Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Art of Pouring.

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I shop way less nowadays, but when I do buy something, I make sure it’s something I will/can reuse for a long time, and thus, I don’t mind paying a little more for quality!

Let’s take a tour today of some quality buys in my wardrobe, shall we.

Prada heeled loafers.

Alexander Wang pony hair wedges.

YSL Arty ring.

Miu Miu tote and Tory Burch flats.

I’ve mentioned numerous times that as I grow older, quality becomes increasingly important to me. Well, guess what. I am not the only one! Heineken, synonymous to unmistakable quality that has been enjoyed throughout the world since 1873, has recently developed ‘The Art of Pouring’ programme to reflect its promise of quality. With a tagline “The only reason for ordering a second beer is the quality of the first one!”, the programme promises consumers nothing but the perfect pint of Heineken every single time!

Last Thursday, Malaysia’s first ‘ The Art of Pouring’ workshop was conducted , whereby Franck Evers, Heineken’s Beer Craftsman from Netherlands, showcased the art of pouring a perfect Heineken pint.

I know, I know, Franck Evers looks a little like a mad scientist in the picture, but that is only because he is chasing ultimate perfection in each pint of beer that he pours!

A little background on Franck Evers:

Franck found his true calling when he met Mr. Freddy Heineken (grandson of Heineken’s founder) about 15 years ago—which is to practise the art of pouring beer. Since then, he has been travelling the world-- training bar staffs and beer drinkers around the world on pouring and serving the perfect Heineken pint.

Hence, the workshop provided a rare opportunity for beer enthusiasts and bartenders to witness the true master working his magic!

Some pictures from the night:

A perfect pint of Heineken to quench the thirst.

Franck Evers in action.

Yummy for the tummy.

Heineken girls.

During the workshop, Franck also talked about the four essential steps that go into pouring a perfect pint of beer, which I found really interesting! I don’t care, I am going to share them here—too many a drinking session have I had friends who poured beer wrongly, leaving me a glass filled with foam. -__-

Not that foam is bad! Some interesting facts and mythbusters I learnt that night is that the foam is actually a very important part of your beer. A lot of people always complain about their beer having too much foam, but the foam serves as a protective barrier to keep the quality of your beer intact!

The 4 steps to getting the perfect beers:
1. Rinse- Rinse the glass in cold water before serving.
And never dry with a towel as it leaves fibres behind!

2. Pour- Pull the beer tap in one quick motion. Let the build-up of carbon dioxide escape, control the flow of the beer and then let it spiral into the glass which is tilted at 45-degree angle. Then close tap in a quick motion when the foam reaches the top of the glass!

3. Skim- Remove excess foam with a wet skimmer (held at a 45-degree angle)-- this leaves a thin layer of water over the foam which protects it from oxidizing.
A perfect two-finger thick head of foam ensures that the beer stays fresh and cold for longer keeping it from going flat!

4. Serve- Serve quickly with a smile!

The way Franck poured the beers, he made it seem so easy! But via demonstrations from members of the audience, there was obviously a lot of effort and practice that goes into the Art of Pouring. Did you know that the standard of perfect foam is that the level of the foam rests on the shoulders of the Red Star?

The workshop is just the start of an exciting new campaign, ‘Be a Man of the World’. With this new campaign, Heineken aims to bring a world of opportunities its consumers, a world where anything is possible through its promise of quality, internationalism and innovation. To be honest, I can’t wait to see see what Heineken has up its sleeves. Like they say, open your mind to the world of Heineken where anything is possible!

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Anonymous said...

You and your sister Jing are both very obsence taking every opportunity to show off the branded stuff you own or your mother's. Its so distasteful! Know what's humility?

ally said...

anonymous - know what's freedom of speech? don't like then don't read la hiuh. might wanna learn to spell too btw.

Jing said...

I tried looking up the dictionary to find what 'obsence' meant but couldn't quite find it! :(

Anyways,i believe humility encompasses much more than simply hiding designer goods donned!

FIFIONA said...

anonymous: you just make yourself sound cheap and jealous...stop being such an attention-grabber...this is not your blog ok? =.=

I like your blog, Hui Wen, and your sisters too! Although I cannot afford designer goods, I don't see that it is any problem to talk about it =)

revel in me said...

anonymous: Hi there, I assure you that there's no intention to show off here. :) The purpose of the article is to discuss the quality cornerstone of Heineken, and as part of the advertorial, I wanted to relate quality to a big part of my life, i.e. fashion. All you see here is 4 branded items (mostly bought on sale, I might add), but you don't see my closetful of thrifted, secondhand items. Don't judge without knowing all facts! It *might* be distasteful too. :)

ally and jing: <3

fifiona: Thank you dear! :')

H said...

to the Anonymous,ever heard of the phrase "If you've got it,flaunt it"?
u sound so jealous ppl can afford branded stuff and u dont.

I say they have the right to show off since they all worked hard to own it(Eg:Jing studying medicine & Wen working hard on Azorias!)

NooRjAn said...

love the bag (miu miu)...where can i get the same as penang...:D