Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paisley in Bangkok.

Possibly my last batch of pictures from my recent Bangkok trip (first installment here)! Because I was sick 75% of the time during my trip and hence looked like crap pretty much for the most of the trip.

Day of arrival!

This was my airplane outfit. Was waiting for my parents while they were checking in here.

My envelope necklace actually opens up to a little brass note that says 'I love you'! I thought it was so cute, and kept on whipping the note out to anyone who has eyes wtf.

But it backfired on me. My mom started making fun of me to her friends,saying that I am so sad because I bought my own 'I love you' jewelry. -______________-

Outfit details:

My scarf kept me warm during my ride in the place! I have the same scarf in 2 colors. *sheepish*

Pink chiffon top with tweed buttons: Tea & Sympathy
Frayed faded denim shorts: Holiday in Korea
White paisley fringed scarf: Topshop
Brass 'I love you' envelope necklace: Bazaar
Lilac leather sandals: Mom's
Bag: Miu Miu

Doing another round of 'Recognise this?' for AZORIAS, following my post here.

The contrast lapel blazer I was wearing here...
You can find a similar one at:

The chiffon pleated skirt I wore for my Hong Kong/ Taiwan trip earlier this year!
You can find it at:

By the way, the skirt I wore during my Bangkok trip here... all sold out now! :O

You guys are AWESOME!

PS: Our site will be under maintenance at 2am, 16 June (Thursday), so you might have difficulties accessing the site. Fret not k! We WILL be back. Thank you in advance for your patience! :)

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Anonymous said...

something wrong with all the pictures. It is not showing.

shu yi said...

you know what, at first i was still considering if i should get this cape top for days ! and then .. i saw this post and i went to Azorias rightaway and bought it ! lol. Hopefully it will look good on me as how it is on you ! :)


sage said...

Aww, gorgeous!! I have yet to use my RM25 voucher from Azorias, because there are so many gorgeous things! I think I know what should I splurge on before it's gone! Hehe.

Anyways I loove the packaging!! Saw it online and fell in love with the creativity. May I know where did you get the tissue paper from? I think I'd want to use it for my nephew's party! Thanks dear :)

{erisha} said...

Love all you outfits!

This post reminds me of my cancelled Bagkok trip that was supposed to take place this July :(

revel in me said...

anonymous: Hey dear, it's showing ok on my laptop and BB!:/

shu yi: Hahahahaha!! So I am the best endorsement for AZORIAS huh..*proceeds to bug my partners for endorsement fee wtf* Thank you love, for supporting us! I do hope you love the top! And PLEASE DON'T BE SILLY, OF COURSE you will look awesome possum in the top! Would love to see how you match the top, in fact! <3

sage: Thank you! <3 And thank you for checking us out! :D keep browsing and browsing,and keep yourself updated on our new arrivals on our FB/ Twitter/ mailing list.. I look forward to receiving your order! :) And thank you also for your compliments on our packaging! Each package is painstakingly and lovingly handpacked. <3 You can find the tissue paper at any bookshops! Ask for the white tissue paper.. If you want it to be waterproof, just specify it as well!:)

erisha: Thanks dear! Oh no, why was it canceled? Hopefully you get to make a trip soon!:)

xiang yun said...

This is crazy. Your outfit is simple but you make it look so chic and good on you! Work it babbeh! I think I'm going crazy and might actually have a girl crush on you. Don't be afraid k, although I do sound kinda freaky :S

revel in me said...

xiang yun: You crazy girl!! Please don't flatter me!!My ego will become fat wtf. Oh, who am I kidding... I LOVE YOU! Why are you so sweet. <3 <3 *virtual hug + kiss*

Jade said...

i am in love with the second from the bottom outfit. it is absolutely banging

revel in me said...

jade: Thanks jade! I am so happy I found your blog again! :P