.

Imagine the shock I was in when I called up CPA Australia and they told me that I've missed the closing date for deferral applications!! Major FML. I went into this major panic attack then, and started frantically searching for any loopholes that I can skip the exam yet not affect my overall progress for CPA. It seemed that my only hope was using a medical reason-- but I needed to prove that I was in such a severe medical condition that I couldn't take the exam. Between the option of deliberately breaking my right arm and studying, I obediently walked to my study table (after much internal struggle,I might add).

And I would say it's one of my best decisions! The final paper for CPA is a business strategy- related one; and by going through the modules, I kept on critically applying AZORIAS to it, and suddenly the subject seemed so doable and...logical to me, if you get what I mean. I started seeing my business in a new light as well. So I guess it was a win-win situation for me, that I could understand the subject way better by applying a real life example that is close to my heart; and also assess my business from many different angles.

And no more exams from now onwards!
The inner geek in me is not sure what to feel about this yet. I do love the thrill of working really hard, and that instant glorification when you receive your results.



A casual outfit for an impromptu tea session with the best friend!

I...photoshopped my nails in this picture, HAHA.

My nails are HORRIBLE now! But I've no time to go get them done. :(
And they are gel nail polish, so I can't remove them myself--I actually need to visit the nail parlor to get them removed. :(

Wearing a super easy and breezy dress (I am resisting with all my willpower now to not crack a 'Easy, Breezy, Cover Girl' pun)-- I need more dresses like this, so that instead of a top and shorts, I can just pull on a simple dress that can be easily accessorised!

Yellow tee dress with asymmetrical hem: AZORIAS
Green leather belt with gold tip: Holiday in Korea
Gold choker: CK Tang, Singapore
Gold cross knuckle duster: F21
Leaf ring/ Dotted ring: Holiday in Korea/ H&M
Leopard print pony hair wedges: Alexander Wang
Black leather bag (used as clutch): Miu Miu

By the way, I'm not sure whether you recognise this dress, which is very similar to the Topshop one I wore to Seoul last year:

I bought the Topshop dress above for SGD169 (from the Topshop Unique collection)!! I don't know why now; I think I was momentarily possessed. Although the Topshop one is made of silk. But, I don't regret it though! It's such a deceptively simple dress that I can foresee myself wearing for a long, long time... And like I said earlier on, I actually like really simple clothing, because then they can take on different styles with the different accessories that you adorn! :)

So yea, that's the reason why I chose the yellow piece from AZORIAS-- 'cause I already have a similar gray one from Topshop. -___-



Check out the new prices for the LG Optimus 7!

Prices start as low as RM668. For more details, head over to the Celcom homepage!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

We got that U hang up, no, U hang up kinda love.

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Posted some unseen traveling pics!

I am just back from my short trip to Singapore!

Now, I have to admit, I travel quite a fair bit. So much so that friends poke fun of me and call me a 'jetsetter'. -_- Though, I guess it's sort of true; I have been traveling quite often! Almost every other month... :O

Case in point:
Oct'10: Korea
Nov'10: Singapore + Bangkok + Gold Coast Sepang
December'10: Australia
Jan'11: Hong Kong + Taiwan
April'11: Korea
June'11: Bangkok + Singapore

Some captured memories:

Korea '10

Free hugs in Insadong.

Wearing a pair of cosmetic frames that we bought randomly. Every Korean wears a pair of thick frames, so we were trying to fit in wtf.

Melbourne '10

With my bestie, Jaclyn. Caught in the act of deciding the most efficient shopping route, most likely.

Sydney '10

Picnic at the Botanical Gardens, overlooking Sydney Harbor Bridge. The most perfect setting you can imagine.

Bondi Beach-- where all the hottest people in Sydney congregate (myself excluded).

Hong Kong '11

Lan Kwai Fong where I saw a drunken dinosaur (a man was dressed in a dinosaur costume roaming around in drunken stupor. Don't ask).

Taiwan '11

Being 'chao ke ai' ('super cute', as the Taiwanese call it wtf) at the Flora Expo.

Korea '11

Outside a restaurant in Hyehwa being surrounded by writings that remind me that I am illiterate in Korea wtf.

Coffee break while waiting for our friend in Korea. You will have coffee at least 3 times a day because the cafe culture in Korea will rock anyone's socks.

I do realize how lucky I am that I get to travel relatively extensively, and you bet I ain't gonna stop! However, one thing that really burdens me while I travel are roaming costs. Y'see, there's someone special in my life now, and everytime I am away, I spend a lot on calls and texts back home! Because good night calls are a must. :)

And this problem is going to escalate, because with AZORIAS, I find that I need to make calls quite frequently even when I am overseas; whether it is to coordinate the ongoing operations back home, to answer a query from my partner, communicating with various contact points on our supply chain... For example, the last time I was in Korea in April, my phone bill for Korea alone came up to RM300!! And that was with minimal usage (and zero data roaming). T__T

But I found an answer to my problem!

Celcom now offers a single low flat rate of 98sen whenever you travel in Asia to the following countries:

This is relevant to me because I do predict that I will travel to Singapore quite often, to visit my ex-colleagues, as well as handle some finance matters (since my finances are based in Singapore). This low, flat rate will mean that I can have a loooong crappy conversation instead of a hurried, short chat to let him know I-am-alive-ok-bye.

Check out the huge amount of savings you enjoy when you roam with Celcom as compared to other operators:

What I am more interested in, is of course the single flat rates for other countries, depending on the zone you're in!

*Zone 1 (Singapore) – rates apply when you roam with any other Singapore operator other than M1.

This means I can travel with absolute peace of mind as I am being assured that I'm enjoying the best roaming rates for CALLS, SMS and DATA usage, and I no longer have to worry about fluctuating rates. No more need to memorise different rates, just 1 flat rate for each zone!

Visit the website for more information:

Celcom Exec: http://www.celcom.com.my/celcomexec/roamingidd/idd_coverage.php
Celcom Biz: http://www.celcom.com.my/biz/products.php?page=internationalroaming

As for me, I am crying inwardly now thinking of my phone bill this month due to my SG trip... We talked on the phone for about 20minutes each night? I don't dare to imagine how much it's going to cost me (conservative measure: about RM4 per minute FML). Why didn't I know about these new Celcom roaming rates earlier. T__________________________T

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Trench coats.

I do love trench coats so much. I think they are incredible cover-ups, and has the ability to immediately smarten any outfit!

Source: weheartit

Unfortunately, M'sian weather is too warm for trench coats. T___T But that didn't stop me from going a tad too crazy with some trench coat hauls in Korea recently. Korea makes the nicest jackets, and their trench coats are just... *makes motion of putting fingers to lips*

I got myself 4 trench coats from my trip. *small voice* However, whilst they are thin-ish, I still won't consider them appropriate for our climate-- save for this floral silk trench (which I have yet to post pics of!), and this lightweight sheer chiffon trench from AZORIAS.

I found out Teeny also has a piece of the same trench coat, so I was toying with the idea of releasing the piece I kept for myself back to AZORIAS. Because there's no point having two of the same coat in the family right?

Real conversation between Teeny and I:

Me: I should do it right? Since it's unlikely we will both need to wear the trench coat at the same time... We can just share!

Teeny: Ya. Unless we both want to be flashers at the same time. HAHAHAHA

Me: Cannot be flasher la, the coat is sheer, people can see everything anyway WTF

So I borrowed Teeny's trench coat for the day...

Paper planes!

... and I was utterly IN LOVE with it! So light, and soft... I felt so smart wearing it, and the lightweight-ness made me feel like a...fairy or something. Girls naturally have a soft spot for soft, pretty fabrics k!

Till the point I was being rather self-absorbed and kept on asking Teeny: "I look so good today hor? Hor? Hor?" Hahahaahhaha.
Yes she hates me now.

B/W ribbed striped crossback tank: MNG
Faded denim shorts: Cotton On
Sheer trench coat with contrast ribbon belt: AZORIAS
Gold paper planes necklace: Holiday in Bangkok (Chatchuchak market)
Brass floral ring: F21
Oversized blue stone ring: H&M
Black leather clogs: Stuart Weitzman
Black ponyhair/ leather zipper clutch: Furla

The following picture came about when Teeny asked me halfway while snapping pictures:

Q: What does a gay horse eat?

A: "HEYYYYYYYY...." (Hay)


By the way, yes, I decided to keep my own piece of the sheer trench coat for myself.


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Remember to check out the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ PLAY!

Read more about the awesome features of the phone here. I have showed Brother Hoe, and I think since then he has been treating me much nicer. I suspect he wants me to buy the phone for him. *suspicious*

Hope you did well in your semester exam, bro! Then you can bug mom to get the phone for you, which is going for as low as RM848 on Celcom Exec. package!

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