Friday, July 22, 2011

The quest.

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Does this graph looks familiar to you?

Erm, don't worry if it doesn't, 'cause I drew it from memory WTF.

It actually depicts a woman's general physical being throughout the years! And as you can see, from 25 years old onwards, our body and skin starts to deteriorate. I've read this in numerous literature before-- so it's true girls, after 25, everything goes downhill. Skin ages, boobs sag, memory worsens, and the list goes on. T_T

Now, I know this for a fact. And knowledge is power right? You would expect me to start gnawing on ginseng and furiously slab anti-aging products onto my face by now. However, since my adult acne breakout almost 2 years ago (which I've gotten under control by going on the dreaded Roaccutane), my face has been left with faint acne marks-- so my main skin concern is skin-whitening in order for the marks to be lightened.

You can see that I have faint marks on my face from my acne breakout.

I would have remained happy-go-lucky about my skin until I recently saw some people I used to work with in audit! Now, before I go on, you have to listen to this common joke in audit-- that women who work in audit will depreciate in 2 years. And that people who worked a few years in audit looked world of a difference from the picture in their staff ID (taken when they first entered the company). And gulp, it's true! These people look quite haggard and aged despite being in their 20s only.

Just for the record, I was in audit for 2++ years, and I could also see a difference in my skin. :( Even the boy cheekily told me that I've aged since Day 1 that he has known me. But I gave him a big smack, 'cause after almost a decade, it's a given that I will look (slightly?) older right! *in denial*

But the meeting with those colleagues and the conversation with the boy really made me assess my skin closely...

Some older pictures from 4-5 years ago...

... as compared to some more recent pictures:

I do feel that my skin a few years ago looked more 'plump' and young! :(

I also saw an interesting survey/statistic that day:

If based on these statistics, it means I have to start using anti-ageing products NOW NOW NOW! Or stand to regret in my 30s. And interestingly enough, at 25.7 years old, it's when we start to notice certain changes in our skin, such as skin dryness, dark spots, prominent pores, skin dullness, rough texture, uneven skin tone or fine lines and wrinkles.

It's true then, I am suffering from some of the first signs of aging: skin dryness and prominent pores! And whilst I do not have any dark spots (also one of the most common skin changes experienced by women in their 20s); a skin analysis that I did last year revealed to me that I do have melanin build-up under my skin-- and if I do not take proper care of my skin, they will turn into pigmentation!!!

And it doesn't help that I am always doing funny faces:

Which means I will wrinkle faster FML.

Almost every girl I know wants to have fairer skin, so they always focus on whitening products. In fact, most girls I know have the misconception that they only need to start on anti-ageing products when they are in their 30s, or at least when they see their first wrinkle. But by the time you see your first wrinkle, IT IS TOO LATE! :O :O :O So it seems that when we are in our 20s, skin-whitening should not be our only agenda, but we should also begin a proper anti-ageing regime!

I am really worried now, because as illustrated in the survey, I should be using some super power anti-ageing products RIGHT NOW. I've decided, I am going to be on a quest to find the best anti-ageing products.

Because I want to at least remain looking like this:

Instead of this WTF.

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