Monday, July 18, 2011

My shopping companion.

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Give a woman the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.
- Marilyn Monroe-

Unfortunately, I've probably failed every fashionista by wearing cheap ass Cotton On flip flops for the longest time ever.

With my RM5 slippers.

I've been meaning to replace my previous pair of Havaianas, but I never did get around to it. That, and part of me finds it difficult to part with almost RM100 for a pair of rubber slippers-- I kept waiting for some promotion to crop up at Havaianas.

Imagine my delight when I saw the following promotion on my MasterCard mCompass application!

Vroom vroom I went to Pavilion to get my beloved Havaianas.

With my MasterCard, of course.

How did I know that I had to head to Pavilion? That's 'cause the Deal Finder on the MasterCard mCompass application can locate an item or promotion using the technology of Google Maps! How cool is that!

I can even share my purchases on Facebook via the MasterCard mCompass application:

MasterCard is also offering quite a number of cool deals in conjunction with the 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival.

Yup, you heard me right.


Two words which make women lose all rationale, and let their claws out for that last bag on the shelf. This is where shoppers can suddenly rival Olympic champions in speed and agility in flipping through the racks to score the best deal.

Via Tumblr.

Some deals that I'm eying...

Retail Therapy:

Half price off on designer goods? Where do I swipe?

It's a well-known fact that I love my accessories:

So I am not going to say no to a free cute umbrella from Accessorize if I indulge in some of their knick knacks!

5% off exclusively for MasterCard holders at Reebonz. Excuse me while I go drool over their extensive array of bags.

And lookie, every Wednesday is Flash Sales day for MasterCard cardholders!

Besides attractive deals on mCompass, you can also catch Flash Sales on the application, bringing some of the best surprises during this happy shopping season!

I'm totally digging the preppy look nowadays, and wouldn't mind stocking up on some Lacoste polos!

I don't think I will style it the way I used to a few years ago though; look at how my style has evolved over the years! Heh.


Because my best friend and I somehow always end up in Dome for our catch-up sessions.

Super old picture of us at, where else but Dome.

Because I love my Coffeebean Chicago Cheesecake like no other, 'nuff said:

Hedonistic pleasures (Spa & Wellness/ Travel accommodation)

COMPLIMENTARY back massage just by flashing your MasterCard!

Am also considering going for a short getaway; toying with the idea of the following:

I adore Westin's beds; it honestly brings new meaning to the term 'cloud nine'. However, my stay at Andaman many years ago proved to be my best resort experience... Any recommendations? :P

Hmm, actually, I don't even need to ask for any advice here! I can create a poll on my MasterCard mCompass application and ask my shopping buddies, and even choose to post it up on my Facebook wall!

And it's easy peasy to add Shopping Buddies to form my own shopping circle... Just choose from your list of your Facebook friends:

Here I am adding Jing to be my Shopping Buddy. So even though my sister is miles away from me in Australia, she can still be my shopping buddy, just like old times! :D

With my MasterCard, shopping is already fuss-free and easy, with only 2 steps involved: 1. Fall in love (with a potential purchase); 2. Swipe. Hehe.

But with the MasterCard mCompass application, shopping is even more of a pleasure! Available for iPhone, iTouch and iPad users, this application is what every shopaholic’s been waiting for. Downloads of the MasterCard mCompass application is available via AppStore.

Besides that, in true MasterCard fashion to provide truly priceless experiences, there's also the MasterCard Shopathon Contest and the MasterCard Rewards Program, where you will stand a chance to win a Grand Prize of RM100,000 shopping spree and be in the running to win an additional RM100,000 in cash prize to be credited into cardholder’s account, and participate in the rewards program to redeem awesome gifts (minimum spend is RM1,000). For more details, go to

Need I say more? I love my MasterCard.

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lara said...

Sounds fab!! I wish I am working so that I can apply the Mastercard credit card hehe. Only have the debit card for now lol

Anonymous said...

i like your blue outfit!!!!
its like fun and a lil serious at the same time!!!!! haha not so good with fashion description hehe

revel in me said...

iara: Actually, I think having the debit card entails you to all the discounts/deals as well! Go download the mcompass app and find out more! :)

anonymous: Haha, yay, you spot the mickey! wtf. Thank you! <3

Jing said...

Hi shopping buddy! *shy

Zoe Ana Yusof said...

The datai is better than andaman if u prefer super relaxed holiday in langkawi! :) u should check out the place :)

Anonymous said...

hey i tried installing the app on the iphone..doesn't work leh! it doesn't seem to detect the deals around..did u have to key in your the full credit card numbers? altho it said to key in the first 6 digits..

revel in me said...

jing: What is this I heard about mcqueen shoes!!

zoe anna: I've been to the datai before, but have never stayed there! Is it much nicer? :)

anonymous: Hi there, maybe you can contact mastercard and check with them? Or try FB:

nicol3t said...

Thanks for sharing this apps :D