Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Orgasmic news.

Back from Bangkok with some pictures and an inflamed throat to show. Oh, tom yum goong, you will be the bane of my existence.

Bangkok was SO FREAKING HOT.
The air was so thick and humid that I could slice it with a knife!

Fingers crossed that I will get better soon! I was put on stronger antibiotics since yesterday, and for the first time in days, I could actually see an improvement in my sore throat/ cough.

I thought I was really smart to wear a cropped tube and a light breezy skirt, and I WAS DEFEATED BY BANGKOK'S WEATHER! I wanted to knot the skirt around my waist ok!! But family stopped me in time to protect my modesty wtf.


White cropped tube: Random
Rust georgette tulip overlay midi skirt: AZORIAS (coming soon)
Gold medallion necklace: Diva
Bejeweled leopard print sandals: H&M
Bag: Miu Miu


I've got two super exciting news to share today!

1. Guess who is Nuffnang's featured blogger this month? :P

Click here to see a picture from my Dark Ages wtf.

2. Mark your calendars!

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Be there or Beware.

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jeanchristie said...

How exciting!!!

Sounds like we've got the same throat flu whatever going on :/ its my 4th week and its still lingering

Joshua said...

Take a daily multi-vitamin pill, even when you're well! Everyday.

Recovery from flus/colds tends to be a shorter period and you're less likely to get them. :)

Yay to both the news!

But the main point that drove me to write a comment: I LOVE THE SANDALS!!!!!!

In description it sounds OTT, but in reality it works. I think if it was a top, it would be quite scary but for flats it's perfect.

Kim L said...

Congrats on being featured! it's about time!! :)
I'm loving the 2nd picture of you.

Can't wait for Azorias to finally be launched!

revel in me said...

jean: Mine is only been a week.. Heaven forbid it to last for 4 weeks! :O

joshua: My dad doesn't believe in multi -vitamins. -_- And the shoes are Ting's!! I swapped shoes with her 'cause all her shoes were giving her blisters. -___-

kimmy: Thank you dear! :) And aah, I am actually very nervous about the launch! But it's a good type of nervous, me thinks! :D

smalls said...

you look gorgeous ! :)

Anonymous said...

re your reply on the sandals ... initially i thought you bought a new pair of sandals and couldn't wait to show and change into them, coz in first few pics was another pair ...

Kimberly said...

hui wen!!... love the skirt!!!!

{erisha} said...

i am completely adoring your sandals in this post!!!!! <3

mustardqueen said...

HA!! Those sandals look like a gem (no pun intended) but they cut my toes like a sharp razor ok T_T I should have just bought the shorts instead! HMMPH

Kaki Wayang said...

wow..exciting tour...congats for being flavour of the month

Pinkleton said...

Hun where is Tao Chaew? I'm going to Thailand soon and I would love to try it if you can give me more details!! thanks!

revel in me said...

smalls: And that's why you're my best friend! <3

anonymous: Haha, no la, I pitied my sis! She wears a size 40, and I had to wear her shoes. -___-

kimberly: Hee, thanks! Keep a lookout on AZORIAS k! I LOVE IT, very breezy and chic! <3

E: Thanks love! :)

mustardqueen: Shorts? They have bejeweled leopard print shorts?? :O

kaki wayang: Thank you! :D

pinkleton: I've to check with my dad, it's at a very obscure location! T__T

Adryna said...

Wow i love your outfit!! I was initially seduced by your skirt then i scrolled down with excitement to see where u got that skirt and i was surprised to see its from azorias!!! I want one!! Why its not available in the website?

Mel said...

Congrats on Azorias! It looks amazing! I can't wait to buy some of the gorgeous clothes =)
(couldn't help but comment because it really is fantastic! =)

amykor said...

dear i don't see your skirt up for sale in azorias yet!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THAT SKIRT! WHEN WILL IT BE AVAILABLE?? so excited that i had to type like that. it is gorgeous. ill be the first one to get my hands on it. please tell me when will it be available . much love, all the way from perth x

Joie said...

I cant wait to buy your skirt when it's launched! what size do u wear??? so i can gauge my own fit as well!

revel in me said...

adryna: It will be up soon! :P

mel: Wow, thanks dear! I am always so happy when people praise the site! <3

amykor: Coming soon! ;)

anonymous: Hahaha, your excitement is making me smile! :D It should be coming up in the next set of new arrivals! :) Much love from M'sia! :D

joie: I'm wearing size M, which is more suited for UK8-10! :)