Wednesday, August 24, 2011

End of my quest.

Remember in this post I mentioned that I am on a quest to look younger?

It all started one night. "Baby, got lar, you've aged..." He pats my head and pulls me close. I gave my boyfriend who has known me for almost a decade a mock punch, and jokingly told him that OF COURSE I looked older now considering the number of years we have known each other! But deep inside, I was very perturbed. I don't want to look older! I don't want wrinkles and saggy skin. So that night itself I made a decision. That I am going to work real hard to attain, or at least, maintain youthful skin.

I told Teeny of my determination to preserve my youth, and of course this is a subject close to her heart. Being the tallest amongs us sisters, standing at about 5’8, Teeny often gets mistaken as the eldest (she is in fact the youngest of us three) and being older than her actual age. So we started devising a full-on strategy on ways to maintain youth, including food (anti-oxidants for the win, e.g. berries), exercise (I heard yoga and meditation is good, and my grandfather swears by Qi Gong), and of course, basic daily rituals such as sleeping early, drink lots of water etc....while at the same time try to maintain my whitening needs.

But to preserve youthful skin, we also need external assistance! I’ve scouted the market, but there are not many anti-aging beauty products created for women in their 20s. Most anti-aging products are catered for women above 30 years old, and I am afraid that they might be too rich for me.

Hence, when Olay sent me the Total Effects 7-in-One day cream to review, I could not help but feel the timing was perfect. Olay is no stranger to me. It is a brand that even my grandma used to use when she was a young woman herself. Today, my grandma is 82 years old, and I reckon she looks around 60-ish. Could it be the Olay (total) effects? Highly likely.

But Olay is quick to adapt to the times, as now Olay Total Effects understands that modern women want to be both fair and youthful looking. So they devised the newest Total Effects, a good fit for young modern women.

So into my beauty regime the Total Effects cream went.

To document how effective the cream is, I took a ‘before’ picture of my skin sans make-up. The comparison shall also serve as evidence for me to blackmail my grandma for a bigger angpao next year in the event that the product doesn’t work.

No make-up!

As you can see, I’ve enlarged pores and an uneven skin tone—signs of aging mentioned here. Also, one of my skin concerns is the acne marks left from my adult acne attack about 2 years ago. And you can’t see it from the picture, but my skin is really dry.

Enters the Olay Total Effects.

I use a dollop a day every morning. As I’ve oily skin, I usually stay away from creams and opt for gel-based moisturisers (yes, I’ve oily and dry skin, what a field trip); but the Olay Total Effects cream is very lightweight and non-greasy so I reckon it’s suitable for me (and anyone with oily skin) as well.

I usually squeeze slightly a more-than-necessary amount for my face so that I can apply the excess onto my neck! Never forget the neck people, your neck is the biggest tell-tale sign of your age!

After 2 weeks of using the product:

As you can see, overall my skintone has evened out, and my pores have become finer. Even my acne marks seemed more faint!

And now some made-up pictures of myself to redeem myself from the naked face pictures above:


So far, I am loving the way my skin has changed after using the product. Although it’s only been 2 weeks, the difference on my skin is quite remarkable. So with no further ado, I hereby announced, my quest has officially ended with Olay Total Effects. I am hoping that with continued use, I can really achieve what I set out to do—which is to maintain youthful skin while remaining fair as well.

Visit their Facebook page to share and further discover what other women are feeling about their skin!

And who knows, maybe one day, I will pass on this beauty regime to my grand-daughter too. ;)

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kepokim said...


jess said...

it's actually anti-oxidants..

xiang yun said...

hmm, I shall try it! Cos my skin is kinda bad :(

Anonymous said...

Time to show ur bf's pic :)

revel in me said...

kepokim and anonymous: No la, this is too public a domain, and it's best to keep it private for his professionalism's sake! :)

jess: I KNEW there was something wrong with the words when I typed it, my biology teacher is going to be so disappointed in me. -_- Thanks dear, I amended already!

xiang yun: Good luck with it! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear writer
THanks for sharing!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW was shocked to see you without makeup - you look like a philipino maid! >.<

revel in me said...

TYing: Thanks! :)

anonymous: Was that meant to be offensive? None taken though!