Monday, June 13, 2011

Candy colors.

Finally, a proper outfit post!

I think I've defied all the misconceptions that I am vain. Because apparently my vanity will vanish when I am busy! *twiddles thumbs* It's true though, I've been so busy for the past 2-3 weeks that I haven't really dressed up... Till Teeny also pointed out that I've been 'letting myself go'. -______-

Something simple for running some errands:

Something that I've come to terms with over the years is that I'll never be a T-shirt and jeans girl. I can wear a T-shirt with some funky accessories, or jeans/shorts with a pretty top, but don't ever force me into a baby tee and jeans!! It's just not me!

That is why I like basic/ casual items with a twist. Which is also why I really like this top from AZORIAS! The color (fuchsia is my favorite this season) and the caped silhouette adds the right 'POW' to an otherwise mundane basic top. You can pair it with a pair of clean slacks or a pencil skirt, and it will morph into a polish look; or dress it down like me, with my newest pair of thrifted denim shorts.

Please ignore the rubbish pile behind me. -__-


Fuchsia round-neck cape top: AZORIAS
Faded denim cuffed shorts: Thrifted
Gemstone rings: H&M
Brass antler bangle: Holiday in Bangkok
Brass feather bangle: Holiday in Bangkok
Fuchsia velvet pumps:Holiday in Zhuhai
Black ponyhair/ leather zipper clutch: Furla

I am going to Singapore this Wednesday, by the way. Looking forward to a few days filled with laughter, teasing and booze; it has been too long! :D

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Jocelyn Keys said...

i like ur heels!
i like ur tops,it can cover my 'tummy' ha

Thistle Trinkets said...

I got the top from azorias too! Been wearing it quite a bit! Love it to bits!

revel in me said...

jocelyn keys: Haha, thanks dear!Go check out the top on! :)

thistle trinkets: Ok,do you know I read your comment earlier just now and I was on cloud 9 for quite a bit! :P Am just so happy that everyone loved what they bought! :))))

Pheromone Pheromone said...

Hi Hui Wen,

Congrats for making your dream come true. Love the pieces on Azorias.Just waiting for the right occasion to get my hands on them :)How long would you be in Singapore this time? Have a safe trip.


Ashley said...

so pink! i love pink. :)

when was the last time you wore a tee? :D

Ashley said...

oh yeahh, busy also must dress up k! :D

revel in me said...

susan: Thank you dear! I am looking forward to receive your order! :P I will be in SG for 4 days, mad rush! :(

ashley: Haha, I just wore a tee yesterday! For wonton mee supper. :P I am going to work at a different home office, hopefully it means I will put more effort into dressing up,haha!

Ashley said...

ahh, i see. tees can be cool la k. :D

different home office? that means have to travel a little bit? :)

hasmardy said...

congrat for being a nuffnang blogger of the June 2011

Anonymous said...

Some pcs from Azorias are really cute but they look weird on the models. Don't seem to fit with the look of the models. Just my 2 cents. Hope you don't mind.

revel in me said...

ashley: Ya, I love tees actually! But I will wear it in a slightly dressier manner. :P Yup,need to travel! :(

adibdaddy: Thank you very much! :)

anonymous: None taken! Fashion is subjective,and we are always experimenting! Thank you for your feedback, we are always trying to improve ourselves! :)

Jlo said...

So adorable in pink! Love the pink key piece & the chuncky rings, bangles! :D Totally loving the outfit <3


Ashley said...

hahaha.. take a picture of you dressing some cool pretty tees. :p

ahh, i see. have to travel long?

shu yi said...

You know what, i was actually still considering whether or not to get that pink cape top for days ! and then .. i saw this post and i went to Azorias and bought it right away ! lol. hope it looks good on me as it is on you ! :) x

revel in me said...

jlo: Thank you dear! I have a soft spot for accessories, heh. :)

ashley: I will I will! :D Yes, quite long!:(

shuyi: Replied you in the post above! <3

Anonymous said...

shorts too tight, u may want to consider something more loose-ish, just a thought.

Ashley said...

travel safe! :D

revel in me said...

anonymous: Thank you for your concern for the lower half of my body!

ashley: Thank you!:)