Friday, June 17, 2011

Trench coats.

I do love trench coats so much. I think they are incredible cover-ups, and has the ability to immediately smarten any outfit!

Source: weheartit

Unfortunately, M'sian weather is too warm for trench coats. T___T But that didn't stop me from going a tad too crazy with some trench coat hauls in Korea recently. Korea makes the nicest jackets, and their trench coats are just... *makes motion of putting fingers to lips*

I got myself 4 trench coats from my trip. *small voice* However, whilst they are thin-ish, I still won't consider them appropriate for our climate-- save for this floral silk trench (which I have yet to post pics of!), and this lightweight sheer chiffon trench from AZORIAS.

I found out Teeny also has a piece of the same trench coat, so I was toying with the idea of releasing the piece I kept for myself back to AZORIAS. Because there's no point having two of the same coat in the family right?

Real conversation between Teeny and I:

Me: I should do it right? Since it's unlikely we will both need to wear the trench coat at the same time... We can just share!

Teeny: Ya. Unless we both want to be flashers at the same time. HAHAHAHA

Me: Cannot be flasher la, the coat is sheer, people can see everything anyway WTF

So I borrowed Teeny's trench coat for the day...

Paper planes!

... and I was utterly IN LOVE with it! So light, and soft... I felt so smart wearing it, and the lightweight-ness made me feel like a...fairy or something. Girls naturally have a soft spot for soft, pretty fabrics k!

Till the point I was being rather self-absorbed and kept on asking Teeny: "I look so good today hor? Hor? Hor?" Hahahaahhaha.
Yes she hates me now.

B/W ribbed striped crossback tank: MNG
Faded denim shorts: Cotton On
Sheer trench coat with contrast ribbon belt: AZORIAS
Gold paper planes necklace: Holiday in Bangkok (Chatchuchak market)
Brass floral ring: F21
Oversized blue stone ring: H&M
Black leather clogs: Stuart Weitzman
Black ponyhair/ leather zipper clutch: Furla

The following picture came about when Teeny asked me halfway while snapping pictures:

Q: What does a gay horse eat?

A: "HEYYYYYYYY...." (Hay)


By the way, yes, I decided to keep my own piece of the sheer trench coat for myself.


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abe uday said...

i already follow your don't be shy to follow my blog ok..

Anonymous said...

love love love the coatsssssss
all of themmmmmm

revel in me said...

abg uday: Thanks for following!

anonymous: Haha,THANK YOU! :) Help spread the love of AZORIAS? :D

Thristhan said...

Hahaha, that's cool that you're immitating the trench coat :)

sara said...

hey, i love that coat. can you please restock!! i actually saw that on vanilla whites. i cari2 x jumpa. so sad la.