Sunday, June 19, 2011

We got that U hang up, no, U hang up kinda love.

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Posted some unseen traveling pics!

I am just back from my short trip to Singapore!

Now, I have to admit, I travel quite a fair bit. So much so that friends poke fun of me and call me a 'jetsetter'. -_- Though, I guess it's sort of true; I have been traveling quite often! Almost every other month... :O

Case in point:
Oct'10: Korea
Nov'10: Singapore + Bangkok + Gold Coast Sepang
December'10: Australia
Jan'11: Hong Kong + Taiwan
April'11: Korea
June'11: Bangkok + Singapore

Some captured memories:

Korea '10

Free hugs in Insadong.

Wearing a pair of cosmetic frames that we bought randomly. Every Korean wears a pair of thick frames, so we were trying to fit in wtf.

Melbourne '10

With my bestie, Jaclyn. Caught in the act of deciding the most efficient shopping route, most likely.

Sydney '10

Picnic at the Botanical Gardens, overlooking Sydney Harbor Bridge. The most perfect setting you can imagine.

Bondi Beach-- where all the hottest people in Sydney congregate (myself excluded).

Hong Kong '11

Lan Kwai Fong where I saw a drunken dinosaur (a man was dressed in a dinosaur costume roaming around in drunken stupor. Don't ask).

Taiwan '11

Being 'chao ke ai' ('super cute', as the Taiwanese call it wtf) at the Flora Expo.

Korea '11

Outside a restaurant in Hyehwa being surrounded by writings that remind me that I am illiterate in Korea wtf.

Coffee break while waiting for our friend in Korea. You will have coffee at least 3 times a day because the cafe culture in Korea will rock anyone's socks.

I do realize how lucky I am that I get to travel relatively extensively, and you bet I ain't gonna stop! However, one thing that really burdens me while I travel are roaming costs. Y'see, there's someone special in my life now, and everytime I am away, I spend a lot on calls and texts back home! Because good night calls are a must. :)

And this problem is going to escalate, because with AZORIAS, I find that I need to make calls quite frequently even when I am overseas; whether it is to coordinate the ongoing operations back home, to answer a query from my partner, communicating with various contact points on our supply chain... For example, the last time I was in Korea in April, my phone bill for Korea alone came up to RM300!! And that was with minimal usage (and zero data roaming). T__T

But I found an answer to my problem!

Celcom now offers a single low flat rate of 98sen whenever you travel in Asia to the following countries:

This is relevant to me because I do predict that I will travel to Singapore quite often, to visit my ex-colleagues, as well as handle some finance matters (since my finances are based in Singapore). This low, flat rate will mean that I can have a loooong crappy conversation instead of a hurried, short chat to let him know I-am-alive-ok-bye.

Check out the huge amount of savings you enjoy when you roam with Celcom as compared to other operators:

What I am more interested in, is of course the single flat rates for other countries, depending on the zone you're in!

*Zone 1 (Singapore) – rates apply when you roam with any other Singapore operator other than M1.

This means I can travel with absolute peace of mind as I am being assured that I'm enjoying the best roaming rates for CALLS, SMS and DATA usage, and I no longer have to worry about fluctuating rates. No more need to memorise different rates, just 1 flat rate for each zone!

Visit the website for more information:

Celcom Exec:
Celcom Biz:

As for me, I am crying inwardly now thinking of my phone bill this month due to my SG trip... We talked on the phone for about 20minutes each night? I don't dare to imagine how much it's going to cost me (conservative measure: about RM4 per minute FML). Why didn't I know about these new Celcom roaming rates earlier. T__________________________T

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- said...

How do you look so good when you travel? I'm usually too jet lagged to look good haha. The free hug must have been a fun day

xiang yun said...

Someone special..? YAY! Hehehee! Your life seems so exciting and full of oomph! Good to know that a pint-sized girl can do so much and travel to so many places on her own whim. I also like the free hugs part.. so cute! :D:D

Anonymous said...

Actually you can rent a handphone at the Incheon Airport, it's much more affordable than roaming ;)

revel in me said...

tam: Haha, no way! I look like crap too, these are just the nicer pics. And generally I fare better in colder countries/ weather. Wait till you see my Bangkok pics. -_-

xiang yun: Haha, ya, life has been treating me pretty kind lately, and everyday I am counting my blessings! <3 I just trying to live each day to the fullest... And yes, free hugs ROCK! I am going to set up a booth and do it. *determined* :P

anonymous: We rented one! But I loaned it to my sister, 'cause we were separated most of the time, so ended up I had to rely on my BB. T_T

Jing said...

Why i look so unglam in the picnic pic! T____T I WANT TO TRAVEL! Pls pester daddy to bring us somewhere when i'm back.. THIS WEEK! <3

nuraina said...

gosh, I envy you. You get to travel so often, it's almost like, nice ! And you look so good in every picture too!

Anonymous said...

love love love this post!!!!!!
when i read it i was thinking this is life!!!!!!!!!!!
like that's how it should be!!!!!!!
super duper happyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
perfect with the someone special!!!!!
all the super duper extra best fairy wishesssssssss!!!!!!!!!

revel in me said...

jing: But by the time dad is back, not everyone will be around! T__T

nuraina: I know, I count my lucky stars all the time! And thank you love! <3

anonymous: Haha, don't say that, you make me feel bad! Life is filled with ups and downs anyway, I am just making the best of what life dishes me! Thanks love! :)))

Pheromone Pheromone said...

Hui Wen,

Am so happy to hear that you have someone special in your life now...Life won't be complete without having our other half to share it with. Yay... to your lucky star!Love all your travel posts.*hugs* (free hugs for you)

David said...

Hello Hui Wen, interesting blog. Btw, congrats for being blogger of the month in Nuffnang. Now I recognize you. You used to comment in Exabytes Fan Page. No worries. I'll observe your blog and make sure it's up. Feel free to visit my blog. =)

Unknown said...

won't it be easier to get a calling card from that respective country and call from the hotel you stayed in?

jeanchristie said...

once again the very happy girl i knew many years ago :)

8 years weh......... do u feel old now? LOL!

meet up!