Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MTV World Stage 2011

Since I was working in Singapore the past 2+ years, I've missed out on a lot of fun events, such as the MTV World Stage.

Last year, at said event, there was Katy Perry, and the sassy Wonder Girls from Korea... I was dying to see Katy Perry perform live!

Partly 'cause I was wondering whether she would wear her cupcakes bra wtf.

This year, MTV World Stage has an equally, if not more stellar line-up:

30 Seconds to Mars

Fronted by the oh so sexy Jared Leto.

Check out their Youtube channel to start getting into the mood!

Neon Trees

I am sure their hit single “Animal” is no stranger to local radio!


With the K-Pop craze sweeping over the world, the line up is only completed with one of the rising boybands in Korea! Watch their video to catch a hint of the dance moves that will greet you in during the event!

Pop Shuvit

And one of our established local acts! I started listening to Pop Shuvit back in high school ok! Here's their latest single.

The event will take place at i-City, Shah Alam, Malaysia on the 24th of July, and doors open at 4:30 pm.

There are a few ways for you to get FREE tickets to this highly anticipated event, and even have a chance to meet & mingle with Neon Trees!


Get the most exciting Games at 50% OFF selected Downloads from 24th June 2011 until 13th July 2011 and be eligible to win 2 FREE X-Zone passes to MTV Worldstage 2011!

To download, type & send to 22163
Charge: RM3.50/download
No Game Title Keyword

1. Guitar Rock Tour 2 GRT2
2. DJ Mix Tour DJMT
3. Rock 'n' Blocks RNB

Download their Call Me Tones from 24th June until 13th July and you might get some of their cool merchandises & MTV Worldstage passes!

To download, dial *118*# and press Call
Charge: RM18.00/3 months for each package

Grab your chance to win a FREE pair of MTV Worldstage X-Zone passes by sending minimum 5 KBOMM daily in Kolony. There’s a winner each day from 24th June until 13th July 2011, so KBOMM your heart out with your FRENs! Not infected on Kolony yet? Just send KOLONY to 25333 today!

Or, from 16th June till 15th July 2011, just reload with Xpax, U.O.X. and S.O.X. & stand to get 2 passes! Just follow these simple steps:

i. Register by sending MTV to 28881
ii. Wait for confirmation SMS of successful registration
iii. Reload RM50 (cumulative)
iv. Receive a mobile voucher for redemption of 2 FREE passes to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011™

The passes are available on a first come, first serve basis and while stocks lasts only.

For details, please check

Also, check out Xpax Facebook page & the MTV World Stage ‘11 Facebook Challenge:

Go to the Xpax FB Fan Page (, “Like” the page and join the MTV World Stage ’11 Contest. These are the steps to enter the contest:

i. Select the act that you’re most excited to see
ii. Come up with a creative reason why you think that act rocks.
iii. Get as many people as possible to “Like” your creative entry.
The top 5 entries with the most “Likes” will be given 2 free Xzone passes to the event for an exclusive, money-can’t-buy experience. The subsequent 25 entries with most “Likes” will get 2 normal passes to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia™. The Xzone Passes are not available anywhere else, so in order to win you have to rely on your creativity, wit and social connections!

The official MTV World Stage website:

If this is enough reason to convince you to go for MTV World Stage, may I present you with this half naked picture of Jared Leto:

Convinced yet? :P

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Kim L said...

oh wow didn't know Jared Leto looks like that without his shirt!
I thought he was Zac Efron at first glance. not bad at all ;)

The Faux Fashionista said...

Jared Leto looks so yummy! :D

revel in me said...

kimmy and faux fashionista: HE IS SO YUMMYYYYY