Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rain, rain, go away.

So, while packing for my recent trip to Bangkok, I went into this wardrobe crisis frenzy-- I realised I don't have any nice flat sandals!

I will be frank here, I don't have many flat shoes. Due to my lack of height, I almost always opt for heeled shoes. So when I shop the option is always clear to me: between a yummy pair of heels or a gorgeous pair of flats-- I go for the heels. I do have some quintessential pairs of flats, like ballet flats, brogues etc., but I just don't have any on-trend sandals!!!

So yea, the sandals I wore here and here in Bangkok-- they aren't mine; they are my mom's and Teeny's respectively.

And then HALLELUJAHHHHH my mom bought the prettiest sandals when we were in Bangkok!!!

I actually advised my mom against buying these shoes, 'cause I think they are so pretty (and expensive), that they'll just end up being a white elephant. But the woman insisted, so who am I to argue!

Best part is, I share the same size as my mom, so guess who gets to wear pretty sandals!! :D


By the way, I am kind of emo now. I am leaving for Korea this Friday!! T_________________T

Whilst I miss Korea very very much, I am not entirely keen on because it's super duper rushed and sudden! But our stocks in AZORIAS are running low (thank you everyone for your immense support!), and we need to do some serious replenishing! But don't worry, we will have a steady stream of new arrivals to last till I am back. ;)

The worst thing is, it's raining everyday in Korea! In fact, rain is an understatement, due to reliable sources in Korea, there's a typhoon there. -___- But nothing is going to going to stop me from lovingly nurturing AZORIAS!

Speaking of AZORIAS, can you believe come Friday, it's going to be 1 month since it has launched! :O :O :O

I am so thrilled and excited, and well, proud. :) In fact, to celebrate our 1-month anniversary, we are throwing a fun contest whereby you just need to comment on our wall telling us what goddess you would like to be (or what powers you would have)! Comment with the most 'likes' will walk away with a RM500 AZORIAS voucher. This is a really meaningful contest, because AZORIAS came from the word 'zoria', which is a goddess of beauty (and also means dawn) in Slavic mythology! For the story behind our brand name, click here.

Anyway, back to battling the rain in Korea...

It sure is quite a task to plan rainy-days-appropriate outfits! I need...wellies! *perks up* I probably will be wearing lots of covered toe shoes like sneakers (*gasp*) and brogues. Maybe I should bring my boots? So I don't get wet feet. I hate it when my feet are soaked.

He offered his Puma waterproof windbreaker to me....
How do I tell him that I don't wear windbreakers. :P

What I need is a raincoat. Anyone has any nice ones to recommend? Or a stylish waterproof hoodie. :(

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annant said...

the boy? hmmmm....

and congrats on Azorias monniversary! :D

xiang yun said...

Can't wait till the day when you finally reveal "The Boy". HEHEHE! Time to go shopping (as if we need an excuse to) for rainy-day appropriate clothes!

ally said...

Is think u should wear phuachu kang boots. Very fashion forward *nods

revel in me said...

annant: Thank you! I'm feeling like a proud mama! :D

xiang yun: I haven't shopped for a long time! Am trying to curb shopping.. *don't recognise myself no more WTF*

ally: Make it work, I always say WTF

Anonymous said...

have a good trip to korea and come back with more pretty clothes for us =) and just an opinion, think it will be better to cap the comments which readers can post up. otherwise come saturday, there will be way too many comments :/

Anonymous said...

hey nice sandals! may i know how much it is? i would like to get one when i travel to paris.

Adriani said...

WAH! So lucky you can share shoes with ur mom! =DDD

And babe, I want this dress, worn by Joyce here:

but I cant find it on the site? Is it not out yet?

Oh btw, have a safe and fun journey ya! =DDD

skim said...

gorgeous chanel sandals! how bleeding cool are you! i could never wear chanel sandals i would be tooooo paranoid about ruining them.

ap said...

niiice i lovelovelove clunky heels but wear flats most of the time = = cos it makes me walk too fast too fierce lolll oh guess what IT in hk is sale-ing and i saw shoes that make me flutter madly esp this find http://www.virtualshoemuseum.com/vsm/o.php?id=1533&col=person&sub=259

but they're 39 omg dies just gotta get this off my chest laaa hahaha