Friday, July 29, 2011

Furry purple stole.

Our brand new collection is up on AZORIAS! Feels all kinds of awesome to see the new collection up on the site. :')

Outfit details of the outfit in the previous post!

A very impromptu outfit put together in 5 minutes-- 'cause that's the average time my parents give us to get ready.

"GIRL, LEAVING HOUSE NOW!" they expect us to leave house just like that.
Haih, parents. -_-

I got this pair of cropped pants sometime ago (last year? the year before?)-- I love a pair of casual pants, but pants don't usually get much exposure in my wardrobe. Soooo.... I'm ashamed to admit that I've never worn this pair of pants before this.

Love the laced up details behind!

My mom being the OTT person that she is, brought a purple fur stole to dinner. -___________-
And I was giving her damn a lot of shit for it.

Well, guess who wore it for the whole night:


The aircond was on full blast and I was really really cold lar! *defensive*

Jewelry for the day:

Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop/ Gold engraved bangles: Zhuhai/ Floral ring: Teeny's/ Gold choker: Singapore

Beaded mesh cropped top: Topshop
Khaki pants with laced-up back: Miss Selfridge
Tan clogs: Steve Madden
Tie-dyed studded bow clutch: Holiday in Zhuhai

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Pheromone Pheromone said...

Love the combination of this outfit! Simple yet chic in just five minutes... Brilliant ;-)

ally said...

why u tempt me with new azorias things :(

xiang yun said...

One of the rare times I see you in pants!!! I like it cos it looks fuss-free but put-together at the same time!

revel in me said...

pheromone: Thank you! :)))

ally: It's my job too WTF, haha!

xiang yun: YAA super rare I am in pants! Too hot in m'sia. T_T Thank you dear! <3