Saturday, August 20, 2011

Celibacy at work.

So you guys have guessed correctly for my post here! :)

Arm candy for the day.

This is what I wore for my first day to the office! Looks like I will be wearing a lot of flats, 'cause there's always a lot of running/ moving around to do. Am thinking of putting a nice pair of flats in the office too, so that for days that I wear heels, I can still wear flats in the office.

Is it totally superficial that one of the things that I look forward to in having an office is that I get to dress up on a daily basis! T_T Oh, and that I get to decorate my workdesk. *beams*

YES, I've never had my own workstation before! Being an auditor means that I was always out at clients' place, so we don't get designated workdesks in the office.

Wearing an amethyst necklace that Teeny got for me. This necklace makes you celibate because according to here, amethyst stones can protect its wearer against seduction WTFFF.

Hot eggtarts fresh from the oven.

Voting time: do you prefer flaky pastry eggtarts or biscuit base for eggtarts!

Gray tee with mint green trimmings: Holiday in Korea
Leopard print draped skirt: Holiday in Korea
Amethyst pendant: Gift from Teeny
Silver bead bracelet: Diva
Ivory enamel bangle/ bejeweled bangle: F21
Tan leather wrist bracelet with charms: Equip, Australia
Black buckled sandals: Korea
Studded bucket bag: Kate Moss for Topshop

I was feeling like I was going to fall sick for the past few days, y'know-- achy muscles, sorethroat, heat behind eyelids (am I the only one who gets this?), runny nose.. Was really worried about it because I'll be going to Korea next week, and I don't fancy being sick alone in another country. It'll be hella funny to see me try to ask the locals "where is the clinic" in Korean. -_-

But oddly enough, after having only 5 hours of sleep for 2 days consecutively, I feel better now! My body works in a funny way.

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Kim L said...

Flaky pastry eggtarts please!! :)

I think I know where your office will be judging by the background of your pics :D

take care!

- P - said...

Flaky FTW!!!

revel in me said...

kimmy: Haha, nono, I went to KL for lunch 'cause I had to run an errand! ;)

emily: FRESH flaky ones! <3

bs said...

flaky! and YES i know what you're talking about with the heat behind eyelids lol

xiang yun said...

I love love love biscuit base egg tarts! To the extent that my mom's friend who's a baker, baked 3 dozens of eggtart shells alone (yes, without the custard) for me to munch on. LOL!
btw, heat behind the eye lids meaning when you shut your eyes, there's this weird stinging sensation right? WTF I have it too T___T
PS.. Is the galaxy tab 10.1 or the ipad 2 better to use?

Aishah Rahman said...

I love your blog.. You make me craving for tarts now.. :D

mustardqueen said...

I LOVE BOTH FLAKY AND BISCUIT BASE!!! We should do a half and half and it'll be PERFECT!!! <3

Joshua said...


I was just having this on my Facebook status wtf.


Anonymous said...

super happyyyyyyyyy
plus we'll have more outfit postsss

ally said...

Eh how did u take the first photo?! Put the camera in ur teeth and use self timer?!

Anonymous said...

Flaky all the way!

Oh by the way, could you please tell me if Malaysians need a visa to visit Korea for a holiday?

Eve said...

final anonymous makes sense! LOL!

fourfeetnine said...

eh i know that place! it's in kl near imbi right! tim likes the pork noodles there wtf why you go until so far!

Anonymous said...

If you're Malaysian you don't need a visa to head to Korea! If you're there for less than 90 days that is.

(If i'm not mistaken. Heh.)

Anonymous said...

i am also curious to see how the office and your desk turn out. pls do a post !

ap said...

oh yessss why no seductive OL looks wan i like when the biscuit base egg tart is scorching hot out of the oven and the custard is just set and it all melts into your mouth with an oooomph