Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gothic ballerina.

One day, I woke up and felt like being a gothic ballerina. So into the office I went like this:

You may notice a sudden incorporation of flats into my outfits-- I've this paranoia of my knees giving away. T_T I blame it on incorrect posture during Bodypump classes, but I seriously feel like I've 'weak knees' now, so I am trying to lay off heels for the moment.

Am into arm accessories recently! Or arm party, as coined by the hilarious Man Repeller. One lonely night, I made an impulsive decision-- and spent a fortune on ASOS wtf on accessories ONLY. But there's extra 10% off on sale stuff! *defensive* Scored myself the likes of House of Harlow, Juicy Couture, Disney Couture, CC Skye, to name a few. In fact, my package should reach M'sia the same day as I do! *blissful smile*

Can't wait to have new jewelry to play with!

Yes, I noticed the collar of my tee is quite stretched; sue me, I've a big head.

Wait a minute, on second thought, this is the first time I wore this tee; whereas Jing has borrowed it before.

This means my sister has a big head.

I look really short in this picture. But I am not tall to begin with, so I don't know what was I expecting wtf.

Outfit details:

Printed tux sequined tee: Valleygirl, Australia
Black pleated tulle skirt: AZORIAS
Silver beaded bracelet: Teeny's
Diamante bangle: Bangkok
Bejeweled enamel bangle: Gifted
Black ballet flats (literally): Topshop
Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma

And I realized my bag was opened in all the pictures. But it's so much easier to take out/ put in things!

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xiang yun said...

I lurve your shoeeezzzz!!!

Anonymous said...

super super super super love this look!!!!!
you are just super prettyyyyyy!!!!
and sooooooo love the shoessssss matched with the gothic look!!!! like like like!!!!!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Thank youzz babezzz!

anonymous: Aww, why are you so sweet.. T__T I am at a loss of words. <3

Francisca said...

i think the length of the skirt suits u, it makes u slimmer n taller

Julia said...

I would like to buy stuff from Asos too, but do they have extra tax/duties charge?

Love all your photos and keep up the good work!

revel in me said...

Francisca: Haha, I was tiptoeing! Very into the role of a ballerina wtf.

julia: This is my first time buying from M'sia, so I am not sure! Will let you know again once I receive my package! :) Thanks love! <3

Amanda said...

words cannot describe how much i love your shoes, which branch of topshop in KL?

revel in me said...

amanda: Midvalley! :)