Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I am on a roll... Another outfit post!

But this time it's a little different, it's a picture I stole off Tongue in Chic. It was taken during the Old Blossom Box bazaar in mid-June, whereby I totally forgot to snap pics, so this will have to suffice!

Green block-color blouse: Holiday in Bangkok
Neon yellow pleated mermaid tail skirt: AZORIAS
Gold diamante layered necklace: Teeny's
Ring (not shown): YSL
Tan leather clogs: Steve Madden
Black ponyhair/leather zipper clutch: Furla

I've a really funny story to share about this skirt! When I stepped into Old Blossom Box to set up our display on the event's morning, everyone was like talking about the skirt-- no kidding. And for the whole day I got comments like 'lawa giler' and 'cantiknyaaaa' about the skirt! Even when I met Joyce the Kinky Blue Fairy, the first thing she said to me was 'nice skirt' before 'hello'. -_- Which kinda surprised me, 'cause I thought the skirt would be too loud for a lot of people! And of course, everyone was disappointed when they learned that the skirt isn't available in this color in AZORIAS then. But what took the cake was when Baby told me that I MUST stock this skirt-- and curtly informed me to not bother to come back to Malaysia without the skirt WTF. Hahaha.

Well, with such stern orders, I have no choice but to come back with the skirt from my recent purchasing trip. Remember to click HERE to get the skirt if you like eye-catching, happy-clappy colors like we do! Available in super limited pieces-- you will be one of the very few people donning this skirt. ;)

And a picture of Teeny 'cause I love her outfit that day:

PS: Don't forget to join the TIC x Wrangler contest! So easy only-- just created any one of my looks here and you could be the lucky one walking away with the iPad 2!

Hmm, on second thought, why not you all email me, I help you create the same look! On the condition we share-share the iPad 2 okay. :D

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cik nur said...

nice skirt :)

Kim L said...

omg I love the skirt..!! I've already checked out from Azorias.. boooo.

The Faux Fashionista said...

Lawa gilerrrr the skirt! I love yellow it's such a happy color :D

revel in me said...

cik nur: Thank you! <3

kimmy: It's all sold out on Azorias already! :O :O :O

faux fashionista: Haha it is! I am really happy that everyone loves the skirt-- I thought it's be too 'loud'!

cindyrina said...

Pretty girl!!1

Charlene Foong said...

i love the top too! where can i get it? btw you look awesome!