Monday, August 22, 2011

Ape talk.

Tweeted this right before my Planet of the Apes movie last week:

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The tweet above coming to live before your eyes wtf:

There's a story behind this pair of colored jeans! I've always wanted a pair, but I knew it's a passing trend; not to mention, I am not really a pants person. So I could never fork out the money for a pair. Then during my Melbourne trip last December, the place was so super freezing despite it being summer (I only packed cropped tops and shorts FML), that I was forced to look for jeans... And TADA, I found this pair of colored skinnies for AUD9.95 (which is less than RM30)-- SCORE!

My mom's Stuart Weitzmans-- that woman has a lot of pretty sandals.

Gray boxy sweater: Holiday in Korea
Baby blue cropped jeans: Dotti, Australia
Silver cross necklce: F21
Silver bejeweled sandals: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma

I was quite affected after watching Planet of the Apes! So much that after the movie I decided on AZORIAS' new CSR (corporate social responsibility for you uninformed peo[le)-- against animal cruelty WTF.

PS: As you're reading this entry, I would be on my way to Korea/ in Korea! Am kind of nervous 'cause it suddenly hit me that this is the first time I would be traveling alone in another country (no, studying in Melbourne doesn't count). Wish me luck, and send me love! Hee.

PPS: I was thinking of what to name this entry.. and was thinking something along the lines of 'Colored bottoms', with reference to the jeans, and the crappy associative part of mine thought of 'I R Baboon', and you know, baboon> monkey> ape.. Planet of the Apes.. And I gave myself a mental pat on the shoulders because I am so good with words and associations.

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Kim L said...

Hahah I R Baboon! you crack me up la.
Have fun in Korea and be safe!! :)

Wished you could've packed me along in your luggage.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! :)

Julia said...

All the best and have a safe journey:)

Anonymous said...

YAYYY!!!!! outfit post!!! hehehe super happyyyyyyy!!!

looking really pretty as alwayssss!!!

i tot you have been traveling to korea alone? hehe
anyway, have a super duper fruitful trip!!!!!!! and have tonz of fun too!!!!!